Sunday, October 28, 2012

October Birchbox

October was another special month for Birchbox.  We got to choose if we wanted a special Goop box, or the regular October Birchbox.  As usual I had a hard time deciding, but then after telling myself to live on the edge a little and choose the Goop box...I was too late, I had missed the deadline.  I was seriously bummed!  So, when I received my October box I was delighted to find out that I did, in fact, receive the Goop box.  Delighted as in...I may or may not have jumped up and down a few times....  I'll never tell.

I have many favorite bboxes, and this is one of them for sure...

My Bbox, Lifestyle Extra, was a Luna fiber - chocolate raspberry...
It's not bad.  I'm a texture girl, and this texture was a little icky....the taste was pretty good 13 year old tried it, and loved it.

Joanna Vargas - daily serum
I have not tried this product.  Joanna Vargas is a celebrity facialist.  According to the Birchbox website the reviews are mixed.  Most of the reviews say that they love is lightweight, and smells great.  While, others say it is greasy or too heavy.  In my experience if it is greasy or heavy, then they used too much.  I look forward to trying this product.

My full sized product for this box is the Essie polish - Power Clutch is a rich grayish/greenish/charcoal...I LoVe it!!  The day I got my box I put this polish on, and I have reapplied it twice since then.  Power Clutch is a perfect classic shade that can be used all season.

Kiehl's - aromatic blends: orange flower and lychee liquid body cleanser smells divine.  It has a scent of sweet, subtle fruity perfume.  Kiehl's is a foaming gel with a mood-boosting scent that lingers long after your shower..It is sulfate free, so it will leave your skin feeling hydrated. I love getting samples this size for shower items...they are perfect to throw in your travel bag.

So, you know my box is the bomb when I get a polish and a lip product...especially a gloss.  I LoVe this really...LOVE it.  It might just be my most favorite that I have ever tried...I already ordered the full size of this product, and cannot wait to get it because I have already used the entire sample.  It's that good, folks!  Naked Princess - naked shine luscious lip gloss....with plumper.  The color is Barely Coco.

Basically it is a very nude only comes in your basic nude hues to show off your (nearly)  barely there lips, and it adds a little umph to make your lips look bigger...(my lips can always use a little more umph) but, get this...without the tingling, burning, cooling sensation as most plumper products you have tried.  I love the way my lips look with this..not only do they look fabulous, but they feel great too, and it lasts for hours...even after eating and drinking.  I am super impressed with this gloss...great pick bbox!!

There you have October box rocks!!  
What did you get in your box?  Do you have a favorite, or a least favorite? 
Tell me about it....


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