Sunday, October 28, 2012

October Birchbox

October was another special month for Birchbox.  We got to choose if we wanted a special Goop box, or the regular October Birchbox.  As usual I had a hard time deciding, but then after telling myself to live on the edge a little and choose the Goop box...I was too late, I had missed the deadline.  I was seriously bummed!  So, when I received my October box I was delighted to find out that I did, in fact, receive the Goop box.  Delighted as in...I may or may not have jumped up and down a few times....  I'll never tell.

I have many favorite bboxes, and this is one of them for sure...

My Bbox, Lifestyle Extra, was a Luna fiber - chocolate raspberry...
It's not bad.  I'm a texture girl, and this texture was a little icky....the taste was pretty good 13 year old tried it, and loved it.

Joanna Vargas - daily serum
I have not tried this product.  Joanna Vargas is a celebrity facialist.  According to the Birchbox website the reviews are mixed.  Most of the reviews say that they love is lightweight, and smells great.  While, others say it is greasy or too heavy.  In my experience if it is greasy or heavy, then they used too much.  I look forward to trying this product.

My full sized product for this box is the Essie polish - Power Clutch is a rich grayish/greenish/charcoal...I LoVe it!!  The day I got my box I put this polish on, and I have reapplied it twice since then.  Power Clutch is a perfect classic shade that can be used all season.

Kiehl's - aromatic blends: orange flower and lychee liquid body cleanser smells divine.  It has a scent of sweet, subtle fruity perfume.  Kiehl's is a foaming gel with a mood-boosting scent that lingers long after your shower..It is sulfate free, so it will leave your skin feeling hydrated. I love getting samples this size for shower items...they are perfect to throw in your travel bag.

So, you know my box is the bomb when I get a polish and a lip product...especially a gloss.  I LoVe this really...LOVE it.  It might just be my most favorite that I have ever tried...I already ordered the full size of this product, and cannot wait to get it because I have already used the entire sample.  It's that good, folks!  Naked Princess - naked shine luscious lip gloss....with plumper.  The color is Barely Coco.

Basically it is a very nude only comes in your basic nude hues to show off your (nearly)  barely there lips, and it adds a little umph to make your lips look bigger...(my lips can always use a little more umph) but, get this...without the tingling, burning, cooling sensation as most plumper products you have tried.  I love the way my lips look with this..not only do they look fabulous, but they feel great too, and it lasts for hours...even after eating and drinking.  I am super impressed with this gloss...great pick bbox!!

There you have October box rocks!!  
What did you get in your box?  Do you have a favorite, or a least favorite? 
Tell me about it....


Friday, October 26, 2012

High Five for Friday

Hello, Friday...where ya been!?  I don't know about you, but I am so glad this week is o.v.e.r.  I am exhausted.  I still have not fully recovered from my busy weekend, so I am looking forward to not doing much of anything for the next day or two. Here are some of my favorite things from my week....

Have I mentioned that I LoVe Fall?
Well, I is beautiful outside.  Wow!

This is the Cook family farm ...3C Farms...on a beautiful Fall day this week...

the trees in my Grandmother's front yard are gorgeous...

I could seriously sit in her yard and be content for hours watching the colorful leaves fall to the ground....Remember when you were little and you would rake all of the leaves up, then run and jump in them...?  I did that a lot in this front yard!!  Those were some of the best days of my life...It really makes me miss my's been five years since she has been gone.  If only I could sit in the front yard with her, and talk to her one more time..

This was one my dates for a wedding over the weekend...

My other date wouldn't sit still long enough to have his picture taken, but my sweet boy gave me this pretty bouquet of leaves...

The wedding was in the middle of no where...I have to admit it is probably the prettiest wedding I have ever been to.  The scenery was amazing...

The guys were planning to go to the Ducks Unlimited banquet immediately after the wedding...I thought maybe I would finally get some rest, but no such luck.  At the last minute they talked me into going with them. It was my Dad's and Trey's birthday, so I decided it would be fun to spend some time with the two of them, and Trey was really excited for me to go...

I ended up having a great time..

We seriously racked up with some goodies from the raffle...
Anyone need a duck call, or a knife...?  I'm your girl...Really! We came home with about 6 calls, and 9 knives..I found two duck calls in my purse this week...that I did not put there, and my house has sounded like the duck commander headquarters for the last five days...which, by the way, is super annoying..They shouldn't be surprised if some duck calls go missing soon..just saying..

I was really, really hoping I would win this DU hat with pink embroidery.
annnd...I totally won it!!

and I got to sit next to this guy all night...
 I am so glad I decided to go....
Love my Dad!!

I'm not much of a candy eater, but I do have a few favorites that I like from time to time.  I have been looking for these strawberry candies for months...I have been craving them so much that I even added them to my Christmas list for stocking stuffers.  I figured if I couldn't find them, then maybe someone else could..?  I was so excited when I finally found some yesterday...I wish they weren't so hard to find!

Earlier this week I watched Autumn, the giraffe, give birth to her first calf via giraffe cam at It was the neatest thing ever!  I watched the super long birthing process, which I was completely fascinated by...I couldn't take my eyes off my computer screen.  When it was finally born, and by born I mean it flew out at lightening speed, and fell flat on the floor..hard..if you blinked you might have missed it...luckily, I didn't blink.  Then it layed on the ground not moving for so long that I was seriously scared it did not make it, but finally I saw movement, and you could see it breathing.  I watched for about an hour while the baby finally took in the world around it, and tried to stand up.  I fell asleep after watching the poor thing face plant about a dozen times...I did manage to get some sweet pictures...

My three furry guys have also had fun playing in the leaves.  They like to sit at the top of a small hill in my backyard and watch the leaves fall...Every time I try to take a picture of them sitting there, they run towards me...So, this is the result of that..I think they were racing to see who could get to me the fastest..Scuba won by a nose...or a paw...

Speaking of noses...Winston is clueless..

What was your favorite part of the week?  Thanks for reading H54F...I hope you get a chance to go outside and play in the leaves this weekend.


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Bluuming Awesome

Do you know anyone that is having a baby soon, or someone that recently had a baby and you would like to give them the perfect gift?  If you are like me you always want to bring the best gift to the shower, right?!  The gift that gets the ohh's and ahh's...the one that everyone talks about..and wants to know where you got it!!  I have found the mother load (pun totally intended) of baby mama gifts, and I could not wait any longer to share it with all of you!  

It is called Bluum.

Bluum is much like costs $10.00 a month, but instead of a box full of beauty get a  box packed full of monthly Mommy must-haves.

Can we say, awesome!!

My far away Bestie had a baby 6 weeks ago, and I sent her a gift of 6 months worth of  Bluum.  She had no idea, and I had the hardest time keeping it a secret for so long.

This is what she received in her very first box:

  Eco friendly Lunch and Munch bags
 Bellybar - natural snack full of pre-natal vitamins
Triple wash - baby wash and shampoo
 Spiffies tooth wipes
Hand lotion with natural biodegradable ingredients
 An online city guide for things to see, eat and do in your neighborhood

Her second box was even better!

Disney onesie - softest onesie ever
Burt's Bees tear free shampoo/wash (smells so good and clean)
Burt's Bees night cream
Burt's Bees lip shimmer
Happy Baby and Happy Tot pouches - organic banana, beet and blueberry
$15 coupon for Whittlebee - a monthly clothing club

I think all new Moms need a little Bluum!  Gift it for a friend, or for yourself.  The best gifts are the ones that keep on giving month after month.

Click here to go to Bluum


Friday, October 19, 2012

High Five for Friday

 Hello, Friday!  This week flew by, and my weekend is jam packed so it will probably fly by as well.  These are the highlights from my week.

I <3 Fall!!  Everything is so bright and reminds me of just how truly blessed we are...

This is my pretty little baby birch tree in my front yard..

My backyard....

My Sunday drive through the countryside...

Tomorrow my little buddy will officially be a teenager...<insert Mom tears here> Time goes by so quickly, folks.  I can still remember the day he came into this world as if it were yesterday.  He has grown up to be such a sweet young man, and I could not be more proud of him.  Every now and then he does something amazing, and reminds me of just how special he is, and how genuine his soul is.  For instance, yesterday we went to the post office after school.  An elderly man pulled into the parking spot right next to us at the same time we were parking.  Trey watched him struggle to get out and get his walker out of the back of his pickup.  We walked in the door of the post office, and Trey stood there watching out the door.  I asked if he was coming in, and he said..."In a minute...I want to hold the door open for that man."  I said, "ok", and went inside to mail my package.  As I was coming out Trey was still standing at the door...holding it once more for the man as he exited the building.  Trey asked him if he needed help..I didn't quite hear what the man said, but the next thing I knew Trey went to open the mans truck door, and then put his walker in the back of the truck for him.  He makes me proud to be his Mom!!

Happy Birthday, Trey!!!

He went from the cutest little boy, to the most handsome 13 year old I know...

I got this iPhone case from the Kate Spade fall line.  This is my third Kate Spade case, and I love them all...they can be difficult to get off the phone once they're on, but fashion over function people...It's all good until someone breaks a fingernail...

and my Birthday just keeps on rolling...I got this in the mail on my way out of town last Friday.  It is from my far away bestie....She sent me this friendship necklace , and the sweetest card.  I seriously cried so much while reading it that I couldn't see.  I love the necklace, the card, and her!! 

I had lunch with this sweet little girl and her Momma on Wednesday.  
I love random lunch dates!!

In case you missed it...I totally rocked the color run last weekend.  Seriously, so much fun...I am already planning at least two for next year.

Yesterday morning I had a fb post that got me super excited....Marcie and her boys are coming in from Ohio for Thanksgiving.

So, of course I looked to see what was going on that weekend, and I found a turkey trot the morning of Thanksgiving just outside of Nashville..I sent her the deets on it, and we decided that we are so going to do it.  Marcie, Dave (her husband) and I are going to wobble till we gobble...It is going to be so much fun!! 

This year I joined the decorating committee for the local Humane Society that I volunteer for.  At the first planning meeting I had a suggestion for the centerpieces, which in turn put me in charge of making them.  No pressure or's just their biggest fundraiser event of the year....

<insert nervous nail biting here>

Wednesday I finally picked up the vases that were donated...nothing like last minute...I work best under pressure!!  Yesterday I hand washed all of them, and after trying to dry one, and my arm got stuck in it...make a mental note not to stick your entire arm inside a cylinder vase because it will get sucked in and not want to come out...<sigh> So, after freaking out, and finally getting my arm back...I decided I needed little arms to help.  Kyle got home just in time to help he dried the outside, and Trey's little arms dried the inside and then we were good to go.

They are almost complete...I will finish them bright and early once we have them in the ball room Saturday morning...I can't finish them at home because I would not be able to transport them....Cross your fingers that they turn out the way I hope they will!!

I got two good naps in this favorite was with my snuggle buddy, Brodie.  We were both using my arm as our pillow, and Trey caught it on camera.. Love my white dog!!

Thanks for stopping by to read H54F!!  I am really nervous about my busy weekend...We will celebrate Trey's Birthday, and also my Dad's Birthday...I think it is so sweet that they share such a special day together.   I have to finish and set up my centerpieces first thing Saturday morning, a wedding at 2:00, then I have to have my guys back in time for them to go to the DU banquet, and then (yawn) I have to be back at the ball room at midnight to help clean up from the event and dismantle all the centerpieces.  I'm already exhausted just thinking about it!!  Please cross your fingers, say a prayer, or do whatever you have to do to send me good vibes to stay awake, not have a nervous breakdown, find time for a nap, and survive my crazy weekend!!  I hope you guys have an amazing weekend!


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Chicken Ranch Pizza

 If you have been following my blog for a while, then you already know that I am all about quick and simple recipes. Like many of you, I am a working Mom and wife, so I have a million and one things to do other than spending all of my time in the kitchen slaving over a meal when I get home.  This pizza has very few ingredients, and it's so easy to put together that my son even likes to help... not to mention it tastes great!  

thin pizza crust
rotisserie chicken - chopped
shredded cheddar
shredded mozzarella
1 tomato - diced
4 green onions - chopped
4 tbsp butter - melted
2-3 fresh garlic cloves - pressed

melt butter and mix with fresh pressed garlic

brush garlic butter evenly on pizza crust

bake crust at 425 for 5-7 minutes, or until the edges are golden brown

spread ranch evenly over baked crust

cover with as much mozzarella cheese as your little heart desires

sprinkle pizza with chicken, tomatoes and green onions

top with shredded cheddar
return to oven
bake for 15-20 minutes, or until cheese is melted and bubbly

slice and indulge!

You can easily change the vegetables you put on your pizza.  For instance, sometimes I like to use green bell peppers instead of green onions.  My husband sometimes asks that I use black olives.  Whatever your pizza topping preference is...just go with it.  In the past I have substituted the cheddar with colby/monterey was also good...often times you just have to roll with whatever you have available in your kitchen.  Don't you love recipes that you can change up every now and then?!  I love this pizza for two reasons..1.  My favorite guilty pleasure is ranch...there isn't much that I don't put it on.  and 2.  It is not greasy or heavy.  It's perfection, really...try it out and let me know what you think.


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sweat and Rainbows - The Color Run

Over the summer I had a conversation with my husband's cousin, Heather, about running and upcoming race events.  I asked her if she had ever been to a color run?  She told me she was registered for one in Memphis for October...I was like like "shut up!"  I tried to register for the one in Nashville, but it had sold out, so I sort of asked Heather if I could join her team for the run.  Of course, she was all for it.  I normally don't invite myself to things, but I wasn't about to miss my chance for another color run.  So, a week or so later I got in touch with Heather...I wanted to make sure it was okay that I joined the team...we had been drinking the night we discussed it, and I had to be sure that they didn't mind...since we would also be staying at their house.  She promised that it was okay, and I joined their team - Race the Rainbow.

So, this weekend Kyle, Trey and I packed up, and headed to Arkansas.  It was a beautiful drive, mostly through rural countryside...and took just under 4 hours. We arrived just in time for dinner...had a healthy light meal, and then sat outside catching up over a few beers and some wine.  I guess we really shouldn't have been drinking the night before a run, buuut it's the "happiest 5K on the planet" drinking kind of goes along with that, right?!  You should just agree..thanks.

I was so wound up, and excited for the run in the morning that I could hardly sleep.  I ended up waking before my alarm went off, and could never go back to sleep.

Heather and I were up at the crack of dawn super pumped!

We got ourselves ready, put on our white shirts, our rainbow our race bibs on and then we were ready to run!

(my neon ear buds from Birchbox were perfect for this)

We got to the Liberty Bowl Stadium in Memphis and met up with Haley. 
Keeping up with the team name...Race the Rainbow...we wore rainbow race legs..

I even got Trey to wake up early to wait for me at the finish line...he thought it was super cool and even though he was half asleep..he was my biggest cheerleader.

There were so many people there.  Thousands!  Each wave had 1,000-1,500 people, and we were in the 4th wave.  I would like to say there were 8 waves, but I am not certain..there could have been more.

I wish I had my camera while we were running, but I didn't want to risk ruining it, and to be honest I was having way too much fun to worry about it at the time.

So basically as you are running you will come to 4 different color stations along the way...yellow, orange, blue and pink.   From a distance you can see the color cloud in the air and you get really excited because you know you are almost there....the substance they throw on you is colored cornstarch..

We went through the stations in mega-slow motion so we could get as much color as we could...I literally walked as slow as I could through the stations, put my arms in the air, spun around in circles...and made sure that every color thrower on my side was covering me as I passed by.

It was awesome!

So, as we arrived at the next stations, and were covered in more sweat the color would stick to us even better...There was one station that we seriously had to stand in line to get to the color...It seemed like it took forever, but I'm sure no more than 4 minutes...we kept watching our time because we were timing ourselves to see how long it took us to complete...

We finally finished in a little over 40 minutes, which I thought was great considering the amount of time we slowed down to get blasted with color!!

Once we got to the finish line we went to the color festival.  They have one every 15 minutes so no one will miss it.  It was so much fun...everyone looked like they were blasted with crayons and sweating rainbows.  The music had everyone pumped up...everyone was happy, smiling , dancing...laughing having the best time. Each runner is given a color pack with their race packet.  Once you are at the color festival each person throws their color up in the air after the 10 second countdown...this is what it looks like from a distance...

This is what it looks like to be in it....Can we say F.U.N!!

After the festival we found our guys waiting around on us...I was still super pumped and still having so much fun that I probably could have ran another race..

We had a blast and were literally covered head to toe in color...we even had colored teeth...

It was the best time I think I have ever had!!

I am so glad that I invited myself to join their team.  If you have never done a color run it is something that you have to put on your "to do" list.  I seriously will try to make a point to do at least one a year...if not more.  I left Arkansas feeling accomplished, happy, full of fun memories, and ready to run again...