Friday, September 28, 2012

High Five for Friday

Happy, happy Friday!! This week went by so quickly, probably because it was a super awesome week...funny how that works, huh..!!??  Here are a few highlights from my past birthday weekend, and this week...Is it ridiculous that I dragged my birthday celebration out over an entire week and weekend?  I think not..!!

 Friday, I got a phone call from my office saying that I had flowers delivered for me...I was like, flowers? For me...really?  I never get flowers, so I was really excited.  So, I had my Mom open the card since I wasn't sure when I would get by to pick them up...They were from my husbands cousin in Memphis...Immediately I contacted her to thank her for thinking of me and sending such a sweet birthday gift...she told me that I am always so cheerful, and that the chicken little vase reminded her of my cheerfulness.  Seriously!!  How awesome is that!  I still don't think she has any idea that I have a slight obsession with chickens.  lol  Like, I don't have a house full of ceramic chickens or anything..I actually don't have any...I'm talking I have a weird obsession with real life chickens...I want chickens, don't judge me!  

Friday night my neighbor bestie and I went to see a scary movie...The House at the end of the Street.  It was good to get a girls night out, and the movie was fun...we looove scary movies, and our husbands don't.  I love having that in common with's fun to sit around and jump out of our skin, scream, laugh, hold hands and bury our faces in each others's true love, really!! <3  Then she took me out for ice cream...this girl seriously knows the way straight to my heart!!  Scary movies, and ice cream...yes, please!

Saturday morning I promised Trey that we would spend some time together with just the two of us...We both slept in until a little after 8:00.. First thing he wanted to do was learn how to make pancakes...ummm..ok!!  I was happy to teach him, firstly because that means I may not have to make them as often <insert fist bump here> and secondly..he can make them for me!!  :)  Double score! He learned quickly, and was pretty darn proud of himself!

After breakfast we went to the sports complex to hit some tennis balls...I looove playing tennis, and can never find anyone to play with me, so I thought...ok..we're totally going to do this!!  Trey only that, but he's not too good at it...poor guy...I see tennis lessons in his future.  I loved tennis lessons when I was his age!  After an hour of hitting tennis balls by myself, and watching tennis balls fly over the very high fence because he was hitting them like a baseball... I decided it was time to give it up...For the love of Nancy will someone please play tennis with me!!?  Seriously!! 

So, we went to Dunbar Cave and walked the trails, and just enjoyed each others company.  I love getting one on one time with my boy...he's so interesting and fun to talk to.  He makes me laugh...he acts a lot like me...and seriously cracks me up...I adore him!!

When we got back home, I parked myself in my favorite spot...right on the front porch.  The weather was beautiful, the neighborhood was unusually quiet, Trey was content playing quietly by himself...I just enjoyed the "me" time watching my flag dance in the wind...

Saturday night we went back to the distillery that I mentioned in this post. I had so much fun, that I knew I had to go back for my birthday, and bring more friends.  It was an absolute blast.  The band was seriously, I wanted to get up and dance to every song, we sang along to almost every song, and the lead singer was so stinking good looking that Brittney and I were arguing over which one of us he was looking at while he was singing to us me. We discussed becoming groupies...I'd surely follow that guy around and let him sing to me, heck yeah!!  

Gotta love this crazy girl!!

Someone brought my husband a bag of hats...that sounds weird, but I'm serious...Our friends significant other forced him to get rid of some of his hats, so he decided to give them to my husband.  Really, thanks, that's exactly what we need...more hats...  So, my friends and I decided to put the hats to good use and wear the said hats for a little while....or for a photo op, at least.

Someone suggested we turn them around backwards, so we did...apparently we thought we looked like some tough chicks with hats around backwards...I can't think of any other reason to explain the looks on our faces...??  Moonshine will cause you to behave in strange ways....clearly.

I wore my super cute new sneaks!! 

I had so much fun with my friends!!  It was the best birthday celebration I've had in years...We laughed so much that my face, and my belly was hurting by the end of the night!  I absolutely love my friends...they are simply the best!!

Sunday we went out to the farm for family dinner... I finally got to meet my new cousin, Ollie...the Jack Russell puppy.  Have you ever seen anything so cute??!!

The kids rode four-wheelers...

We got the guns out and decided to shoot skeet...I don't know how many rounds I shot...eventually I ran out of bullets..  I was consistently bad...I only hit two in a row the first go round...

Add a little competition, and then of course I've got to step it up!!...Callie decided to get up, and shoot the birds I missed...what the heck!!??  So, after a little trash talk to her, and I told her she was going down, and called her a name or two...(sorry Callie) I started hitting them again...all in a row...three...don't judge...I was proud of my 5 hits...out of?..who's counting?!

It was a fun day!!

I got my blonde a little lighter this week...every now and then I go in and just have Lori foil the top of my hair, rather than my whole head.  It costs less, and is good maintenance for in-between colors.  She gave me a super rockin trim too!!  I love fixing my hair the day after a haircut.  Best hair days ever!

I love it when I get a surprise text from my little buddy...he loves me so much, and he hasn't even met me yet!!  I may not have started packing yet, but I do have a mental list going on inside my head.  I can't wait to get out of town and visit the Lott's!!

Sometimes, my friends and I have very random conversations....

I've totally got her back!

Anytime I open my little bag of dried fruit, for some reason all three of my guys run up to me like I have a treat for them or something...what a bunch of weirdos.  They are cute though, huh!  

The only bad part about my week is that my husband sold my K5 Blazer...ok, so it wasn't really mine, but I wanted it, and he got technically in my mind it could have been mine, right?!  You should just agree with me...thanks!  So, pretty little blazer belongs to someone else now...some guy in the Army that will spend a lot of money to fix it up really nice, and then pass me on the road with it looking all beautiful and make me cry.  I say that because he took it to the shop as soon as he paid for it...Can you tell I'm upset?  I gave my husband the silent treatment for the afternoon...I've always wanted a K5, and I got one...and now it's gone.  It's not a big deal...I'm over it really...I promise...I just hope I don't pass it on the was such a pretty truck, and I loooved driving it!

I'm pretty sure he's been trying to make it up to me ever since he came home without it.  I'm not giving in yet...but I'll have to eventually....I guess.  Tonight he came home and wanted us to ride with him to a farm nearby to see if the corn had been shelled yet....he pulled up in a work truck...(he doesn't have his new truck yet) so, I climbed in...I thought it was weird that he kept staring at me...speeding up...slowing down...looking at me.  lol  He was doing it because he knows I love the sound of a jake omg...every few minutes..he would slow down to make the brake sound...what a nerd!!  He got a smile out of me...and a few laughs after he kept on....and's the little things, folks.  It doesn't take much to please me....chickens, scary movies, ice cream, new shoes, puppy dogs, guns, beer, new hair do's, random texting, awesome friends and family.. and jake brakes....I love my life, and all of the special people in it!!

I am a little sad to see my fun week come to an end....I hope you guys had a great week, and carry it on into a super fun weekend!!  Thanks for stopping by to read H54F!!


Friday, September 21, 2012

High Five for Friday..

...Fist Bumps for Friday is more like it!!

I had a great week, did you?  Here are some of the highlights...

I got my September Birchbox.  I pretty much love everything in it except the lime green polish.  I think I'll pass that one on. I like lime green and all...just not on my nails.. I got some argon hair oil (love that stuff..I already use my own every day) Kate Spade perfume, a hair twist, herbal tea, and some Jouer matte tinted moisturizer...just like what I use every day, except this is matte.  I have not tried it yet.

Last weekend we were invited to spend Sunday at the Lebanon airfield for friends and family day for the LifeFlight employees.  We had a lot of face always hurts from laughing so much when I hang out with Catharina and her family.  Trey had a great time getting to have a personal tour of the helicopters and the plane that LifeFlight uses.  We watched the Tennessee football game...they usual..and just sat around having a good time with great company.  I did not know that you can do a ride along with LifeFlight..I really want to do it!!

I'm officially mid-thirties...yerp..yesterday I celebrated my 35th birthday...Very cool, and very bizarre at the same time...I don't feel 35...I don't look it...I probably don't act it either...  I had a conversation at my bday lunch with my friend, Jessi, about how we look much younger than we are.  People think she is 15 or under (she's 23) and I always get 20 I guess we're doing alright! Somehow this conversation always comes up...we just look at each other and laugh..

Here's me, cute huh!! 

I received some cards, unexpected gifts..a ton of texts, emails, fb messages...posts...telling me happy birthday.  I was def feeling the love.  I have some pretty amazing friends and family!!  I even heard from my  favorite (former) foster dogs Mom, and she sent me a picture of Bella!  I had lunch with my Dad and two friends...dinner with my parents, Mother-in-law..and my little fam...It was the perfect day!

This text was waiting for me when I woke up yesterday morning...we always have the best conversations!  :)

When I went outside for my run yesterday morning, I had a present waiting for me on my front porch..My neighbor got me an adorable pair of earrings, and some shea butter blackberry lip balm..Tonight we are having a girls night out to see The House Down the Street...wait, that doesn't sound right.  The House at the End of the Street?...and then going for my favorite ice cream at Cold Stone.  

Super excited!

 I got airline tickets to San Antonio to visit my oldest and farthest away bestie in November...(best present ever!!)  I got navy chuck taylors...a new chambray...a pair of cute taupe wedges...a gift card, a pretty scarf from Ireland, and a coin purse (from Ireland)..with Westie's on it that look just like my boys.  

I had a totally rockin' bday!!

Thanks for stopping by to read my H54F...Tomorrow is the first day of of my most very favorite times of the year...super cute, warm, snuggly clothes, and campfires here I come!!  I hope you have a very special weekend!


Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Little Glimpse of Carrie

Finally, the Mid-South Lupus Foundation is having a Lupus walk in my hometown!!!  I am super excited, and now I need your help!!  I have been living with this awful disease since February 2008. 

Here is how it all began....

 I had no clue what was wrong with me.  My pain began in my fingers...I had a constant aching...almost like arthritis, I guess.  Then I was unable to make a hurt so bad I could not close my hand.  I thought maybe I was sleeping funny because it hurt worse in the mornings, so I was very careful with the placement of my hands at night..That didn't help...slowly the pain moved to my wrists, then all the way up my arm to my elbows and shoulders...Eventually, it moved to my hips.  With each movement it felt like my bones were going to snap, and sometimes it sounded like it too..

I was a single Mom, working full time...I still went to work, and I still fulfilled my Mom duties, but inside I wanted to die.  It was like nothing I had ever experienced before.  I didn't talk about it much with family knew that something was wrong with my hands, and that's about all I shared with them.  I was very scared, and felt very alone.  Once it got to the point where I could not do everyday things such as showering myself, or fixing my hair...even putting my seat belt on, or opening a can...I could barely walk, and could not lift my arms above my waist at this point...I knew that something was terribly wrong.  I lived this way for three months.  When I was at home I layed in bed and cried, and my sweet son would have to help take care of me.  He was only 8 at the time, and he was scared too, although I kept a strong face for him, and never told him how I really felt.  He was so young, and I did not want to frighten him, but clearly he knew that something was different, and he helped as much as he could.  So, I finally decided I had to go to the doctor. Enough was enough... After describing my symptoms they thought it sounded a lot like Rheumatoid Arthritis, and did a ton of blood work.  A week later my doctor called me, and I knew right off that something was wrong...because I've never had a doctor call me after home.  I recall the sound of her voice, and I immediately sat down at my kitchen table.  I knew it was bad news.  She explained to me that my blood work showed that I had full blown Lupus.  I had heard of it before, but I had no idea what it was.  I remained calm, and listened to everything she said..I even wrote down a few notes..  She said it is a very hard disease to diagnose, and that she even had them run the test again to be sure, and it was sure... I had Lupus.  I wanted to cry, and as soon as I hung up the phone I sobbed uncontrollably.  I was scared!  I had a disease...a real 30 years old...I had always been healthy, and active, and now I have a freaking disease!!  I was angry, I was sad, I hated the world...I wanted to know why me!  I remember calling my Mom and Dad and telling them...then I called my boyfriend to tell him...I told a few close friends...I had difficulties dealing with having an actual I did not want to discuss it much at all.  I had to deal with it before I was ready to talk about it at any great length.  The following day my doctor called, and had found a specialist for me to see. Within a week I was in Nashville visiting my new Rheumatologist...Rheuma-what?  This was all so confusing for me...just three months ago I was a normal 30 year old healthy person, and now I'm sitting in a specialists office.??  By this point I was scared, and I wanted my Mom to be with me everywhere I went. She was very supportive, and I'm sure just as scared as I was.  Long story short, I got on a treatment plan, I took the moon face...then the moon I called it.  I took a chemo type treatment once a week, I took two other types of pills...I was sick from the medicine, on treatment days I could not stay awake, and would not "recover" until a few days later...just in time to do the treatment again.   My hair would fall out in clumps, I gained an excessive amount of weight, I could not be in the sun for more than 10 minutes without my skin burning like acid was poured on me, I hated to look at the person I no longer recognized in the mirror...I became extremely depressed and reclusive.  

Overtime....almost a year.. my symptoms of the disease slowly subsided.  I never did feel normal, normal, but I could function.  So, the boyfriend left me because he did not want to be with someone that had a disease...and he told me some other I was not pretty anymore, and I had gained too much weight...and other things that I will not share, but basically it was his loss...who needs a guy like that?  I never gave it a second thought.  He was a super creep..I totally prayed for him!!  

As more time went on I began to feel more and more like myself...a few months later I met Kyle.  On our first date we discussed Lupus...(romantic, huh) He needed to know what he would be getting into if we began a relationship..He was extremely supportive, he began to read a lot about the disease, and I did a fairly decent job at educating my friends and family as well.  Kyle made it very clear from the beginning that Lupus was not going to scare him away, and that he would always support me and be there when I needed help.  He truly is an amazing man!!  After dating Kyle for about 9 months we got engaged...June 2009...and we planned to marry the following Spring.  

In December 2009 I went to the I did every three blood work showed that my disease was in remission.  My Lupus was completely inactive....Wooo Hoooo!!  I was the happiest person on the planet!  I cried, I laughed, I hugged my doctor...he laughed...I hugged the nurses, and the girls at the front was truly a magnificent day!!  I called every person close to me on the way home to share my good months went on, and I still felt good...planned my wedding...the doctor wanted me to stay on my medications...even the treatment...until after my wedding..I was bummed that I would look like a swollen person with thin hair at my wedding.  I mostly worried about not being in pain, so I could enjoy my big day....he did not want me to be sick on my wedding day.  I love my doctor, by the way!!  

A week after our honeymoon I went to see him again, and he stopped the treatment, and dropped me down to only taking one pill twice a day with a small amount of steroids...By my next appointment I was able to completely stop taking the Prednisone, and still now I only take one medication twice a day, and I am still in remission.  My life is amazing, I feel like me again...I still have to be careful about being in the sun...I have to wear sun screen with at least an SPF of 75 anytime I leave my house, I have to choose wisely the foods I put into my mouth, I exercise to keep my body and heart healthy...I removed myself from negative relationships, including a few friendships, and I always try to only place myself in positive situations...stress is one of the number one causes of Lupus, if you've ever wondered why I seem so happy all the time, and why I tell myself I'm awesome every day, and laugh at life...the good and the bad...if I have a bad day...I shake it off...or drink it I have had bad days before...and this, my friends, is not a bad day... I need that reminder..the reminder that I am a survivor...I overcame something that many people struggle with every day..many people die from every day, or take their own life because they can no longer live with it every day...I know how those people feel...I want to help people like me, people that think that their life will never be the won't ever be the same, but it doesn't have to be is a privilege denied to many...I wanted to live...I started marking things off my bucket list about 30 years earlier than I would have...I wanted to see sun rises, catch the biggest fish in the ocean, watch the sun set from the middle of the far out that I couldn't see land...breathe life, dance in the rain..explore the world, jump out of perfectly good airplanes, ride in a hot air balloon...just be adventurous, and do things I would have never done before...Lupus gave me hope for my opened my eyes to the importance of, and having amazing friends and a beautiful does not define who I was, or who I am...I have Lupus, but Lupus does not have will never have me.  I am in control of my life now, and knowing what it feels like to hit rock bottom...I like the view from the top much better, and I thank God for it every single day!!!

Now that you know my story, please donate to the Lupus Foundation so people like me can have hope that a cure will be found someday, or the hope that someone you love will never have to struggle like I and many others have...Come out on October 6th and walk a mile in my shoes...walk with me, love me, celebrate with me, hug me, cry with me, and show your support!!! This is a big deal to me, and it will mean so much to me to have you by my side...

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!!


Friday, September 14, 2012

High Five for Friday

Happy Friday, my friends!  This was the longest week ever, and I am extremely glad that it is over!!  For whatever reason I was down in the dumps all know those days when you feel like you have no control over anything, and nothing seems to go right..or the way you want it to?  That pretty much sums up my week.  I'm glad weeks such as this are few and far between..  I even broke down into tears a few random times...which is very unlike me. I seriously need to snap out of it!! Maybe it's cabin fever?  I need to leave the state or something...ha!  It has been almost two months since I've gone I'm counting down the days... I finally get to get out of town in less than a month...and then less than a month after that I get to leave again....I need to get away every now and then to reboot, otherwise I might drive myself, and my family crazy!!  I guess I need someone to cheer me up!

You all know how much I love my Elisabeth Ashlie earrings, right?  Well, last week I ordered some bracelets from their shop, and I finally got them over the weekend.  I love them so much.  I have worn the one with the clear gem every day since I got it!

You can shop for your own unique jewelry made by Kate and Lauren by clicking the link below.
They also do custom orders!!

Since I was obviously having a pity party for myself this week, for unknown reasons, I opted to not fix my hair..  I can't remember the last time I wasn't slaving over my hair with a curling was actually kind of a nice break...Sometimes plain and simple is all you need, and it can still be cute..

I love my Target red and white baseball tee so much, that I ordered the blue and gray tee.  These shirts are super soft folks!!  For $14.99 they are totally worth it!  Love these shirts for a comfy fall look..

You can buy one for yourself by clicking the link below.

Sadly, my sweet friend Travis' little dog passed away on Sunday.  He was his little buddy, and they went everywhere together.  I was heartbroken for him because unfortunately I knew exactly how he felt.  I've been checking in on him at least once a day since Louie died...During one of our conversations we discussed him getting another dog.  It seemed to somewhat lift his spirits, so I got right on it and started looking at shelters in and around or area...and some rescues for exactly what he is looking for.  I love dogs so much, and I'm excited that he is letting me help him look for another little buddy.  He hasn't picked one yet, but here are a few pictures of some that I found for him.

He loves Dachshunds...aren't they adorable!!

For all of you Moms and Dads out there that have little ones...just know that someday your sweet, precious child will no longer respect your opinions on what looks good, and what doesn't...I used to love picking out Trey's clothes..I was determined that he was going to be preppy.  Just about everything he had was RL polo or Gap... Well, once they are in their "tween" years they don't want their Mommy to dress them anymore..I don't blame him...I still remember some of the hideous outfits my parents tried to put me in (sorry Mom...I still love you), but at least I had good taste lol (I'm laughing because I know my Mom is laughing right now too...she hated "my style" lol)  Lately, all Trey wants to wear is gym shorts, t-shrirts, and a pair of one of his neon Chuck Taylors...sometimes with different colored neon shoe laces depending on what kind of mood he's in that day...A Mothers me..your day will come!!  I get it that that's what the other kids are wearing..I stare at them in disbelief in the car line each day...It's like a neon parade...and nothing matches...I don't get this "new"'s weird.  Now I feel really old and Mommish...for saying that...when you get older apparently you really do turn into your Mother...obviously..I am my Mother.  On Sunday Trey wore an outfit that I adored...I semi-helped pick it out...okay...I completely picked it out by but he did not argue about was kind of trickery - on my part - He stayed the night with my parents on Saturday...late that night he called and asked if I would pick him out something to wear for the following day and drop it by their house...I gladly accepted the task..<insert evil laugh here> and he looked so handsome...since these days are rare I took a picture..How cute is he??!!  He's so big now that we wear the same shoe he's wearing my Toms.  The kid does occasionally have good taste..he cleans up well.  Love that boy....I totally made that good looking kid!!

My Mother-in-Law recently spent two weeks in Ireland.  I sent her with a shopping list of things to bring back for me...I'm awful, I know.  It was a short list, and besides sometimes if you don't tell people what you want when they ask you...well, you won't get what you want.. I've posted about my "list making" on the blog before...and FYI I started making my Christmas list in May...- getting way off course here - Earrings were first on my "to bring me from Ireland" list...I love these earrings with the Celtic knots on them, and you can't tell, but they are favorite!!...She always knows exactly what I like!!

p.s. I got everything on my Ireland list!!  Lists are helpful people, start making them!!  :)

During my super long, dreary week I did still manage to have some good things happen...I love spending more time with my Dad...I cherish every day we get to spend together...I got to visit with my sweet friend Jessi that I haven't seen in months, and I loved chatting with her for a little while.  Since my foot isn't completely healed I rode my bike a few times this week...I love riding..and ringing my bell at people....haha....yep, I seriously have a retro bell...ringer thingy on my bike, and a basket..  :)

Sweet little Henry got to come home yesterday....

This is the convo I had with his Mom...she was just a little bit excited!!  :)

Welcome home Henry Thomas...I'll see you soon!!  xoxo

No matter how down you feel, or how much things don't go the way you plan..there is always something to be thankful for!!  

Hope you guys have an amazing weekend!!  Thanks for stopping by to read H54F!


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Chicken Soup for the...Cold

It's that time of year again...when I get a random text in the middle of the day from my husband...and he thinks he's getting a cold.   I know exactly what he will say next, but I bite..and respond by saying "I'm sorry you don't feel there anything I can do to help??"  He then replies..."Can you make your homemade chicken soup...please?"  Of course...I'm already making my grocery list... So, I fulfill my wifely duty and stop by the grocery on my way home to get what I need...Firstly, because I'm nice...and I care, secondly because we all know what men are like when they are sick, and if there's anything I can do to speed up the healing process of this cold...I'm on it!!

I only make this recipe a few times a year...I've had people ask me how I make it, but I don't know what to tell them because it is one of those recipes where I never measure anything...I just throw everything in a pot...and to be's never the same.  On my way to the store today I decided I would write down the steps, so I could have an actual written recipe to share.  Chicken soup is chicken soup...anyone can make it...I don't recall ever tasting any I disliked.  Each time I make it for Kyle he says it is the best I've made I guess I'm doing something right...and I think it really does make you feel better when you are a little under the weather...

Many years ago I used to make my own chicken stock. Now that I'm a Mom and a wife I tend to go the easiest route when can still make your own stock with this recipe, but I find it much simpler to use a chicken someone else cooks...and rig up my own one will know the difference...and you'll have much more time to get the laundry done, pay the your kids with their homework...or..just sit down and relax for a few minutes..


1 whole cooked chicken, chopped (will make approximately 3-4 cups)
32 oz chicken broth
8 cups water
2 tablespoons chicken bouillon
1 .49 oz packet concentrated chicken broth
1 can 10 3/4 oz cream of chicken soup
1/2 teaspoon pepper
chopped carrots
chopped celery
fresh parsley, chopped, and a few leaves set aside for garnish
Extra wide egg noodles

In a large stock pot combine chicken broth, water, bouillon, concentrated broth packet, and whisk in cream of chicken soup.  Let it set on medium heat while you are chopping chicken and vegetables. 

A good pair of kitchen shears will be your best friend for this recipe..if you don't have any..get me!

Add chicken, vegetables, and pepper.  Bring to a boil, reduce heat to simmer for 30 minutes, or until vegetables are tender.  Add desired amount of egg noodles, and parsley.  Cook until the noodles are tender.  

Serve hot..garnish with fresh parsley...

As with any soup this can sit for hours, and still taste delicious...or you can have it ready to serve in less than an hour...That is completely up to you!  You can use less or more vegetables to suit your preference...this is another simple recipe that will allow you to experiment in the kitchen..the kind of recipe that will make you a better cook!  

If you have any leftovers..this freezes well.  

As I am finishing up this post...Kyle walked by me and smiled...I asked how the soup tasted?  He said "It's probably the best you've ever made...thank you very much for making it..I could eat it every day of my life"

He loves me, and my chicken soup!!  <3


Sunday, September 9, 2012

Date Night; Whiskey Barrels...and Late Night Giggles

Ten points for team Kennedy; after a week full of nagging, pouting and bribing...I finally talked Kyle into getting out of the house...with just the two of us.  Well, there were 8 of us, but still...I'll take what I can get...We packed up our chairs, and went to a local-ish distillery for "Pickin on the Porch."  It's a free event with a live band (Kyle's friend from work was in the band....they played bluegrass..and were really good), good drinks, low priced food....very family oriented...there were a lot of little kids and dogs.

MB Roland Distillery is in a rural community "St Elmo" in Pembroke,'s only about a 20 minute drive from our house.  Previously, it was an Amish dairy farm...not quite the same production going on there now. They produce whiskies, moonshines and rum.  The distillery was created by a couple stationed at Fort Campbell, and after deciding to make the area their permanent home they wanted to bring something unique to the area...nothing more Kentucky-ish than a distillery!!  

Since we were first timers, we did the taste test.  Ten small shots of each type of moonshine produced by MB Roland.  I was reluctant, at first..I don't necessarily like the taste of moonshine...I've only had "back woods" moonshine...the kind where a mason jar of clear liquid appears in the liquor cabinet, and you should only drink it with a don't know who made don't dare ask...and you could set it on fire if you wanted to...that's the extent of my "shine" experience...  Since Kyle was already on the fence about the night anyway, I stepped up and said "me first" and that got him in the mood...otherwise, I doubt he would have done it.  So, the first one was 100 wasn't so bad..not as bad as some of the spoonfuls I've had before from the mystery jars in the cabinet...then on down the line..after my esophagus was clearly on fire, and I could blow fire like a dragon if there were an open flame in front of me...yeah...I did break out in a sweat. Of all the ones we tried only one was my favorite...  It was Blueberry Moonshine...45 proof.  They make all of their fruity shines with fresh fruit...all natural ingredients. 

 I bought a bottle of the blueberry, and the husband ended up buying a bottle of the 100 proof true Kentucky shine...(gag me...)

They also have beer that you can buy by the gallon or half gallon...he took the true shine to the car, and opted for a half gallon of Sierra Nevada beer instead..

(that's what I thought..wink wink)

They have a snow cone tent outside with at least over a dozen flavors....if you buy the pickin on the porch cup...for $6.00..then you get free snow cones if you stay for the event...and you bring the cup back the rest of the event season...and you still get free snow cones...kinda like the popcorn bucket at the movies..except booze are much more fun than popcorn, right?!

So, of course, immediately I got my snow cone...with blueberry syrup...and poured some of my blueberry shine in with it....O.M.G....helleur!!!  Sweet heaven on ice!!!

 We got settled into our little spot...our friends began showing up...

I think I was finished with my second snow cone before the band even started playing...Yeah, they really were that good...

It was a beautiful day...temps in the low 70's...Fall-ish like-ish my fav-o-rite!!!  I love the smell, the feel...makes me think of campfires, tobacco barns.. and snuggling up with some cute warm clothes..hanging outside with my favorite people around a fire...this is def my time of husband has to drag me inside at night when the weather gets like this..


The night was fun!  We stayed until the band quit playing at 9:00.  Still laughing and having a good time all the way to the car.. Hugging our friends goodbye, until the next time we see them.

I couldn't believe I drank that much moonshine and was still alert...walking and talking..I kept saying that I didn't even think there was any alcohol in it..I thought I was some kind of bad joke or something  .I seriously had the giggles...all night..even once I got in the bed I couldn't stop giggling...I remember the last thing I said was that I thought I liked drinking this better than my wine...then I giggled again and fell asleep...all before 10:30 p.m.

I was informed this morning after I woke up all bouncy, and in a good mood...that I was not allowed to substitute my weekly wine drinking with moonshine...aww...schucks, really!?  Way to ruin it for me!!  

(insert pouty face here)

Kyle enjoyed his beer....btw the 100 proof moonshine still has the seal will be one of those things that only gets opened when we have a party at our house, and he'll say...look what I have...and they'll break out the spoons...  

We had so much fun, and I'm excited to go back to Pickin on the Porch with our friends the weekend of my birth week. It made me happy to see Kyle relaxed, and having a good time laughing with his buddies...I knew he would enjoy it...the best part was when he said we should do this more often!  

Mission accomplished!