Friday, November 15, 2013

Bonjour Jolie - October Box

Subscription boxes seem to be all the rave the last few years, and I have to admit I've jumped on the bandwagon with more than a few.  I love nothing more than paying a minimal fee and having some fabulous products that I actually use delivered to my mailbox each month.  It makes me pretty happy to open my mailbox and see a box waiting for's like my birthday all over again (without aging)..

I did a google search and found an extensive list of reviews on some of the best subscription boxes out there.  No fooling guys, this list is massive, and it has any and every box can mark everyone you know off your Christmas list just on that one single page.

Okay, onto the good stuff.  This box I am sharing with you today is called Bonjour Jolie. It is a period box, which costs $16.00 a month plus shipping and handling.  They are a fairly new company..(I believe since February 2013), although you would never know it.. They are pretty fantastic and wonderful people to deal with.

So, what is a period box?  It is a monthly subscription box that is tailored to your specific needs for your time of the month...Upon signing up you set your preferences..your cycle date..your preferred brand and type of tampons or pads that you use.  

For example..when Aunt Flo visits me I am all over the place with regular, super and super super flows all in the 4-5 days of my cycle.  It's pretty ridiculous.  So, when signing up for this box I chose the brand I always use. They have a list of every brand on the market.  You have the option to pick one type of tampon you regular, super, super plus, etc.. Since I needed all three I wrote a note in the additional info box saying that I use all three, and could they please include them in the box.

As well as the specific brand and flow of tampons and/or pads in your box you will receive a special gift, handmade bath and body pampering items, specialty teas, sweets, Advil, etc.  

I have never been disappointed in my box, actually, I have always been pleasantly surprised and I do look forward to receiving it.  

Since Bonjour Jolie knows when my cycle begins and ends I always receive my box two days before my period begins.  For months now I have not had to buy tampons myself, or send my husband to the store on the way home from work to grab me a box because I forgot (don't you know he loved doing that for me..)  Now I am very well taken care of - pampered, if you the lovely ladies at Bonjour Jolie.

Now, let's check out my October box..

The box always seems small to me, but I promise you it is jam packed..air Mary Poppins' carpet bag.  I don't know how they fit everything in this box, but they do.

When you open the box (which is always so exciting) it is always wrapped in very pretty, feminine packaging.

It has a very nice detailed list of everything in your box..a description of each item, what it's use is, where it came from, and a price breakdown.

Everything is packaged very neatly.

There are usually three organza bags filled with goodies..

Your tampons and pads are very neatly and discreetly packaged.

I love a company that listens to your needs and follows through.  As I requested my tampon bag is always filled with all three types of the tampons I need in the brand I requested.

After receiving three months of pads and pantiliners I contacted Bonjour Jolie..I also have to mention that you do not have an "account" to log into on their website.  Which was surprising at first, and I actually emailed them to find out how to log into my account.. They told me that they prefer to talk to each individual to personally meet their specific needs...  Seriously!  Are you starting to see why I love this company so much?!  Their preferred method of communication is via email, and they guarantee to get back with you within 24-48 hours.  I don't think I have ever had a response from them that was more than a few hours later during a normal business day.  

Ok, so the point of this is..that I contacted them and asked if I could stop receiving the pads and pantiliners..1. because I rarely use them, and 2. I have a pretty big pile of them stocked up in my cabinet now..and I felt like it was a waste.  So, within a few hours I received an email and they were happy to oblige.  This change will be applied to my November box, and so on, until I ask them to change it again and I will receive all pads.

Each box contains several teas and always a sweet treat.  I love drinking tea at night and since subscribing to this box my tea station in my kitchen has several teas that I would have never tried if it were not for Bonjour Jolie.  I even have some new favorites.

I was talking to a girlfriend earlier in the day - on the day I knew my box would be in the mailbox when I got home - and I said "I sure hope there is some sort of milk chocolate in there.." Each month I secretly wish for a Hershey bar to be in my box.. So, while others may be excited about the fabulous teas they will receive in their boxes..just!!

This little milk chocolate treat was eaten within minutes - I feel like I should send a thank you note just for the chocolate..

With the occasional exception of one or two different items all of the boxes are the same..meaning..if you get a box, chances are I got the same box.  

In my October box I received a nail contained a fingernail file, a cuticle pusher, argon oil, two nail polish remover pads - perfect for travel, a nail polish pen, and a nail art pen.

I love argon is wonderful for your cuticles..especially in these dry Fall/Winter months, it smells ahhmazing..and it is also fabulous for your hair, which is a bonus, bonus if you ask me!!

I have never used a nail polish pen...
It was quite easy and I painted one nail with two easy swipes of the brush..

I was nail pen..
I'll give it to the neighbor girl, then I decided to try it.. 
 I don't think I will ever use it, but it was fun to play with.

This pumpkin soap is to die for..I haven't actually used it yet, but I have smelled it..a lot.  It smells so nice that I opened it and made each person in my house smell it.  My husband wanted to know what it tasted smells that good.  (I wouldn't let him eat it..)

I received a few feminine wipes and some Advil..both of which are perfect to toss in your purse or your travel bag.  The sample of the apricot and ginseng hand scrub is fab-u-lous!!  I love having soft skin, so I'm all about exfoliating products.  Works great..smells great!!

This little gem is a lotion bar.'s hold it between your hands - as you would a bar of soap - rub it together and it moisturizes.  I don't know how it works, but it does, and I love it!!  Use it on your hands, bottom of your feet, elbows, cuticles..anywhere that needs moisturizing.  Another great item for the cold months.  Besides the chocolate, this was my other favorite product in this box..and let's just say if you are on my Christmas may just be getting one of these puppies for Christmas!

I am excited to finally share this box with you.  Please visit the Bonjour Jolie website and read more about this awesome company.  Also while you are there click the "shop" link, Once on the "shop" page you will see a breakdown of each months products...and also an option to purchase any of the items.

I would love to hear your thoughts or questions about this box, and I would love it even more if you subscribed..if you do be sure to tell them that you were sent from me at The Way I See it.

Thanks for stopping by..and I can't wait to share my November box with's hoping for some more milk chocolate!!  :-)


Friday, November 8, 2013

High Five for Friday......

and a huge high five for four day weekends!!!

I had a fantastic week, which also means that I got my days mixed up.  Yesterday was my Friday, and it really felt like a typical Friday..Dinner out, no school or work the next day..  So, when Kyle left for work early this morning I asked him if he would be working late..  He said no, I should be home on time.  So, I started thinking of what we could get into today since he would be home around noon...then I remembered it was not Saturday, and that he wouldn't be home until dinner I rolled over and fell back asleep.  

I love me some long weekends!!

I was pretty pumped that the temps last weekend were cool enough to snuggle up by a fire with some hot chocolate.  Clearly, I was the only one in my house that was cold since Trey and Kyle both said it was so hot they couldn't breathe, and each of them came into the living room numerous times to look at the thermostat, let out a loud sigh..or a huff and a puff, give me a dirty look and then stomp off..  Can we say drama queens?  I loved my cozy little evening and the two of them survived in their own rooms beside a fan.

Scuba was really interested in my hot chocolate..
While in all my coziness I sat down for hours by the fire and began working on a puzzle..

annnd...I am still working on said puzzle..
I was so excited to begin this..and just knew I would be finished by the time I was ready for bed.  Uhh, not so much.  I just took this picture today, soooo...yeah..still working on it.  I love puzzles...even if they take ten years.

The hot chocolate that I use the most is from Trader Joe's.  
The directions say to mix with water, but I prefer warm milk.  It makes a huge difference.  Especially if you have whole milk, which I rarely do unless it's for a recipe, so it's a special treat if I have whole milk in the house on a hot chocolate kind of day. I also prefer some whipped cream rather than marshmallows.  You can get creative with it and put chocolate chips in it, or some peppermint.  When I have candy canes around during the holidays, I love using one as a stirrer.  It's festive, and gives it just the right amount of sweet peppermint flavor.  Dress it up even more and sprinkle some crushed peppermint over your whipped cream.

Catharina and I had fun doing the Boo Dash at the Springfield Greenway.
It was colder than usual that morning, so I was sipping on some hot water and honey all day hoping to warm my insides up.  I always sound like I belong in a TB ward with my cough after running hard in the cold air, and it doesn't make me feel any better when Kyle just looks at me shaking his head like I should know better by now.  I don't want a repeat of last year, which seemed like I got sick after every cold, hard run.  Darn Lupus lungs.  So, taking a new approach with more rest days in between and my warm beverage concoctions on the daily seem to be helping - so far.  I have another race tomorrow, so fingers crossed!!

I placed 6th in my age group.  Since June I have consistently stayed in the middle of my pack in the races I have done..and I'm okay with that, but I'll be one happy girl when I start movin' on up.  Honestly, to me.. it's more about beginning.. and finishing, than winning.

I got a few packages in the mail from Nicole.  
She sent a couple bottles of wine, some cards and some sweet treats.  She sent us some of her Halloween snack mix, and it was delicious!  I was especially digging on the wine.. and the card that says to open when I have a bad day was so sweet it made me tear up...just for the thought of it..I haven't even opened it yet because I haven't had a bad day in a while!! 
Thankful for thoughtful friends!!!

My guys and I went exploring on Sunday.  We checked out a new (new to us) Greenway in Ashland City, Tn.  Trey loves trains and at this green there is a railroad trestle that you walk over, so I was excited for him to see it.  So, we started out on our walk and a little over 3 miles into it he started asking where in the world was this bridge I was talking about... Well, hmmm..I didn't know the answer to that because I had never been we just kept walking.  We turned around when we ran out of bridge.  After five miles they really started giving me dirty looks.  All I could say was, it's not a big deal, stop being a such a wimp, this is good for you, and I mentioned a time or two (with a really big smile) how fun it was that we were spending the day together outside.  

The dirty looks resumed. 

So, finally ending our little nature hike..which, according to my Garmin ended at 5.94 miles.. We noticed a trail head that began across the street from the one we were on.  Kyle and I looked at each other and laughed..knowing that must be how you get to the trestle.  I suggested we keep walking, but I was quickly out-voted before I even completed my sentence.  Sooo, we got in the car..drove down the road a little ways and sure enough across a field you could see the rail road trestle...Probably half a mile into the trail that we did not go on. 

Errr well...that just means it'll be easy to get Trey to agree to go back again. 

 It was a beautiful day and I'm glad I got to enjoy it with my guys!! 

This is at the Springfield Greenway the day after we had strong winds, so the trails were covered with leaves.
Tennessee is magical in the Fall!!

Baby Case is here!!
When his big brother, Ryder, was a baby he absolutely loved me, so I hope Case will love me just as much!!

Last night we celebrated Lynn's 40th birthday.  She was surprised by 39 friends and was sweet, fun and I know she felt the love.  We all have so much to be thankful for after the year she had, and I'm so grateful for her day of birth and that she is happy and healthy!!

You always know it's hunting season around here when I go to do the laundry and there are blood stained clothes in my hamper.  (ick)...and being the germaphobe that I am it drives me crazy that I can't wash them with detergent.  I asked Trey why there was blood on the back of his clothes and not the front??   Like I should have known the answer.. in all his teenager drama attitude.. he explained that he carried the deer behind him on his four-wheeler..(like, duh)  So, now I have a stocked freezer...and an urge to decontaminate my washing machine..

These little peanuts are going to get a hair cut and a bath this weekend!!
They hate it!!  Brodie thinks it's fun to hop in the bath..until I turn the water on.  
Not sure what he thinks he's going to do in the bath..I mean, it's not like we're going for a ride around the block in the bath tub. 

Poor Winston can't even see...

He has been begging me not to make him take a bath..
This morning he would scoot himself back even further under the chair each time I tried to pick him up.
He's no dummy.

Thanks for stopping by to read about my week!!
Hope you have an amazing weekend!