Thursday, March 26, 2015


Between this semester at school, work and just life in general.. I have purposely neglected my blog. In my spare time I usually have my face stuffed into a pile of flash cards and books.  I absolutely love being in school again and don't mind one bit that it takes up the majority of my time.  I think I could be a professional student at this point in my life. I love learning, especially about something I'm so passionate about.  

Besides all that..I have some exciting news that I want to share with you guys..

Last month we added four more pets to the bunch..This makes 8 total...Three dogs, one nameless fish...and four of the most precious baby chicks that you ever did see.  

Yep, zookeeper here.

I'm finally a chicken mama and so over the moon in love with them!! 

I picked up my girls at the end of February..We all go crazy over them...even the dogs.  I try to engage them with the dogs regularly...Hopefully they will love their sisters and not want to eat them for chicken snacks.  I can certainly say that now that I'm a chicken mama...chicken absolutely does not taste the same as it did pre-chicken mama..Obviously, we only got them to use as laying hens and will never harvest them for meat.  

They have the cutest little personalities, and I've made sure that they know I'm the mama..Although, I'm pretty sure they love Trey the most.  He's pretty easy to love the most, so I don't hold it against them...But I have thought about holding it against him when it comes to the morning shift once they move into their new house coop.

Kyle made them a roost and they love it!! It's super cute when all four of them are on it at the same time.  Which, of course, they promptly hop off of as soon as I try to snap a picture of them roosting.

I think they must agree with me that they're the prettiest little chicky babes ever since they wait in line to sit and stare at themselves in the mirror..

This is Cora...
She is an Ameracauna and will lay the most beautiful blue/green eggs.

Stella is a Silver-Laced Wyandotte and will lay beautiful brown eggs.

Agnes, my smallest girl, is a White Rock.  She knows her name and will follow us around wherever we go.  Agnes has the cutest personality and loves to have her chest rubbed.  She'll lay brown eggs.

Hazel is a Golden-Sex Link.  She doesn't really seem to like anything, or care a whole lot for anybody.  She falls all over herself to get to the nearest corner of their brooder just so no one will pick her up.  I give her extra lovin' just because I'm the mama, and that's what mamas do.  Hazel will also lay brown eggs.

Now that you've met the newest loves of my life I hope you stop back in to read about my new adventures as a chicken mama..These girls grow super fast!!  You wouldn't believe how much they change every day!

Agnes wanted to thank you for stopping by to read all about her and her little chicky chicky boo boo sisters...

Oh, and by the way.. this is her happy face... :-)

I've come to the conclusion that life is just too short not to have chickens!!