Friday, October 12, 2012

High Five for Friday

Hey, guys...Happy, happy Friday!!  I have been so super busy that I totally skipped last weeks H54F, and had every intention to post it Saturday, but never got around to it.  Thursday and Friday of last week I was preparing for a chicken dinner fundraiser that the scouts were having...I made oodles of homemade cookie dough so I could bake a ton of cookies for the dinner... Knowing how much my little kid and my big kid love eating cookie dough I put the dough in the garage fridge..pulled my car up far enough so that no one could open the door.  I'm sneaky like that...Well, joke's on me.. not sneaky enough I guess because somehow when I went to bake the cookies in the 3 hour time frame I had Saturday afternoon...there was hardly any dough left.  What the heck!!??  I was livid!  No one would fess up to it...I guess the "dog" ate it, right?  What do ya do?!  So, I baked about 8 cookies...that's all that was left...hid them for myself (winning) and then made 3 super awesome loaves of homemade banana bread as my dessert for the dinner. Which reminds me...I still have some hidden cookies...(still winning)

I was in a huge hurry to bake my goods Saturday because I spent most of the morning and early afternoon at the Lupus, by the time I got was go time for baking.  I finally got to sit down around 7:00 that night...

Someone...(Grandpa) bought Trey a ghillie suit...I have to beg him to take it off.  My kid is not like normal kids, or is he?  I don't know.  He's been hiding in my hallways wearing this suit trying to scare works...every time.  <sigh> I don't know what to say, I'm just not ever prepared for a swamp kid monster hiding out in my halls.  I was on the phone with a girlfriend earlier this week...looked over, and this is what I saw.  Can't help but laugh.  Your kids do this too, right?

Last weekend at the farm the weapon of choice was the bow.

Trey was kind enough to let me shoot his bow.  I have decent bow shooting skills....not really, but I do hit the target, more than I miss...and by hitting the target I mean...anywhere on the surface of the target...I'm not picky.  :)

This weekend, I'm a color runner...I'm so beyond words excited!! Can't wait to hang with some cool peeps and sweat rainbows!!

I picked up these cool shades at Target...just for the color run..In case you didn't notice they are colorful,  heart shaped...and so me!


Trey and I FaceTimed with Nicole and Henry was good to see her face, and laugh together...

It was also sweet to watch Henry sleep...he's waving at his sleep.  :)

Weighed in last week....
In case you were wondering...I'm awesome.  Well, you might not think I am, but I feel awesome!!  That's right....I am 30 lbs lighter....Go me!!

I took my sister and my niece to lunch at Five Guys's good if you don't mind feeling like your arteries are clogged the minute you leave.  I might have gained a few of those lbs back, and I carefully chose what I ate...ughh

It has been so cold here at night (in the 30's... burrr) that I have had a fire going in my fireplace...I l.o.v.e my fireplace...nothing better than cozying up by the fire with a glass of wine.

Did I mention that my Birthday lasted like an entire month, even into October??  One night a girlfriend stopped by to give me some scout stuff, and handed me this...and a really sweet card...and she said "oh, by the's your bday present!"  Why, thank you!!  See, at scouts sometimes the kids play wiffle ball...and I am usually standing nearby..seriously jealous wanting to join in, but no one ever hears me say..."can I hit next?"  so, my awesome friend bought me my own wiffle ball set.  

Who wants to play??!!

My fave text convo of the week was when Brittney and I were discussing what time to run in the morning...she's a teacher, and on fall I let her sleep in..a little...

Well, that's all I've got for you this week...except...I have taken a few super cute pictures of the boys...

Brodie, in all his cuteness, tries reallly hard to make me not want to work in the evenings...

I spy a little white dog (Winston) watching me over the coffee table

We <3 nap time!!

I found scuba like this early one morning....not sure what it was all about, but it was adorable!!
by the way...he sleeps with his eyes's freaky!

Best date I've had all week was with this guy!!  He snuggled up and watched a movie with me while everyone else was sound asleep.  He really loves me!
We watched Snow White and the Huntsman.  Have you seen it?  I watched it three times...twice Saturday night, and once Sunday...I either really loved it, or I was just super bored..?

Thanks for stopping by to read H54F!  I hope that each and every one of you have an amazing weekend!!  Get out of the house and do something fun!!



  1. Always enjoy your thoughts on the week. Makes me appreciate the sall things even more. Kiss my kids for me this weekend!

  2. OMG! you are going to LOVE the Color Run! it is SOOO much fun! Just bring a change of clothes so that it doesn't get all over your car when you drive home. :)