Friday, November 2, 2012

High Five for Friday

Friday, again?! What is going on with these last few weeks/months flying by?  I used to think that the older we got the faster the time passed us by.  Maybe so, but honestly I think it is because as we grow older we learn to appreciate our lives so much more, and we have so many more things we enjoy doing...wonderful things we look forward to...making the days seem much shorter.  I have so many things going on in my life right now that I am very thankful for...that I am excited about, and looking forward to.  

Here are some of the highlights from my week...

I can finally start counting down the days until my trip to San Antonio...this time next week I will be there visiting my friends, and meeting sweet baby Henry for the first time. You have no idea how excited I am!!  I have been to Texas, but have never been to SA, have you?

Birchbox has the fastest shipping....I received my new lip gloss in just a few days.  I seriously love this, have to get it.  It is the perfect neutral shade and it has plumper to make your lips appear full...For more details I mentioned it in my October bbox post earlier this week.  

Speaking of my second bbox I got the crazy eyeliner stickers...Eye Rock.  By the way, I do rock, but that's a completely different post...(ha) So, anyway.. I used them this week...for Halloween.  They were so much fun...they were super easy to apply, and they looked awesome!

 They were perfect for the cat eye look I was going for....

Then I added two sets of false on top of the other.. to give my eyes a more dramatic look...

I added some fuzzy ears, whiskers, and a little black nose...and turned myself into a kitty cat...


The eyeliner stickers are the bomb..for reals...I am so glad I didn't throw them away!!

We sat around a fire in front of my neighbors spooky house Halloween night and passed out candy while our kids went in search of tricks...or treats.  Sipping on some margaritas, and getting to see all the cool costumes.  It was a fun night!!

Trey dressed as a teenager/scary movie person....and he liked to run and hide behind the "fog" each time the fog machine went off....with was every three minutes... <sigh> He had fun though.  It was his first year getting to go trick or treating without me.  He did very well, and checked in when he was supposed to.  It's a little sad that our kids grow up so quickly, but at the same time it is so interesting...and fun to see them changing everyday...

I scored this awesome sweater from the clearance rack at Old Navy this week...I'm seeing a striped theme going on in my Fall/Winter wardrobe.  I'm digging the stripes....

I weighed in this week, and have lost 5 more pounds.  35 down....I'm feeling pretty awesome!!  I am just a week or so away from having to go down another clothing size. I had to take my rings to the jeweler this week to have them sized down...1.5 sizes.  They were literally falling off.  I feel super amazing....It's crazy....and I am so proud of myself!! I told you guys...I rock!!  :)

If you set your mind to can do ANYTHING!!!
You can totally rock too!!!

Poor Brodie needs a can't tell, but he is totally looking at me through all that hair.

Winston climbed on top of me while I was laying down for a cat nap this week...Apparently, he thinks I am the best seat in the house.  He is so heavy, and it was a tad hard to breathe with him on my stomach...
I'm sure it wasn't very comfortable for him either, but he stayed there until I made him move...

Thanks so much for stopping by to read H54F.  I am pretty excited for my weekend...Trey is going to a leadership training thing for scouts tonight, so I won't be on Mom duty until around 4:00 Saturday.  What should I get into?  I know one two things for sure, 1.  I'm going to begin making my packing list for my upcoming trip to SA..(have I mentioned that I'm super pumped about it?)  and 2.  There will be tasty beverages involved at some point....yerp! 

 I hope you guys have an amazing weekend!



  1. Love that sweater... You really can't go wrong with stripes! And congrats on keeping to your fitness goals... I should be working harder in that area. ;) Stopping by from H54F!

  2. When you are in San Antonio, try to stop by the dueling piano bar, I think its called Howl at the Moon, Lots of fun!

  3. Yes, "Howl at the Moon" is so much should really try to stop by. There is also a Mexican Restaurant that has it's own bakery in the front. It has a outdoor patio with a misting system in case it is too warm! I know you are probably are watching what you eat...but this place might be worth a little splurg! Maybe your friend would know the name, I can't remember (I'm such a big help)! Of course, The River Walk, The Alamo (not as impressed as I probably should have been)and lots of shopping! Have a great time and stay safe!!!

  4. Your cat costume is adorable! :)
    Congrats on your weightloss, too.

    And I actually live in Texas; we're about 4-5 hours away from San Antonio. It's fabulous there. :)

  5. you are about the cutest cat girl ever!!!!!! I'm gona have to get the lipgloss--my kind of shade. hope you have a wonderful time in SA--i know you have been sooo looking forward to your visit!