Friday, August 31, 2012

High Five for Friday

This was the longest week ever...I'm fairly certain that I say that every week, but this week I mean opposed to not really meaning it any other week?  You know what I mean...(and yes, I'm pretty much talking to myself...) I'm so glad it's Friday and that a bottle of wine was chilling for me when I got home!  Thank goodness for three day weekends, even though I will still be working over the weekend..I can pace myself to not go 972 miles a minute like I did during the week.

The clouds were amazing at 5:45 in the morning on Thursday...One gigantic cloud and a beautiful sunrise peeking behind it.  I love waking up to this each morning and watching the birds play and the rabbits bounce around on my run. Definitely the best way to start off my day!

This is blurry because it's a semi-action shot...

I stopped in Target yesterday, and got a few new dresses and this gorgeous red polish.  The color is Red Carpet by Revlon Colorstay.  It's a really pretty bright red, rather than a deep red.  Does that even make sense?

This kid continues to crack me up on a daily basis. matter where we go, or what we are listening to he breaks out with the air drums...yes, I said air drums.  It is becoming annoying.  That's an awful thing to say, but's annoying.  I can't help but laugh when he does it because it is really cute and super funny, but he does it to every song...I mean that literally.  I even changed the songs on purpose to see if he did it...and HE DID!!  Air drumming to all sorts of music from Alice in Chains, to Miley Cyrus to Korn to Gym Class Heroes.  The kid can rock some air drums..he puts my air guitar skills to shame..

I got this dress at Target this week....Have you been to Target lately?  They are having a humongous 50-70% off.  Of course, this dress wasn't on sale (sorry), but still...check out their sale!!  This dress is super cute...I tried it on at home with my Gap jean cute...with some wedges...some brown knee boots...even my navy Toms looked adorbs with it!  Right now they are having a buy one get one half off sale on women's boots!!  


Six weeks early this little guy decided to make his grand entrance...while his Daddy was tdy in California, and his Mommy was all alone and scared....he came!!  I am so proud of Nicole...she was amazing, brave, and totally scared me to death at the same time!  She drove herself to the hospital very early Wednesday morning and then hours later Henry was born!!!  She is a super hero, and what a story it will be to tell Henry when he gets older!!  He is absolutely perfect weighing 4 lbs 11 oz and 18.5 inches long.  I can't to meet the little guy and kiss his sweet little face!!

This week I registered for The Color Run in Memphis this fall..  I couldn't let this pass by another year without me going!!  I signed up on a team with Kyle's cousin and her we'll be hanging out in Memphis with them and getting our color on!!  I'm super pumped for this one!!

This is where Winston likes to lay while I'm cooking dinner...he just stares at me...watching my every move, then falls asleep..Love him!!!

Thanks so much for reading H54F!!  I hope you all have an amazing, fun, and safe three day weekend!!  Do something awesome for yourself...or better yet..for someone else!!  :)


Friday, August 24, 2012

High Five for Friday

I'm so glad that Friday is f.i.n.a.l.l.y here.  What took it so long?  Every day this week was like a Monday...I didn't think I was going to make it...I really didn't!  I think I'm finally back on my school year routine...5:15 a.m. doesn't seem nearly as early, or as hard to wake up to, as it did a few weeks ago.  I've totally got this!!

Brittney and I finally started back on our workout schedule...week two.  I am a little disappointed in myself for taking a "break" for almost two months.  What was I thinking?  No more breaks...ever!  We are running now, which has been fun...I used to run every day, but that was ummm...15 years ago??  So, yeah...I'm running again, and I love it! 

clearly, my workout clothes do not match in any way..
and I don't even care...
until we pass the super skinny, tan, blond chicks; with the perfect pony tails swinging in synchronization with each graceful bounce...They are basically lapping us in their cute matching workout clothes...breathing normally, while carrying on a conversation with each other...give me a break!!!  They are somewhat motivating annoying..but I'm still not that worried about my workout clothes matching at 5:30 in the morning...

When I have a week like this week, I tend to write myself little reminders to keep myself going.  This was my note-to-self this week...You should seriously write yourself will make a difference in your day...I promise...try it!

This kid...I swear!  I remember being embarrassed by my Mom when I was his age, and now he is embarrassed of me.  Really??  I am the coolest Mom ever... This was on the way to school, I was playing the radio really loudly and singing like I always do...he ducked down in the seat and begged me not to do it in the parking lot at school...haha!!

So, naturally...I turned into school and cranked it up.   He was so mad at me..he gave me a very dirty look, and slammed the door.  Oh, to be a kid again!!

Thursday at the office we had about an hour between appointments and were all caught up with everything, so I let my co-worker braid my hair...She stepped in after watching me try to braid it myself, and of course fail!!  I can barely braid someone else's hair, much less my own.  It was really messy and loose, which is how I wanted it.  I haven't had my hair braided in years!! 

My lovely neighbors placed these stepping stones in their "flower bed" just for us so we don't have to walk all the way around to their sidewalk...we can just walk from our yard to theirs...via stepping stone...They love us, and make me feel really special!!

The weather has been so nice the last few weeks.  I love sitting outside with a glass of wine, and I especially love people watching...but mostly I just love the wine...

I found this on Instagram, and busted out was all too familiar...

While I was people watching/wine sipping I happened to glance over in Kyle's direction, and this is what he was doing...hmmm...gotta love him!!

A friend recommended a new trilogy that she thought I would like.  It's called The Discovery of Witches by Deborah E. Harkness.  She described it as having witches (which I husband swears I'm a witch, but I'm really not...), vampires, and I don't remember what else, but she did say it's a love all sounded right up my alley, so I ordered it from Amazon...  I started reading it Wednesday night and it made me fall asleep before I got to chapter 2.  Most of the books I read keep me awake because they are so good I can't put them down....She promised me that if I can get through the beginning I will like it...I'm not so sure about this, folks... but I am going to keep reading...Have any of you read it?

Thanks for stopping by to read my H54F...I have a busy/fun weekend that I am looking forward to.  Everyone have an amazing weekend, and do something fun.  You totally deserve it!!!


Friday, August 17, 2012

High Five for Friday

It's finally Friday....woohoo!!  I've been looking forward to this day since Monday.  We all had an amazing week.  These are the highlights from my week.

Frozen grapes are my new thing...I have seen pins on Pinterest that suggest using them for helping your wine stay cold...Well, truth be told I drink my wine too fast to worry about it not being cold.  Yep..guilty folks..  That's just the way it goes 'round here..  Anywho, while we were at the beach I wanted something good, healthy and cool for a beach snack so I tried the frozen grapes.  They are so yummy!!  I've had them for breakfast every day since.  According to the myfitnesspal app 1/2 cup is 60 calories.  They are an especially awesome treat to satisfy a sweet tooth craving..  The red ones taste the best! Try em!

Wednesday morning I came to work and had this sweet note on my desk from my Dad.  It is special to me because unfortunately growing up none of us were that great at expressing affection, so to see this first thing in the morning made my day!!

Love him with all my heart!!

Sunday we decided to go to the lake and play...the weather was b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. 
Definitely a sun roof kind of day..

As soon as I got there I made myself a little frozen concoction....
It was so good I drank it with a spoon..

The little kids annnd the big kids (myself included) had a great day!

I manipulated my Dad's shopping list.  #1 on his list was bug lights...we'll see what he ends up getting.
I'm clever, I know..

Got my hair did on Tuesday.  This is what we have to go through to have awesome hair.

Of course, I can never leave the salon without some products.  I got my usual Kenra 25 hairspray, and it came with a sample of Kenra root lifter.  I have only used it once, but so far I think I might even like it a lot better than the Aquage root lifter.  We'll see.

I have been keeping this a secret for weeks.  My very special friend, Nicole, that lives in Texas had a baby Texas.. last weekend. Since the beginning of her pregnancy she has talked about getting a chalkboard for Henry's nursery, and to use in photographs. I found a chalkboard lady on Etsy that had the cutest things in her shop.  I had her make this to match sweet baby Henry's nursery decor.  I wrote a little message on it, wrapped it up, and shipped it in time for her to open at her shower.  I can't wait to see the amazing things she does with this board.  Best little baby shower gift ever!!

That's all folks..thanks for stopping by to read H54F.  I hope you all have a super fun weekend!!  Remember to thank your lucky stars for all of your blessings!!


Friday, August 10, 2012

High Five for Friday

Friday has arrived....I surrender...I surrender!!  I had such a good week...actually, it is probably the best week I've had in a while, but I am sooooooo sleepy.  I literally fell out of the bed this morning..I guess that's what you would call it?  I got up around 4:00, and then went to lay back down.  I misjudged where I was going and instead of landing on the bed I landed on the floor with one leg on the bed.  You've done that before...right?  It scared me to death, and it kind of hurt a little lot! Just another reason why I am happy for this week to end. I am barely holding my eyes open right lids are h.e.a.v.y....  I am fo sho going to sleep in tomorrow, and I might even have a little napadoodle!!!

I picked this cute bottle of Essie polish up at Walgreen's..Island Hopping is the color
 (and also what I would like to be doing right now)
It has more of a light purplish/plum tone than the picture shows.  It's very simple...not too flashy.

I went to my Mother-in Law's for a few hours one afternoon while my guys were there building some stuff...   She always has the best treats on her counter...I raided the Twizzler jar.
I swear she has a never ending supply of them...

My hair felt extremely dry this week..and a little crunchy...the worst part about it is that it looked dry.  I was seriously embarrassed for my hair.. With all of the product I put in it, plus the heat damage from the hair tools I use, and then add the heat and hair is in major needs a rest.  While in Walgreen's I picked up this Dove deep conditioning mask.  It really softened my hair, and added a lot of moisture.  Exactly what I needed!

Summer break is officially over...the kids started school this week.

(insert flailing arms and legs here) 

 Half a day Wednesday, off yesterday, and full speed ahead today...I am exhausted.  Being the Mom of a school aged kid is a lot of work.  Moms enjoy summer breaks too...During the summer I set my alarm for 7:00 A.M, but during the school year I wake up at 5:15 A.M.  


Thank goodness I'm not the student anymore...I would for sure get written up for falling asleep in class..
I hope all of the kids, and my teacher friends have an amazing year!!

My earring board is finally filling up...
I dig it!

We celebrated Winston's 8th birthday this week.  It's hard to believe I've had him for 8 years.  I hope and I pray that I have him for 8 more!!
I just love this boy to pieces!

All three boys dressed up in their tie dyed threads.
I have three party animals on my hands...they're a rowdy bunch!  
I had to cut them off after 2 bones.

He knew it was his's he's kind of a big deal around here...

That's all folks...
Short and sweet this week...this girl needs some serious zzzzz's!
Thanks for stopping by to read The Way I See it..

I hope you guys have one of the best weekends ever!!


Saturday, August 4, 2012

High Five for...Saturday

Hey ya'll!  I'm a little behind on my Friday faves....I've had such a busy, stressful, emotional week.  Today, actually right this very second, might be the only time this entire week that I have had a chance to sit down and rest..and not have anything planned for the rest of the day.  Well, in reality I could do the laundry and some other stuff around the house, but for right now I am most thankful for the silence, the rain, the thunder, the sleeping puppies, the sleeping 12 year old.....the siiilence!!  All of the lights are off..the husband is working late. I am really taking advantage of this me time...the laundry can wait!

Last weekend our adorable cousins came to visit from Ohio.  Owen is 7 and Lucas is 4.  They wanted their favorite buddy Trey to take them fishing, so we did just that..

My Mother-in-Law posing for the camera

The kids got to pet the horses.  We had a picnic, and just enjoyed each others company.

I fished some, but after not catching any fish for what seemed to be hours (but was prob more like 10 minutes max) I decided to sit back and observe everyone else catch sticks and leaves.

After my deep sea fishing adventures...pond fishing is down right boring to me...I'd much rather be catching some Mahi, or a Wahoo...than a stick..just sayin.

Trey's Wahoo

We are surrounded by Mahi Mahi...

So, naturally I made some chum out of the fish we already caught...

We had fresh Mahi for dinner...

So, that's my explanation as to why pond fishing isn't too exciting to me...

I've been spoiled

Pond day...I kicked back. 

Not one fish was caught that day


The kids had a blast, and never complained once.  That's all that matters!

Then, Monday rolls around...and this is what my day was like
Actually, almost every day this week felt like this at one point or another.  I was up and down like a roller coaster..

Shopping helps.

I bought this in the men's department at Target.


Super soft and cute!

 They also come in other colors.

I have come to the conclusion that my hair has not been this long since I was a senior in high school (16 years)  I love this length, and the fact that I can do so much with it.

This is my hair semi-straight
(Trey picked this picture to put on here)

and yesterday, a picture of it's so long and pretty..I love it!!

This was my hair exactly one year ago this week.

*major dislike*

and then a month later I cut it even shorter

I think I'll stick with my long hair!

Last night we had a surprise dinner/get together for my cousin Drenda's 60th birthday.  We went to a Mexican joint in town...She was so surprised to see us that she cried.  I counted and there were 19 cousins there!  

This is my beautiful cousin Marcie and I

My sweet (big) boy!

My husbands muy grande cerveza
These boys ended up talking to each other in Spanish by the end of the night after they had too many cervezas...we were cracking up.  When the kids started repeating them we knew it was time to don't want me to translate..

My sweet friends were here this week from Texas.  The circumstances were terrible, but I so much enjoyed my week with them, and I'm glad I was able to be there for them when they needed to be surrounded by their loved ones.

This is my oldest friend, Nicole.  We have been friends for 17 years.
She has a little baby, Henry Thomas, due in October.  Next time I see her I will get to hold sweet baby Henry aka Hank.  She promised me that I will get to hold him the entire time that I'll be with them!  I should have made her shake on it!

We had breakfast together this morning for Francis' birthday, and sadly to say goodbye before they fly home.  Francis first met Trey when he was just a few months they are long time best buds!

Trey was kind enough to let him win at checkers since it was his bday!

Happy Birthday Frannie Wannie!!

 I have learned so many valuable lessons this week.  I have learned to never take one minute on this earth for granted because it can all change in an instant.  I have always thought that I did a good job making sure my family and my friends know each day that they are loved, but I think I can do better. I have learned that if you are lost, or you need help, be still and listen, and God will help you if you let him.  

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!