Friday, May 31, 2013

High Five for Friday

Happy Friday!!

I had my first snake encounter of the year.  I almost died.  I think the snake wanted to eat me.  I was terrified. I seriously have nightmares about them weekly.  I wake myself and anyone else in the house by screaming at the top of my lungs..the last time it happened it was actually my cats tail.  Darn cat!  It's really scary.

So, when someone else tells this story it is waaaay over the top I'll tell my version of it.  First I should tell you that in my head I think all snakes that swim in and live near water are if I see one in the water I assume the worst, and that my life will soon be over.  Ok, so I was in the front of my canoe.  Somehow we coasted over to a low lying tree while waiting for everyone else to get their boats in the water...By this time we had been in the water less than 5 minutes...I was like "ummm helllo we are going into a tree.. a little help here.." So, I look up as my face is in the tree and there is a snake on a branch about as close to me as your computer screen is to you right now.  My instincts kicked in.  I screamed.  I threw my paddle to the left.  I jumped out of the canoe to the right.  I'm not certain which happened first.  I'm going to say I threw the paddle as I was jumping.  I swam away begging my friends to help me and let me get in their boat so the snake would not eat me.  It's that simple. Nothing dramatic to it..well, ok maybe a little dramatic, but trust me my story is way better than that of the other people in my canoe. The bottom line is that if I see a snake..I'm outta here, and I'm definitely not going to stick around long enough to ask it what kind it is. It has teeth, and possibly venom..that's all I need to know.
The end.

We canoed 7 miles on the Harpeth River in Kingston only took us 7 hours.
I laughed so much that my face hurt.  We had a great time.

Brittney and Amber aka Scooter.. are too much fun!

I got this little bracelet the other weekend at the Hayloft Barn sale.  This week I finally made my wish and put it on.  It's really cute...just a plain and simple hemp bracelet with three beads.  I found similar ones on Etsy. 

I got to chat with these two cuties this week.  Love them so much...Henry waved at me, and it was so cool to "hang out" with them and get to watch him play for a while.

I spent a day in the pool with Trey.
It was lovely!

Saw this and thought of me. 

As soon as Lynn is feeling better we are definitely going to celebrate!  
She is amazing and I don't know what I would do without her!!

I got these sandals at Gap. I shopped for them online wanting to find a pair of cute shoes to go with my summer dresses. 

I found them by looking at the pictures of the shoes the models were wearing with dresses on the website...
I saw this picture, and thought I should have them.

I'm not sure that I am crazy about them yet. I don't love them.  I think I would love them if the sole was a darker color.  It is really, really light.  I did wear them today..maybe they will grow on me.

I really want these, which are the same style as the others, but a different color.  The shoes are basically a flip flop with two straps added that go across your foot.

I picked up a new hairspray while at the salon this week.  I normally use Kenra 25, but since using "It's a 10" products, I was curious if the hairspray worked well...ok...mainly I just wanted the hairspray to find out if it smelled as good as the other products...It's a 10 smells fabulous, and as strange as it sounds people always tell me how good my hair smells..  There is an on going joke that my hair smells like honeysuckles...Over the weekend while driving I had my hair up in a hat...we rolled the windows down and I let my hair down to blow in the wind...You can picture that right? haha.  So anyway, Trey said "I smell honeysuckles" I said "oh, it's just my hair" I was totally kidding (maybe), but then it all day anyone that said they smelled honeysuckles said "it's just Carrie's hair..." 

Back to the product...So far I do like this spray.  It holds well, and I do not have to use as much as when I use the Kenra.  I'm not sold on it enough to switch just yet, but we shall see..

How cute is my dog?!
Pretty much the cutest ever!

That's my was very low key, and I am looking forward to the weekend.
Thanks for stopping by!


Thursday, May 30, 2013

...and then there were beans...

It's pretty ridiculous how excited I get about this little garden of mine.  I'm fairly certain that it's not normal, but look who we're talkin about one should be surprised!

My garden is completely out of a good grows like crazy!!  I had no idea how fast it would grow, how big it would get so quickly, and how beautiful it truly's amazing.  From the tiny little seeds I planted, and from several plants I put in the ground.. I am growing my own food.  Whaat!?  
Gardening is crazy fun, and the coolest thing to watch on the daily. 

I am not even exaggerating about how excited I get when I see the day to day progress.  I'm constantly texting my Mom pictures, I even texted a girlfriend today...about my beans.

Clearly I am not normal, and I should get out more...errr, perhaps I should not spend so much time in the garden (as if that's ever going to happen)

So, here we is my awesome garden..
just four weeks old...

The broccoli plants have grown crazy fast, and they definitely catch my eye first over all of the other plants...  The leaves are a very deep, almost ashy green...I love how the water beads sit on the leaves..

The broccoli stems...

I literally said out loud "omg I have beans" 
Yes, I was talking to myself..about beans.  It's not nice to judge.  
I was so excited that I immediately texted my Mom...
Obviously she loves me unconditionally, 
and hopefully she is not at the depot buying me a one way ticket on the crazy train
 (fingers crossed) 

There are so many of them..
I want to eat them right now!!



I picked this gem today..and then I ate it..
it was so soft, and sweet..

Hello cucumbers...

Holy tomatoes..

Onions for days...

Here's a joke for you....

Where did the onion go to have a drink??

the salad bar...  


Potato.. potatoe

How about some green leaf lettuce (right), with some beets on the side...(left)

Bell Peppers

Jimmy Crack Corn, and I don't care...



It's official...I'm a gardener now...
but you can call me Carrie.


Friday, May 24, 2013

High Five for Friday

For really real ya'll this is my 100th post.  I didn't realize it until I posted a recipe blog yesterday..
and then I thought...

1.  I sure do like to talk a lot...I pretty much had 100 conversations with myself..and shared them with countless strangers, and a lot of friends and family.

2.  Blogging has been a fun journey for me..I'm super happy that you've stayed with me for 100 posts, and that you continue to stick around and laugh at with me..and sometimes even cry with me too.

3.  This recipe post has been my most viewed post with 409 views as of today..I get super excited and check back often to see how many more people have viewed it. 

4. It makes my day when you tell me that I made a difference in your life, that you got a great bargain from something I shared with you, or that your dinner last night was amazing because you tried a recipe from my blog.

5.  I have some pretty cool readers...and I hope you stick around for 100 more.

Clown cone Friday...It's a big deal..and it's happened twice at my house.  I'm trying to make it some sort of tradition, where every Friday someone brings me a clown cone from Baskin Robbins...I am sure I sound like a broken record on Thursdays when I'm like "guess what tomorrow is?"  
Hint hint..

So, my Dad bought this car..he picked it up last Friday...and by picking it up I mean he drove it for maybe 10 minutes...annnd it's been in my driveway every day since.  Initially I was only driving it over the weekend for my girls day out...I just never took it back.  Ooops...I say "oops" like I accidentally kept it or something...I didn't...I totally meant to keep it.  

I am glad my Mom does not mind sharing her birthday present with me...
Happy Birthday, Mom!!

Love your present!!
(she says in a low whisper...and with a big, innocent, irresistible smile)

I've never been one to love flashy, fast cars...
but I do love the sound of fast cars, and I love, like really love convertibles.

In  High School, and a few years after, I drove a 1993 Chrysler Lebaron was my dream car growing was so pretty...Before I got my car, even before I was old enough to drive I used to make my parents take my picture next to random strangers cars anytime I saw a white one...Remember when you were a kid and when you would see a VW bug you played the punch buggy game?...I played a similar game, but for white convertible Lebarons...

That basically confirms that I've always been a weirdo, in case you were wondering.  

I cried the day I traded in my convertible...I'll never forget it.
So, by driving this little car with the top down I have sort of been reliving my youth. 

Brittney and I met up at 8:30 Saturday morning and ventured out in our little red sports car for the day...

We went to the downtown market, and then drove out to Adams for the barn hayloft sale.  At the hayloft I scored this super cool "Happy Camper" shirt from the HorseFeathers shop.  You can purchase yourself one here.  Initially I bought the shirt to wear while camping in the new camper, but then again while I was grumpy for a few days this week I was like "I should totally wear my happy camper shirt today." 

Saturday night we all went to Pickin' on the Porch. Quickly counting in my head I believe we had a group of 13 to celebrate Amber's 31st Birthday.  Our favorite band was playing, and Brittney and I were totally smitten.  Then he serenaded Amber (Brittney's sister) for her Birthday, and we were totally jeals...but it was the funniest thing I may have ever seen in real life...Usually I miss the good stuff, but I didn't miss this...The band guy was so fun, and told sang a story of how Amber got her nickname "Scooter.." I won't get into that...but it was probably the most embarrassing childhood story that you could imagine not wanting to share with hundreds of strangers...We laughed so hard we cried.  Amber was such a good sport... and I'm glad we all had so much fun celebrating her bday.  Pickin' was super crowded this has never been that busy...It was Military appreciation night, so I'm assuming that is the reason they were so packed...the secrets out now, so who knows it may be just as busy all season.  

On the way home we discovered that all four of us know by heart every single word to Wilson Phillips "Hold On" and we sang it, as loud as we could...and recorded it too.  I don't have the video, but if I get my hands on it I will totally share it with you!  My friends are pretty much the greatest!

Sunday we drove up to the lake wasn't a pleasure was a work trip...
The scenery is always lovely no matter the purpose of the trip..

Finally the last week of over!!  I assembled a rainbow of teacher gifts at work for all of the amazing teachers on Trey's team.  Seriously, he was so blessed to have the best teachers for 7th grade!!

This is what an 8th grader looks case you were wondering!

Pools open for summa!!...
That big my office window, so I get to stare at this inviting pool on those hot summer days, and then jump in, and float when I feel the urge..

Yesterday I did not work, so Trey and I stopped in and visited my Mom..she was just beginning to monogram some summer hats, so we stuck around to help..

I have the most talented Mother ever..

I was the hat model...
Lynn...this is your hat! :-)

Mom made this one for herself to wear at the lake...
I should be in the hat modeling business.  ha!

Despite the nearly 100% humidity I've had some rockin' hair days!!

Trey let me listen to his ipod with his Beats by Dr. Dre headphones..
I have the cutest kid ever!

I gave myself a pedi last night..The polish I used was from the Blogger collection at Birchbox.  The color is "Kate" designed by Kate from The Small Things've heard of her, right! :-)

I love this picture I snapped of water beads on my broccoli plants.

My garden is pretty much the bees knees. 
 I can't believe how quickly it grows.

I planted clematis around my mailbox years ago...probably five years ago...This is the first year that I have had more than a couple blooms on it.  I pretty much love it!

I made a new recipe yesterday.  I love me some cucumber salad.  There used to be a sandwich shop downtown that made the best cucumber salad...There were times I would often find myself driving downtown just to get a cup of it...and by cup of it I mean a spoonful...they served it in a tiny little sample cup.  The sandwich shop moved into the fitness center on the University campus, so I don't go in there often.  I was last on campus in the fitness center in April, and this salad has been on my mind ever since.  I have tried over and over to replicate the recipe, and have failed...until now.  This tastes exactly like it...I was so excited...and I can't wait to share it with you soon!!

I woke up with this Westie boy on my pillow Sunday morning...
Apparently he thinks it's his pillow..

He's a people watcher too..He also thinks he's a guard dog..

The end

Thanks for stopping by to read about my week! 
Hope you have a holiday weekend, and please take time to remember what this holiday is all about...remember all of the men and women that died while serving our country, and take a moment to say a prayer for those still serving now!!