Friday, May 30, 2014

H54F plus Garden Week 4..

Hey, guys.  Your most favorite little entertaining blogger here.  You know, the one that wore her pants inside out for an entire day earlier in the week...not on purpose, by the way.. Yep, that's me.  I bet the guy behind me in line at the Post Office noticed.  You know, since when you're at the Post Office you're standing in line forEVER and you notice everything around you because you have nothing better to do for the next hour of your life.  It was so awesome..and by so awesome..I mean it wasn't awesome at all. I didn't realize until I was home that evening, and happened to walk by the mirror..checking myself out as I passed by..thinking "hey gurrll"..and stopped..thinking..wait, this shirt doesn't have a tag (I hate the side tags on shirts and cut them out), so I stopped..and it was the tag on my pants.  I wanted to cry...but instead I just looked at myself in the mirror..said "what an idiot" and laughed.  What else can ya do?  Sometimes I feel like my life is like an Alanis Morissette song..and then I think "isn't it ironic?".  Don't cha think?

And another thing...I have had it up to my eyeballs with teenagers...Mostly just mine, but still.  I feel I should take yet another opportunity to apologize to my Mom and Dad.  Because teenagers are not easy.  There's a lesson in this..I don't know if I will ever figure out what it is, or learn from it, but I feel there's a lesson..Maybe it's patience?  How to not commit a homicide?  It's funny how teenagers know everything...until...

<oh..and please be sure to read all teenager replies with major attitude, and a really stupid look on your'll make it more realistic..>

Me - "What is this sticky stuff all over the kitchen floor?" 
Teenager - "I don't know" 

Me - "Why is the lawn chair in the living room?"
Teenager - "I don't know"
Me - "Are you being serious right now?"
Teenager - "What?  I needed a place to sit."
Me - <crickets chirping>
Teenager - <blank stares>

Me - "Why is the dog wearing my tank top?"
Teenager "I don't know"


Sometimes I feel like I live in the twilight zone.

So, our first market day was very successful..Of course we had no idea what to expect being on the vendor end of it, but I'd say that no one suspected we were first timers.  We went with the flow of things and had a great time. Oh....and we do accept credit and debit cards!!  I think Lynn and I both were suppressing our excitement with our first swipe!

We loved talking with the come say hi!  It was so nice to see so many familiar, smiling faces.

 We are the second booth located on the first between Grandma's Apron and Sylvia's New Mexican Salsa..  (they give generous samples of delicious bbq and the best fresh salsa ever..)

Tomorrow we will have fresh mint.. (cut today)

Green onions  (picked today)

Of course, more banana bread (baking now).  Yesterday someone called me and asked to hold four loaves for them..and I've even shipped some to Texas.. I'm telling you,  it's some good's definitely the best around.  We will have samples tomorrow, so be sure to stop by before we run out!

and homemade honey citrus sugar scrub..
all natural ingredients and it makes your skin sooo dreamy soft.

After the market.. the rest of the day was filled with cat naps and laundry..then Sunday - Monday we went to the lake.

It was wonderful to lay on the dock and just soak up some sun.

The kids had a great time!

I have been wanting to pick fresh strawberries for weeks now, but never had the time.  One afternoon Trey and I drove out to the farm and I had him run in and get two gallons of pre-picked berries.  They were out of pre-picked, so we waited about 10 minutes for them to bring in fresh berries from the field.  Can't beat that!!  

I attempted to make strawberry fruit leathers using only the berries and some honey.  It was supposed to cook for 6 hours..the 6th hour was 11:30 that evening..and they weren't done.  I was sooo tired and had to get up early the next morning, so I set my alarm to wake me up every hour to check on them..Finally at 2:30 I took them out, and let them cool until I woke up for real at 5:30...The edges were great, but the middle was still wet.  Anyone have any luck with these?  I'm wondering if since I baked it on a stone, if that is why it cooked the way it did?  I don't time I will try it in my dehydrator...

So happy to have a freezer full of strawberries!!

This is the first week that I've noticed growth on everything in my garden...I was ridiculously excited about it!

My grape tomatoes already look scrumptious..

I have a feeling these beef steak tomatoes are going to be huge!

So many beans...oh and by the way, remember a week or so ago when I was telling you that I had a random potato growing under the beans?  Umm..yeah..nothing random about it..they are growing where I planted them..oopsie..Yeah..I figured that out when the second plant emerged..So, I'm out there every day trying to keep the beans from choking out the potatoes.  

Those really big green leaves to the right are the potatoes...The beans are so viney I have to literally unwrap them from around the potato stems and wrap them around the trellis to train them to climb..It's frustrating because the bean vines are hanging on for dear life and I don't want to break anything...Besides that I can only imagine that the potatoes are choking to death and feel claustrophobic..I mean, wouldn't you?  Plants have feelings too...I would tell a joke about potatoes, but I don't know where to starch..

My corn is so pretty!!
Can't wait for some fresh Ambrosia!

This is my first time growing squash..Out of all the other plants, it is growing the fastest..  The leaves are huge..some are bigger than my head..

I already have  6 or 7 little baby squashes...

Both cucumber plants have several flowers, but I don't see the cucumbers budding just won't be long.  

I have one little baby cantaloupe growing...

baby sweet banana pepper...

baby jalapeno

Doesn't this lettuce just make your mouth water??

It's been a fantastic week in the garden..even out that the farm there has been major growth this week!!  So excited to be able to share our produce with you in the coming weeks..I think I'm the most excited to pick blackberries for the market!!

"There can be no other occupation like gardening in which, if you were to creep up behind someone at their work, you would find them smiling." - Mirabel Osler

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Saturday, May 24, 2014

H54F...Market Week

Hey, hey!  This week was a rough Mom baby is officially a Freshman in high school.  I can't even say that without my eyes filling up with tears.  Let's just say I took a ride on the emotional roller coaster a few times this week..  Uncontrollable sobs.  How and when did this happen?  I thought I was emotional sending him to Kindergarten.  I wasn't exactly a fan of the elementary school he went to, which is ironic considering I bought my house specifically to be in this school zone.  Back in the day I went to all the Kindergarten round-ups in my county to decide which school I liked best..chose this shopped here for months..and then ended up seriously disliking the school..I couldn't get out of there fast enough..Middle school was completely different..Half of my tears were because I was sad to leave the school...They were so good to us..a few of them felt like family..and they loved was definitely hard to say goodbye.  I loved being able to walk in the office and they knew who I was, and who I belonged was home...They were my people.. I'm so going to miss that school and everything about it..  The rest of my tears were simply Mom baby certainly isn't a baby anymore.

We've been spending our evenings out at the farm..

The baby chicks moved into their new coop this week...

Trey was using his gamo to scare off the deer that are eating the corn!!

Lost Trey...saw a laser on me..and found him in his tree stand...  See him?  Sneaky.

I was lucky to be home before 9:00 p.m. this week...Blessed to have seen the sunset over the wheat fields though...

We are super pumped for market opening day today!! Our produce is not ready..we are hoping for mid June. We'll still be there though, so come see us...we'll have fresh baked banana bread, freshly cut spearmint, and homemade citrus sugar scrub.  Tonight I used a little left over scrub after my last batch and it's hands are so soft!!

Trey was a super awesome helper tonight labeling all of the bread...We had fun together jamming out to Pandora..dancing and singing getting ready for market day.

Hope you guys had a great week!!

Come see Catie's Creek Farms' booth at the market...8:00-1:00 Public Square.. 
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Friday, May 16, 2014


Hola, people.  I so need a nap!  I was just talking to a girlfriend on the phone and I couldn't stop yawning..I was telling her I've been trying to write this since last night..I keep deleting then rewriting.  It's like a cluster of run-on sentences.  Nothing makes sense.  You have been warned.  My eyes are bloodshot, and stinging like wheels are constantly turning...making plans.  Last Sunday my partners and I were arranging our final plans for the market.  We made a few last minute lists, and sketched out how we (think) we want our booth set up.  I literally have the next 21 weekends planned.  No foolin'.  Can't decide if that's awesome, or absolutely insane..Right now, I'm ecstatic...Hopefully when I'm right in the middle of it all I will still be having a good time.  Having a booth at the market is an idea I have tossed around for the last two years..and now I'm really doing it!!   It's exciting!  We are planning some off time.  We chose 5 of the 21 weekends to take off..I have some trips planned, and then we blocked out some lake time as well.  Good things are happening, guys!!

You've probably wondered how my tiny garden will supply us with enough produce for the entire market season?  My little 16x8 is just a sliver of what will contribute. Our main source is a half acre of corn, and a half acre of other fruits and veggies.

In the coming weeks we are going to have more than we know what to do with. Not sure what produce we will have next week, if any...Maybe tomatoes. I'll be sure to post what we plan to have each weekend.  Yesterday, I bought a ton of bananas.  I'll have some fresh bread next week much as I can make...I set out a loaf of it for my family on Sunday, and between the six of them they ate the entire thing within minutes.. then said I should have brought more. It's pretty good stuff!! weekend.  Stop by and say hi!

While I was in Nashville last week. I had an hour to kill, so I wandered into World Market...annd then wandered out with a patio set.  That was totally unplanned.  The table was used as the display, so it had some chips around the edges..I thought it was cute like that, but I didn't say anything while the lady kept talking to me, offering it at a lower price..As I was walking away saying "I'm not sure, I'll have to talk to my husband about that" The classic line I used long before I even had a husband...Then she said "Well, wait a minute..if I take this much off will you take it then?"  Uhh, sold!!  Sooo, loaded it up in the car, and had a candlelight dinner that evening with this handsome fella of mine.

Kinda digging my new little patio set.  Beer and watermelon tastes so much better in the backyard!!

I was so excited to show ya'll my corn.. Two Friday's ago it looked like this...

Now it looks like this...This week I had to weed out the seedlings..I always feel so bad doing that...Sorry little seedlings..your life was cut too short, and it's all my fault.. 

My strawberries are so pretty...

Pretty delicious too...I ate these Sunday morning for breakfast..

If you have strawberries planted don't forget to pull your runners.  This is exactly what they look can't miss them.  They will steal all of the nutrients from your berries...Just pinch at the base of the runner and pull.  You'll get more berries if you do this!

One day I almost panicked thinking the moles had tunneled through the garden....Then I was like...nope..the potatoes are breaking through..This was also two weeks ago.

and this was yesterday.

Somehow I have a potato coming up from last year...Under my beans

Love watching the beans come in!

Remember when I said I planted bean plants,as well as seeds?  
My seeds (right) are taller/thicker than my plants (left)

Baby jalapeno..I also planted red and green bell peppers, sweet banana peppers, cayenne and I don't know what other peppers.I'm drawing a blank..More evidence that a nap is needed.

I planted beefsteak tomatoes..I think that's what they're is possible I just made that up, but I'm pretty sure I'm correct..I do know I planted grape tomatoes.  I cook with grape tomatoes a few times a week, so I'm pretty pumped about them.  Anyway, both tomato plants are flowering..

Trey makes homemade popsicles that are too cool for school  This one is made with fresh pineapple...Juice and chunks.  The perfect treat for a sunny afternoon.  I spent this day sunning out back in my beach chair while reading a book.

My sweet boy got me a pink Dogwood tree for Mother's day.

Snapped this on one of my runs...

It was hot at the beginning of the week!!  I love a good sweaty run!

Another - seen on my run - picture.. I love this place!

When I get a package from Nicole I know it is going to be something thoughtful and wonderful.

She made me this amazing mug!!  She is seriously so talented.  I have been bugging her for a year now to open her own shop!  I LoVe it and her!!

I had two date nights this week...the first one was with Brittney..we went to dinner and a movie.  We saw the dumbest "scary" movie..We were mostly distracted by the hacking/whooping coughing CHILD..literally.  Poor baby.. and then the little girl sitting across from us that was cracking sunflower seeds the.entire.time.  I can't even make it up.  Brittney said if she had popcorn she would throw it at her.  It was very distracting...and could hear her smacking over the movie.  Loved my Brittney night!

Kayla and I went to The Hayloft barn sale last night...It's always so fun to browse all the booths.  They have the cutest things.

I got this adorable spoon ring.  

I loved my Kayla night too.  We were going to eat dinner off the food trucks, but I talked her into going somewhere where adult beverages were served.  I didn't have to pull her leg or anything..I merely suggested it and I think she agreed before I ended my sentence.  

Have you seen the Regenerate Juice Bar truck in town?  I met one of the owners and he was super friendly.  Kayla and I spent a few minutes talking to him.  Turns out his juice truck will be at the market on Saturdays..annnd turns out he's in the market for some locally grown cucumbers.  I just happen to know a cucumber grower! :-) 

I had the juice called sucker punch.. I think that's the name...I wasn't kidding about the nap.

Speaking of naps.  Brodie loves to make himself comfortable in my arm for his naps.  I don't mind.  

Lately Scuba needs to be told when to do things.  I'm not sure if it's some kind of psychological separation anxiety or what, but he's totally lost his mind. a weirdo.  When it's feeding time he will sit and stare at me until I tell him he may eat.  He will look at his food, then back at me..and won't move until I say..."you can eat"...Then when it's time to come in..I open the door and he sits and stares at me until I use my words to invite him in.  Weird, I tell ya,

The three of them love our backyard time.

Especially this one..  <3

Tonight my Mom is finally getting to use her Mother's Day/Birthday gift...I got her tickets to the Willie Nelson concert in Nashville...  I asked her if she wanted to wear my shirt, and she just laughed at me.  I don't really know what was so funny about it.  Anyway, my Mother has a super crush on Willie..has for as long as I have known her.  Like super heartthrob crush...Bless her heart...ol' Sue is gonna lay her eyes on ol' Willie tonight.  So, anyway she and my Dad are date nightn' it up.  You kids behave yourselves and have a Willie nice time.

To the rest of you...have a Willie nice weekend.