Friday, October 19, 2012

High Five for Friday

 Hello, Friday!  This week flew by, and my weekend is jam packed so it will probably fly by as well.  These are the highlights from my week.

I <3 Fall!!  Everything is so bright and reminds me of just how truly blessed we are...

This is my pretty little baby birch tree in my front yard..

My backyard....

My Sunday drive through the countryside...

Tomorrow my little buddy will officially be a teenager...<insert Mom tears here> Time goes by so quickly, folks.  I can still remember the day he came into this world as if it were yesterday.  He has grown up to be such a sweet young man, and I could not be more proud of him.  Every now and then he does something amazing, and reminds me of just how special he is, and how genuine his soul is.  For instance, yesterday we went to the post office after school.  An elderly man pulled into the parking spot right next to us at the same time we were parking.  Trey watched him struggle to get out and get his walker out of the back of his pickup.  We walked in the door of the post office, and Trey stood there watching out the door.  I asked if he was coming in, and he said..."In a minute...I want to hold the door open for that man."  I said, "ok", and went inside to mail my package.  As I was coming out Trey was still standing at the door...holding it once more for the man as he exited the building.  Trey asked him if he needed help..I didn't quite hear what the man said, but the next thing I knew Trey went to open the mans truck door, and then put his walker in the back of the truck for him.  He makes me proud to be his Mom!!

Happy Birthday, Trey!!!

He went from the cutest little boy, to the most handsome 13 year old I know...

I got this iPhone case from the Kate Spade fall line.  This is my third Kate Spade case, and I love them all...they can be difficult to get off the phone once they're on, but fashion over function people...It's all good until someone breaks a fingernail...

and my Birthday just keeps on rolling...I got this in the mail on my way out of town last Friday.  It is from my far away bestie....She sent me this friendship necklace , and the sweetest card.  I seriously cried so much while reading it that I couldn't see.  I love the necklace, the card, and her!! 

I had lunch with this sweet little girl and her Momma on Wednesday.  
I love random lunch dates!!

In case you missed it...I totally rocked the color run last weekend.  Seriously, so much fun...I am already planning at least two for next year.

Yesterday morning I had a fb post that got me super excited....Marcie and her boys are coming in from Ohio for Thanksgiving.

So, of course I looked to see what was going on that weekend, and I found a turkey trot the morning of Thanksgiving just outside of Nashville..I sent her the deets on it, and we decided that we are so going to do it.  Marcie, Dave (her husband) and I are going to wobble till we gobble...It is going to be so much fun!! 

This year I joined the decorating committee for the local Humane Society that I volunteer for.  At the first planning meeting I had a suggestion for the centerpieces, which in turn put me in charge of making them.  No pressure or's just their biggest fundraiser event of the year....

<insert nervous nail biting here>

Wednesday I finally picked up the vases that were donated...nothing like last minute...I work best under pressure!!  Yesterday I hand washed all of them, and after trying to dry one, and my arm got stuck in it...make a mental note not to stick your entire arm inside a cylinder vase because it will get sucked in and not want to come out...<sigh> So, after freaking out, and finally getting my arm back...I decided I needed little arms to help.  Kyle got home just in time to help he dried the outside, and Trey's little arms dried the inside and then we were good to go.

They are almost complete...I will finish them bright and early once we have them in the ball room Saturday morning...I can't finish them at home because I would not be able to transport them....Cross your fingers that they turn out the way I hope they will!!

I got two good naps in this favorite was with my snuggle buddy, Brodie.  We were both using my arm as our pillow, and Trey caught it on camera.. Love my white dog!!

Thanks for stopping by to read H54F!!  I am really nervous about my busy weekend...We will celebrate Trey's Birthday, and also my Dad's Birthday...I think it is so sweet that they share such a special day together.   I have to finish and set up my centerpieces first thing Saturday morning, a wedding at 2:00, then I have to have my guys back in time for them to go to the DU banquet, and then (yawn) I have to be back at the ball room at midnight to help clean up from the event and dismantle all the centerpieces.  I'm already exhausted just thinking about it!!  Please cross your fingers, say a prayer, or do whatever you have to do to send me good vibes to stay awake, not have a nervous breakdown, find time for a nap, and survive my crazy weekend!!  I hope you guys have an amazing weekend!



  1. Oh my gosh, after reading about Trey I could hardly see through all of my tears to read the rest of today's h54f! He's is such a sweet young man and I'm so proud of him for being a good boy...and proud of you for being such an amazing Mom! I just can't believe he will be 13 tomorrow. Where have the years gone??? Good luck this weekend :)

  2. Kids grow up so fast, mine's going to be 5 in two weeks, that's crazy !!! Congrats on the run !
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    My Blog - A Pretty Nest

  3. ! I am not much of a runner but if I were to run a race the Color Run would be it!