Friday, September 28, 2012

High Five for Friday

Happy, happy Friday!! This week went by so quickly, probably because it was a super awesome week...funny how that works, huh..!!??  Here are a few highlights from my past birthday weekend, and this week...Is it ridiculous that I dragged my birthday celebration out over an entire week and weekend?  I think not..!!

 Friday, I got a phone call from my office saying that I had flowers delivered for me...I was like, flowers? For me...really?  I never get flowers, so I was really excited.  So, I had my Mom open the card since I wasn't sure when I would get by to pick them up...They were from my husbands cousin in Memphis...Immediately I contacted her to thank her for thinking of me and sending such a sweet birthday gift...she told me that I am always so cheerful, and that the chicken little vase reminded her of my cheerfulness.  Seriously!!  How awesome is that!  I still don't think she has any idea that I have a slight obsession with chickens.  lol  Like, I don't have a house full of ceramic chickens or anything..I actually don't have any...I'm talking I have a weird obsession with real life chickens...I want chickens, don't judge me!  

Friday night my neighbor bestie and I went to see a scary movie...The House at the end of the Street.  It was good to get a girls night out, and the movie was fun...we looove scary movies, and our husbands don't.  I love having that in common with's fun to sit around and jump out of our skin, scream, laugh, hold hands and bury our faces in each others's true love, really!! <3  Then she took me out for ice cream...this girl seriously knows the way straight to my heart!!  Scary movies, and ice cream...yes, please!

Saturday morning I promised Trey that we would spend some time together with just the two of us...We both slept in until a little after 8:00.. First thing he wanted to do was learn how to make pancakes...ummm..ok!!  I was happy to teach him, firstly because that means I may not have to make them as often <insert fist bump here> and secondly..he can make them for me!!  :)  Double score! He learned quickly, and was pretty darn proud of himself!

After breakfast we went to the sports complex to hit some tennis balls...I looove playing tennis, and can never find anyone to play with me, so I thought...ok..we're totally going to do this!!  Trey only that, but he's not too good at it...poor guy...I see tennis lessons in his future.  I loved tennis lessons when I was his age!  After an hour of hitting tennis balls by myself, and watching tennis balls fly over the very high fence because he was hitting them like a baseball... I decided it was time to give it up...For the love of Nancy will someone please play tennis with me!!?  Seriously!! 

So, we went to Dunbar Cave and walked the trails, and just enjoyed each others company.  I love getting one on one time with my boy...he's so interesting and fun to talk to.  He makes me laugh...he acts a lot like me...and seriously cracks me up...I adore him!!

When we got back home, I parked myself in my favorite spot...right on the front porch.  The weather was beautiful, the neighborhood was unusually quiet, Trey was content playing quietly by himself...I just enjoyed the "me" time watching my flag dance in the wind...

Saturday night we went back to the distillery that I mentioned in this post. I had so much fun, that I knew I had to go back for my birthday, and bring more friends.  It was an absolute blast.  The band was seriously, I wanted to get up and dance to every song, we sang along to almost every song, and the lead singer was so stinking good looking that Brittney and I were arguing over which one of us he was looking at while he was singing to us me. We discussed becoming groupies...I'd surely follow that guy around and let him sing to me, heck yeah!!  

Gotta love this crazy girl!!

Someone brought my husband a bag of hats...that sounds weird, but I'm serious...Our friends significant other forced him to get rid of some of his hats, so he decided to give them to my husband.  Really, thanks, that's exactly what we need...more hats...  So, my friends and I decided to put the hats to good use and wear the said hats for a little while....or for a photo op, at least.

Someone suggested we turn them around backwards, so we did...apparently we thought we looked like some tough chicks with hats around backwards...I can't think of any other reason to explain the looks on our faces...??  Moonshine will cause you to behave in strange ways....clearly.

I wore my super cute new sneaks!! 

I had so much fun with my friends!!  It was the best birthday celebration I've had in years...We laughed so much that my face, and my belly was hurting by the end of the night!  I absolutely love my friends...they are simply the best!!

Sunday we went out to the farm for family dinner... I finally got to meet my new cousin, Ollie...the Jack Russell puppy.  Have you ever seen anything so cute??!!

The kids rode four-wheelers...

We got the guns out and decided to shoot skeet...I don't know how many rounds I shot...eventually I ran out of bullets..  I was consistently bad...I only hit two in a row the first go round...

Add a little competition, and then of course I've got to step it up!!...Callie decided to get up, and shoot the birds I missed...what the heck!!??  So, after a little trash talk to her, and I told her she was going down, and called her a name or two...(sorry Callie) I started hitting them again...all in a row...three...don't judge...I was proud of my 5 hits...out of?..who's counting?!

It was a fun day!!

I got my blonde a little lighter this week...every now and then I go in and just have Lori foil the top of my hair, rather than my whole head.  It costs less, and is good maintenance for in-between colors.  She gave me a super rockin trim too!!  I love fixing my hair the day after a haircut.  Best hair days ever!

I love it when I get a surprise text from my little buddy...he loves me so much, and he hasn't even met me yet!!  I may not have started packing yet, but I do have a mental list going on inside my head.  I can't wait to get out of town and visit the Lott's!!

Sometimes, my friends and I have very random conversations....

I've totally got her back!

Anytime I open my little bag of dried fruit, for some reason all three of my guys run up to me like I have a treat for them or something...what a bunch of weirdos.  They are cute though, huh!  

The only bad part about my week is that my husband sold my K5 Blazer...ok, so it wasn't really mine, but I wanted it, and he got technically in my mind it could have been mine, right?!  You should just agree with me...thanks!  So, pretty little blazer belongs to someone else now...some guy in the Army that will spend a lot of money to fix it up really nice, and then pass me on the road with it looking all beautiful and make me cry.  I say that because he took it to the shop as soon as he paid for it...Can you tell I'm upset?  I gave my husband the silent treatment for the afternoon...I've always wanted a K5, and I got one...and now it's gone.  It's not a big deal...I'm over it really...I promise...I just hope I don't pass it on the was such a pretty truck, and I loooved driving it!

I'm pretty sure he's been trying to make it up to me ever since he came home without it.  I'm not giving in yet...but I'll have to eventually....I guess.  Tonight he came home and wanted us to ride with him to a farm nearby to see if the corn had been shelled yet....he pulled up in a work truck...(he doesn't have his new truck yet) so, I climbed in...I thought it was weird that he kept staring at me...speeding up...slowing down...looking at me.  lol  He was doing it because he knows I love the sound of a jake omg...every few minutes..he would slow down to make the brake sound...what a nerd!!  He got a smile out of me...and a few laughs after he kept on....and's the little things, folks.  It doesn't take much to please me....chickens, scary movies, ice cream, new shoes, puppy dogs, guns, beer, new hair do's, random texting, awesome friends and family.. and jake brakes....I love my life, and all of the special people in it!!

I am a little sad to see my fun week come to an end....I hope you guys had a great week, and carry it on into a super fun weekend!!  Thanks for stopping by to read H54F!!



  1. I love you...and your blog! You're probably the funniest person I know!! Thank you for always making me laugh though we are separated by hundreds of miles!! :)

    1. Love you too babe!!! Have a great day!! xoxo

  2. I had no idea you have a chicken obsession, so now I am really glad I chose the chicken vase for your flowers! I must also tell you the following: I am not very good at tennis, but I like playing and no one will play with me. I have those same black converse tennis shoes. My beer of choice is Michelob Ultra. You know I love riding 4 wheelers. *sigh* We could be besties if we didn't live so far apart! :)

    1. Haha!! I will play tennis with you! We can be besties in a few weeks...even if it's only for a few days! Can't wait to see you down the beer for us before we get there! ;-)

  3. i don't think there is anything wrong with teaching your kids to make breakfast so you dont have to! that's why my mom taught us to do laundry when we were 13....hahaha

    happy friday!

    xo, sarah grace

    1. So true, Sarah Grace!! I should totally teach him to do the laundry next..he'll be 13 in less than a month!! :) Have a great weekend! xo

  4. I simply loved high 5 this week! you are so funny and you make me laugh! I:m so glad you married my son love my \dil! im so glad you had a terrific birthday! tim:s keypad has japanese symbols and i:m messing up a little!!! take care ohm you should see James and MiuMiu they are so adorable you would love them!!!!!! you are still my favorite blogger!

  5. i love your writing and this post! looks like a fun time!

    Have a great week!