Friday, September 14, 2012

High Five for Friday

Happy Friday, my friends!  This was the longest week ever, and I am extremely glad that it is over!!  For whatever reason I was down in the dumps all know those days when you feel like you have no control over anything, and nothing seems to go right..or the way you want it to?  That pretty much sums up my week.  I'm glad weeks such as this are few and far between..  I even broke down into tears a few random times...which is very unlike me. I seriously need to snap out of it!! Maybe it's cabin fever?  I need to leave the state or something...ha!  It has been almost two months since I've gone I'm counting down the days... I finally get to get out of town in less than a month...and then less than a month after that I get to leave again....I need to get away every now and then to reboot, otherwise I might drive myself, and my family crazy!!  I guess I need someone to cheer me up!

You all know how much I love my Elisabeth Ashlie earrings, right?  Well, last week I ordered some bracelets from their shop, and I finally got them over the weekend.  I love them so much.  I have worn the one with the clear gem every day since I got it!

You can shop for your own unique jewelry made by Kate and Lauren by clicking the link below.
They also do custom orders!!

Since I was obviously having a pity party for myself this week, for unknown reasons, I opted to not fix my hair..  I can't remember the last time I wasn't slaving over my hair with a curling was actually kind of a nice break...Sometimes plain and simple is all you need, and it can still be cute..

I love my Target red and white baseball tee so much, that I ordered the blue and gray tee.  These shirts are super soft folks!!  For $14.99 they are totally worth it!  Love these shirts for a comfy fall look..

You can buy one for yourself by clicking the link below.

Sadly, my sweet friend Travis' little dog passed away on Sunday.  He was his little buddy, and they went everywhere together.  I was heartbroken for him because unfortunately I knew exactly how he felt.  I've been checking in on him at least once a day since Louie died...During one of our conversations we discussed him getting another dog.  It seemed to somewhat lift his spirits, so I got right on it and started looking at shelters in and around or area...and some rescues for exactly what he is looking for.  I love dogs so much, and I'm excited that he is letting me help him look for another little buddy.  He hasn't picked one yet, but here are a few pictures of some that I found for him.

He loves Dachshunds...aren't they adorable!!

For all of you Moms and Dads out there that have little ones...just know that someday your sweet, precious child will no longer respect your opinions on what looks good, and what doesn't...I used to love picking out Trey's clothes..I was determined that he was going to be preppy.  Just about everything he had was RL polo or Gap... Well, once they are in their "tween" years they don't want their Mommy to dress them anymore..I don't blame him...I still remember some of the hideous outfits my parents tried to put me in (sorry Mom...I still love you), but at least I had good taste lol (I'm laughing because I know my Mom is laughing right now too...she hated "my style" lol)  Lately, all Trey wants to wear is gym shorts, t-shrirts, and a pair of one of his neon Chuck Taylors...sometimes with different colored neon shoe laces depending on what kind of mood he's in that day...A Mothers me..your day will come!!  I get it that that's what the other kids are wearing..I stare at them in disbelief in the car line each day...It's like a neon parade...and nothing matches...I don't get this "new"'s weird.  Now I feel really old and Mommish...for saying that...when you get older apparently you really do turn into your Mother...obviously..I am my Mother.  On Sunday Trey wore an outfit that I adored...I semi-helped pick it out...okay...I completely picked it out by but he did not argue about was kind of trickery - on my part - He stayed the night with my parents on Saturday...late that night he called and asked if I would pick him out something to wear for the following day and drop it by their house...I gladly accepted the task..<insert evil laugh here> and he looked so handsome...since these days are rare I took a picture..How cute is he??!!  He's so big now that we wear the same shoe he's wearing my Toms.  The kid does occasionally have good taste..he cleans up well.  Love that boy....I totally made that good looking kid!!

My Mother-in-Law recently spent two weeks in Ireland.  I sent her with a shopping list of things to bring back for me...I'm awful, I know.  It was a short list, and besides sometimes if you don't tell people what you want when they ask you...well, you won't get what you want.. I've posted about my "list making" on the blog before...and FYI I started making my Christmas list in May...- getting way off course here - Earrings were first on my "to bring me from Ireland" list...I love these earrings with the Celtic knots on them, and you can't tell, but they are favorite!!...She always knows exactly what I like!!

p.s. I got everything on my Ireland list!!  Lists are helpful people, start making them!!  :)

During my super long, dreary week I did still manage to have some good things happen...I love spending more time with my Dad...I cherish every day we get to spend together...I got to visit with my sweet friend Jessi that I haven't seen in months, and I loved chatting with her for a little while.  Since my foot isn't completely healed I rode my bike a few times this week...I love riding..and ringing my bell at people....haha....yep, I seriously have a retro bell...ringer thingy on my bike, and a basket..  :)

Sweet little Henry got to come home yesterday....

This is the convo I had with his Mom...she was just a little bit excited!!  :)

Welcome home Henry Thomas...I'll see you soon!!  xoxo

No matter how down you feel, or how much things don't go the way you plan..there is always something to be thankful for!!  

Hope you guys have an amazing weekend!!  Thanks for stopping by to read H54F!



  1. sorry you've had a rough week! I can relate to those! hopefully you have a relaxing weekend! Love your new bracelets!

  2. I hope u have a super weekend to make up for the week! Not to worry, we all have weeks like that!!!!I remember quite well when kyle started picking out his clothes--I wanted to shoot myself!!!!!! He wanted to be an agboy all the way and I wanted preppy just like you. Love the bracelets--I'm a bracelet girl myself---hint, hint!!!!! Have a good weekend!!! love, s