Friday, September 21, 2012

High Five for Friday..

...Fist Bumps for Friday is more like it!!

I had a great week, did you?  Here are some of the highlights...

I got my September Birchbox.  I pretty much love everything in it except the lime green polish.  I think I'll pass that one on. I like lime green and all...just not on my nails.. I got some argon hair oil (love that stuff..I already use my own every day) Kate Spade perfume, a hair twist, herbal tea, and some Jouer matte tinted moisturizer...just like what I use every day, except this is matte.  I have not tried it yet.

Last weekend we were invited to spend Sunday at the Lebanon airfield for friends and family day for the LifeFlight employees.  We had a lot of face always hurts from laughing so much when I hang out with Catharina and her family.  Trey had a great time getting to have a personal tour of the helicopters and the plane that LifeFlight uses.  We watched the Tennessee football game...they usual..and just sat around having a good time with great company.  I did not know that you can do a ride along with LifeFlight..I really want to do it!!

I'm officially mid-thirties...yerp..yesterday I celebrated my 35th birthday...Very cool, and very bizarre at the same time...I don't feel 35...I don't look it...I probably don't act it either...  I had a conversation at my bday lunch with my friend, Jessi, about how we look much younger than we are.  People think she is 15 or under (she's 23) and I always get 20 I guess we're doing alright! Somehow this conversation always comes up...we just look at each other and laugh..

Here's me, cute huh!! 

I received some cards, unexpected gifts..a ton of texts, emails, fb messages...posts...telling me happy birthday.  I was def feeling the love.  I have some pretty amazing friends and family!!  I even heard from my  favorite (former) foster dogs Mom, and she sent me a picture of Bella!  I had lunch with my Dad and two friends...dinner with my parents, Mother-in-law..and my little fam...It was the perfect day!

This text was waiting for me when I woke up yesterday morning...we always have the best conversations!  :)

When I went outside for my run yesterday morning, I had a present waiting for me on my front porch..My neighbor got me an adorable pair of earrings, and some shea butter blackberry lip balm..Tonight we are having a girls night out to see The House Down the Street...wait, that doesn't sound right.  The House at the End of the Street?...and then going for my favorite ice cream at Cold Stone.  

Super excited!

 I got airline tickets to San Antonio to visit my oldest and farthest away bestie in November...(best present ever!!)  I got navy chuck taylors...a new chambray...a pair of cute taupe wedges...a gift card, a pretty scarf from Ireland, and a coin purse (from Ireland)..with Westie's on it that look just like my boys.  

I had a totally rockin' bday!!

Thanks for stopping by to read my H54F...Tomorrow is the first day of of my most very favorite times of the year...super cute, warm, snuggly clothes, and campfires here I come!!  I hope you have a very special weekend!



  1. happy birthday!! I love those earrings! have a great weekend!

  2. Happy birthday! You have awesome neighbors. The only thing I get from my neighbors is taking care of their kids! I'm your newest follower. Cute Blog can't wait for more

    1. Thank you, and neighbors rock!! Glad to have you as my newest follower!! :)

  3. I'm glad you had a good birthday! Enjoyed dinner with you and the hubs,trey and the parents! Love the shoes and earrings!!!! Have a good weekend!!!!!! love, sonnie

    1. Thanks, Sonnie...we loved seeing you!! <3 you

  4. happy birthday to you!

    Have a great week ahead! Now following you!! Stop by and say hello! :)