Sunday, September 9, 2012

Date Night; Whiskey Barrels...and Late Night Giggles

Ten points for team Kennedy; after a week full of nagging, pouting and bribing...I finally talked Kyle into getting out of the house...with just the two of us.  Well, there were 8 of us, but still...I'll take what I can get...We packed up our chairs, and went to a local-ish distillery for "Pickin on the Porch."  It's a free event with a live band (Kyle's friend from work was in the band....they played bluegrass..and were really good), good drinks, low priced food....very family oriented...there were a lot of little kids and dogs.

MB Roland Distillery is in a rural community "St Elmo" in Pembroke,'s only about a 20 minute drive from our house.  Previously, it was an Amish dairy farm...not quite the same production going on there now. They produce whiskies, moonshines and rum.  The distillery was created by a couple stationed at Fort Campbell, and after deciding to make the area their permanent home they wanted to bring something unique to the area...nothing more Kentucky-ish than a distillery!!  

Since we were first timers, we did the taste test.  Ten small shots of each type of moonshine produced by MB Roland.  I was reluctant, at first..I don't necessarily like the taste of moonshine...I've only had "back woods" moonshine...the kind where a mason jar of clear liquid appears in the liquor cabinet, and you should only drink it with a don't know who made don't dare ask...and you could set it on fire if you wanted to...that's the extent of my "shine" experience...  Since Kyle was already on the fence about the night anyway, I stepped up and said "me first" and that got him in the mood...otherwise, I doubt he would have done it.  So, the first one was 100 wasn't so bad..not as bad as some of the spoonfuls I've had before from the mystery jars in the cabinet...then on down the line..after my esophagus was clearly on fire, and I could blow fire like a dragon if there were an open flame in front of me...yeah...I did break out in a sweat. Of all the ones we tried only one was my favorite...  It was Blueberry Moonshine...45 proof.  They make all of their fruity shines with fresh fruit...all natural ingredients. 

 I bought a bottle of the blueberry, and the husband ended up buying a bottle of the 100 proof true Kentucky shine...(gag me...)

They also have beer that you can buy by the gallon or half gallon...he took the true shine to the car, and opted for a half gallon of Sierra Nevada beer instead..

(that's what I thought..wink wink)

They have a snow cone tent outside with at least over a dozen flavors....if you buy the pickin on the porch cup...for $6.00..then you get free snow cones if you stay for the event...and you bring the cup back the rest of the event season...and you still get free snow cones...kinda like the popcorn bucket at the movies..except booze are much more fun than popcorn, right?!

So, of course, immediately I got my snow cone...with blueberry syrup...and poured some of my blueberry shine in with it....O.M.G....helleur!!!  Sweet heaven on ice!!!

 We got settled into our little spot...our friends began showing up...

I think I was finished with my second snow cone before the band even started playing...Yeah, they really were that good...

It was a beautiful day...temps in the low 70's...Fall-ish like-ish my fav-o-rite!!!  I love the smell, the feel...makes me think of campfires, tobacco barns.. and snuggling up with some cute warm clothes..hanging outside with my favorite people around a fire...this is def my time of husband has to drag me inside at night when the weather gets like this..


The night was fun!  We stayed until the band quit playing at 9:00.  Still laughing and having a good time all the way to the car.. Hugging our friends goodbye, until the next time we see them.

I couldn't believe I drank that much moonshine and was still alert...walking and talking..I kept saying that I didn't even think there was any alcohol in it..I thought I was some kind of bad joke or something  .I seriously had the giggles...all night..even once I got in the bed I couldn't stop giggling...I remember the last thing I said was that I thought I liked drinking this better than my wine...then I giggled again and fell asleep...all before 10:30 p.m.

I was informed this morning after I woke up all bouncy, and in a good mood...that I was not allowed to substitute my weekly wine drinking with moonshine...aww...schucks, really!?  Way to ruin it for me!!  

(insert pouty face here)

Kyle enjoyed his beer....btw the 100 proof moonshine still has the seal will be one of those things that only gets opened when we have a party at our house, and he'll say...look what I have...and they'll break out the spoons...  

We had so much fun, and I'm excited to go back to Pickin on the Porch with our friends the weekend of my birth week. It made me happy to see Kyle relaxed, and having a good time laughing with his buddies...I knew he would enjoy it...the best part was when he said we should do this more often!  

Mission accomplished!



  1. Sounds like soooo much fun--and it is when you are with friends and the night air is fallish! Keep making the hubs get out on Sat nights! love yall! I'm going for a Jameson over rocks at Mellie's this evening--a little touch of Ireland! love, sonnie

    1. Jameson on a Sunday? You two are party animals!! ;) love you xo

  2. Sounds like an amazing time, a perfect fall night!