Friday, May 31, 2013

High Five for Friday

Happy Friday!!

I had my first snake encounter of the year.  I almost died.  I think the snake wanted to eat me.  I was terrified. I seriously have nightmares about them weekly.  I wake myself and anyone else in the house by screaming at the top of my lungs..the last time it happened it was actually my cats tail.  Darn cat!  It's really scary.

So, when someone else tells this story it is waaaay over the top I'll tell my version of it.  First I should tell you that in my head I think all snakes that swim in and live near water are if I see one in the water I assume the worst, and that my life will soon be over.  Ok, so I was in the front of my canoe.  Somehow we coasted over to a low lying tree while waiting for everyone else to get their boats in the water...By this time we had been in the water less than 5 minutes...I was like "ummm helllo we are going into a tree.. a little help here.." So, I look up as my face is in the tree and there is a snake on a branch about as close to me as your computer screen is to you right now.  My instincts kicked in.  I screamed.  I threw my paddle to the left.  I jumped out of the canoe to the right.  I'm not certain which happened first.  I'm going to say I threw the paddle as I was jumping.  I swam away begging my friends to help me and let me get in their boat so the snake would not eat me.  It's that simple. Nothing dramatic to it..well, ok maybe a little dramatic, but trust me my story is way better than that of the other people in my canoe. The bottom line is that if I see a snake..I'm outta here, and I'm definitely not going to stick around long enough to ask it what kind it is. It has teeth, and possibly venom..that's all I need to know.
The end.

We canoed 7 miles on the Harpeth River in Kingston only took us 7 hours.
I laughed so much that my face hurt.  We had a great time.

Brittney and Amber aka Scooter.. are too much fun!

I got this little bracelet the other weekend at the Hayloft Barn sale.  This week I finally made my wish and put it on.  It's really cute...just a plain and simple hemp bracelet with three beads.  I found similar ones on Etsy. 

I got to chat with these two cuties this week.  Love them so much...Henry waved at me, and it was so cool to "hang out" with them and get to watch him play for a while.

I spent a day in the pool with Trey.
It was lovely!

Saw this and thought of me. 

As soon as Lynn is feeling better we are definitely going to celebrate!  
She is amazing and I don't know what I would do without her!!

I got these sandals at Gap. I shopped for them online wanting to find a pair of cute shoes to go with my summer dresses. 

I found them by looking at the pictures of the shoes the models were wearing with dresses on the website...
I saw this picture, and thought I should have them.

I'm not sure that I am crazy about them yet. I don't love them.  I think I would love them if the sole was a darker color.  It is really, really light.  I did wear them today..maybe they will grow on me.

I really want these, which are the same style as the others, but a different color.  The shoes are basically a flip flop with two straps added that go across your foot.

I picked up a new hairspray while at the salon this week.  I normally use Kenra 25, but since using "It's a 10" products, I was curious if the hairspray worked well...ok...mainly I just wanted the hairspray to find out if it smelled as good as the other products...It's a 10 smells fabulous, and as strange as it sounds people always tell me how good my hair smells..  There is an on going joke that my hair smells like honeysuckles...Over the weekend while driving I had my hair up in a hat...we rolled the windows down and I let my hair down to blow in the wind...You can picture that right? haha.  So anyway, Trey said "I smell honeysuckles" I said "oh, it's just my hair" I was totally kidding (maybe), but then it all day anyone that said they smelled honeysuckles said "it's just Carrie's hair..." 

Back to the product...So far I do like this spray.  It holds well, and I do not have to use as much as when I use the Kenra.  I'm not sold on it enough to switch just yet, but we shall see..

How cute is my dog?!
Pretty much the cutest ever!

That's my was very low key, and I am looking forward to the weekend.
Thanks for stopping by!


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