Thursday, May 30, 2013

...and then there were beans...

It's pretty ridiculous how excited I get about this little garden of mine.  I'm fairly certain that it's not normal, but look who we're talkin about one should be surprised!

My garden is completely out of a good grows like crazy!!  I had no idea how fast it would grow, how big it would get so quickly, and how beautiful it truly's amazing.  From the tiny little seeds I planted, and from several plants I put in the ground.. I am growing my own food.  Whaat!?  
Gardening is crazy fun, and the coolest thing to watch on the daily. 

I am not even exaggerating about how excited I get when I see the day to day progress.  I'm constantly texting my Mom pictures, I even texted a girlfriend today...about my beans.

Clearly I am not normal, and I should get out more...errr, perhaps I should not spend so much time in the garden (as if that's ever going to happen)

So, here we is my awesome garden..
just four weeks old...

The broccoli plants have grown crazy fast, and they definitely catch my eye first over all of the other plants...  The leaves are a very deep, almost ashy green...I love how the water beads sit on the leaves..

The broccoli stems...

I literally said out loud "omg I have beans" 
Yes, I was talking to myself..about beans.  It's not nice to judge.  
I was so excited that I immediately texted my Mom...
Obviously she loves me unconditionally, 
and hopefully she is not at the depot buying me a one way ticket on the crazy train
 (fingers crossed) 

There are so many of them..
I want to eat them right now!!



I picked this gem today..and then I ate it..
it was so soft, and sweet..

Hello cucumbers...

Holy tomatoes..

Onions for days...

Here's a joke for you....

Where did the onion go to have a drink??

the salad bar...  


Potato.. potatoe

How about some green leaf lettuce (right), with some beets on the side...(left)

Bell Peppers

Jimmy Crack Corn, and I don't care...



It's official...I'm a gardener now...
but you can call me Carrie.


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