Friday, May 17, 2013

High Five for Friday

Ok, so it's been a while since I've been hanging around the ol' blog.  Miss me?  Of course you sweet of you to miss me!  :) Last week I was out of town for work, I had two classes that I needed to get out of the way.  They were difficult, to say the least.  Financing and Statistics.  I totally makes you want to throw up in your mouth, right?  Or maybe that's just me.  I was totally stressing, my cuticles look terrible from picking them which is a nervous habit I thought I had passed...but, yeah...not so much..I am in dire need of a mani, and while we're talking about it a pedi would be nice too.  So, I always enjoy going on work trips.  I like hotel living for short periods of time..I can come and go, I'm in a new town, there is new stuff to see, your chances of running into someone you know are slim to none, and I can sprawl out and take complete advantage of every inch of the bed I am sleeping in.  It's's quiet. No dogs barking, no cat vomiting on the floor, no children complaining.  Just peace and quiet for a few days.  
Every Mom needs a little P&Q!  

So, a little funny story about my work trip...a story that I haven't told anyone except for my husband...because he was sort of involved..and I briefly talked about it with Brittney, well because we have out of the ordinary conversations involves my underpants.  Ok, so we're gettin personal here talking about my skivvies, but it's not what you're thinking.  

For one if you know me you will vividly see this played out in your head because it's a typical Carrie moment, and two..if you don't know me, well you'll either laugh at me...or you'll think I'm completely nuts.  Both of which I am totally ok with.  

So, ok...I packed last minute...(imagine that) and by last minute I mean I was throwing stuff in my bag right before I walked out the door at 6:00 a..m. The entire drive to the boro I was doing inventory in my head about what I remembered to pack, and constantly second guessing what I may have forgotten to pack.  

Once I arrived to my destination I was about 30 minutes early, so I began digging through my bag, which was in the seat beside me.  I needed to ease my worries, and see that I, in fact, did not forget anything.  

I did.  I forgot my panties.  

Seriously.  Who forgets their panties?  Well, I do...of course.  I did pack a few, but they were not my "good" ones.  They were not the ones I wear with dress pants, or dresses.  They're blue jean wearin' panties...old ones.  Is that normal?  Does everyone have panties like that?  

Ok, so anyway I was like, well that's just great Carrie...what now!!?  So I called Kyle.  I was like guess what I did...?  He didn't seem surprised.  That didn't surprise me.  Never a dull moment in my life.  So, I was like where could they be?  I was sitting on the couch folding laundry the night before...annnd within minutes he found them folded and stuffed in between the couch cushions.  Don't ask how that happened.  I don't have an answer.  

So, I was like well dang, I guess I'm going panty shopping after class.  Which, I did.  Didn't even think about my panty-less dilemma for the rest of the day, but as soon as I got out of class I headed on my search for new panties. I went to Dillard's because that's typically where I get them.  Nothing fancy or too too expensive, I just really like boy short panties that suck you in, are seamless, and just feel good on your skin, so I knew they would have them there.  They didn't have the color I wanted.  I'm picky, I know.  Don't judge.  So, I decided to browse around the store just for kicks.  

Stumbled on a workout clothes sale on the second floor.  So, tried on about 10 pairs of workout shorts and shirts...ended up getting one outfit, and no panties.  Things like this must only happen to me.  In my head I'm thinking..."Priorities, Carrie!!  Do you really need another workout outfit...umm no, you need panties!" 

I don't always listen to myself.  I ended up getting a tiny package of laundry soap, and hand washed a pair of my own panties when I needed them.  Sometimes I wonder why I tell you guys things like this, but then again this is my life, and most of you love me for my crazy stories.  

The moral of this story is...don't leave town without your panties.  

Now, onto my adventures the past week or two....

Friday evening while I was on the way home I got a text from my Friday night date, I got home, unloaded the car, washed my face, changed, filled a wine glass, sat down and hung out with Brittney for a few hours.  It was good to be home!

Brittney and I decided to workout early Saturday morning.  Well, not super early, but after we woke up and whatnot...we both needed to sleep in.  We met up around 9:00.  During our workout I talked her into going to pick strawberries with me at the strawberry farm.  I don't think she reallly wanted to go, but she was a good sport and she did go, but only if I agreed not to pretend I didn't know her if she wore what she was wearing right that second...haha...ok, so I made that part up, but she did say..."do you think it's ok if I wear this?" I was like of course, I'll wear big deal.

I wish I had a Brit was wearing her airbrushed Brittney -N- Justin  (Justin is her husband) t-shirt  (which is super cute by the way..I would rock one too, but could never talk my husband into getting matching airbrushed shirts on our last vacation) so, as cute as she is in her shirt it is definitely a conversation piece, and we do laugh anytime she wears it.  

So, she's wearing that, some compression pants and sneaks...I'm just wearing typical cropped running leggings, my red sports medicine tee and some sneaks.  We literally went from sweating our butts off after a good 5 miles, to jumping in the car and heading out to the strawberry farm.  

Her daughter, Aidan, went with us...who was dressed completely normal by the way.  

So we get to the farm.  It is a sloppy, muddy, pools of water everywhere mess, and by sloppy muddy pool of water messiness I mean I may have seen some minnows swimming in the puddles.  Ok, I didn't really, but it was ankle deep in some spots...if I was a minnow you could have possibly found me hanging out there...I really like strawberries.. I'm just sayin.  So, back on track here..

I just so happened to throw my mud boots in the back of my car before leaving...How do I remember rubber boots, but forget my panties?  Yeah, I don't know either.  So, we get there...pick about two gallons of berries...I was totally rocking my leggings, red tee, and navy blue muck boots with yellow daisies on them.  Did not match...not one single thing on me...didn't care much either. We were having fun!  :)  

So, on the way home Aidan was starving...she's a 4th it was every few minutes...I'm hungry Mommy...Mommy what are we eating..  Brittney and I were both like...I don't know..then I said I would totally rock this outfit straight up into Dos Margaritas for some Mexican.  Brittney was like OMG I want Mexican, but didn't want to say anything.  So, in our ridiculous, sweaty, no makeup, hair a total mess by now, add mud to the outfits by this time...we seriously went into a restaurant and ate in public.
The moral of this story....We are matter what we wear.

*side note...while eating, Brittney's husband, Justin, called...he was on a fishing trip in the Gulf...and he was also wearing his matching airbrushed shirt that day.  That's true love, folks!  
The moral of that story...I have some of the coolest friends ever!

Came home and snuggled with this guy in the hammock..

Kyle built me this table out of pallets from his shop at work to put on my deck.  I don't remember how it happened, but somehow he stumbled upon my pinterest app on my iPad....he was checking it out, and I showed him my "honey do list" board...two days later I have this table.  You can view the pin with directions here...  Now it just needs to be stained, and then I'll put it on the deck with four chairs, and some throw pillows.  Sure beats buying a new table set at the store for hundreds of dollars.
Moral of this story....ladies...introduce your husbands/boyfriends/significant others to pinterest..
You can thank me later!

Hard to tell from this picture, or it could be my computer screen, but I put up window boxes in the front of my house.  I cannot wait until my flowers grow and really make the front of my house pop.  
I planted only red and white flowers this year.

A while back Catharina and I were driving to Nashville, and she had these breakfast cookies in her truck.  I tried one, and have been hooked ever since.  I'm still not sure where we were going, or why I was eating her snacks, but..yeah.  They are the best!  High fiber, whole grain, yummolicious!  You can find them in the cracker/cookie aisle at your grocery store.  I have tried the apple cinnamon, and the the blueberry the best!

The sun has been so bright this week...I had to wear my sunglasses for my run...couldn't find my I opted for my heart shaped shades.  Don't judge me.  They matched my outfit, and I totally rocked them!
Moral of this story...if you can match your sunglasses to your outfit you should totally run with it... 
(get that?..haha..I said a punny)
Yes, I realize I am about as dorky as they get.

Rocked my chucks this week...They were super cute with my skinnies rolled up and a vintage tee.  
Lazy day outfits sometimes turn out to be the cutest, and most definitely the comfiest.

The downtown market opens this weekend.  Nuf said!
I'll be there..bright and early..will you?

I am so excited about this that if I wasn't sitting down right this second I would be jumping up and down clapping and laughing like a complete idiot... I have been waiting, and counting down for months....Pickin' on the Porch opens tomorrow night.  Joel Brown Band will be playing.  Check out this previous post to read all about it.  If you are local you must go!!  This is also the band that Brittney and I are just about head over heels for the lead singer...well I mean for his music...ok, and for his looks.  Band guy...lead singer...awesome music...combined with moonshine and amazing friends...what is not to love!?

I have some new recipes coming to the blog soon.  This is a balsamic vinegar grilled flank steak.  I was a little worried about it..I'm not a fan of balsamic vin, but I am a fan of trying new things.  I'm glad I did because it was sooo good!  Can't wait to share with you.

Well, that'll do it...that's my last two weeks in a nutshell.  I can always tell when I've been away from the blerg for too long because I always have a lot to say...if you stayed with me this long, and you're reading to the end, then you're the best...and thanks for putting up with me and my crazy stories that sometimes only make sense to me.  I'm so excited for this weekend that I can already not wait for next weeks Friday post.  It's guaranteed to be a good one!  Hope you have a fun weekend!


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