Friday, May 3, 2013

High Five for Friday

Helleur!!  This week has been busy, busy.

I was super happy that we had almost a full week of bright sunshiny days...It was a windows down, sunroof open, music cranked up kind of week.  I finally got to get my hands dirty in the yard, that was pretty much all I did this week from the time I got home from work until the sun went down.

I planted impatiens in the bed along my sidewalk.  I do this every year, and they always grow to be so full and pretty.  It ends up being one of the main focal points in my front yard.  I especially love it when people walking by comment on them.  This winter I even had a man stop and ask if this was the house that always plants the impatiens.  That was the coolest compliment ever.

We spent Wednesday afternoon planting the garden.  I made sure, insisted actually, that Trey helped us because I think it will become a valuable lesson to him whether he realizes that or not.  His hard work will pay off.  He will understand once we are able to harvest the fruits and veggies.

There are 17 vegetables, and 3 fruits planted in the garden. 

I picked up this adorable window box from Lowes (for $12.00.)  I hung it on my deck railing to use for my herb garden.  The picture is not that great, but that's because I didn't finish it until late yesterday evening.

How cute is this idea for hanging a bird feeder?  I saw on Pinterest that people have used decorative hooks to hang lights, and knew immediately that I wanted to hang one of my feeders on the fence post.  The birds love it.  The first thing I do every morning is open the blinds to see what kind of birds are on my feeder. 

I've never had the best luck, but I found nine four leafed clovers in my yard last weekend in a matter of minutes, and then one day this week I found another one.  Ten in a week...that's crazy, right!!  Maybe my luck's changing!!?

Kyle brought me a surprise...a clown cone from Baskin Robbins
I'm a sucker for ice cream...especially when disguised as a clown!!

My throwback Thursday pic was of Nicole and I in San Antonio last fall. Miss her, and so glad I got to text chat with her a few times this week!

 Brodie and Scuba like to love on each other...
they even give sweet little eskimo kisses.

My dogs had a blast playing outside with me this week...
they have the best life!

The End

Hope you have a fun weekend!!



  1. Your garden looks great! So anxious to watch it grow!