Thursday, July 18, 2013

One in a Melon - Weeks 10 & 11

It's official.  I'm a gardening nerd.  I have spent the last 45 minutes googling fruit and vegetable jokes and puns.  Literally laughing out loud to some of them, and most of them, I'm sure, I am the only person that has ever laughed at them. I am terrible with jokes.  If I hear one that is worth repeating I can never remember it.  I always have to write them down.  The only one joke I do remember is one that my Dad told me when I was little.  It was about penguins though, not fruits and vegetables.   I actually never got what the joke meant until I was an adult..Duh.  I remember thinking..oh hey I get it now..umm after like 20 years of telling it.  I still tell it...I actually told it to Catharina recently while we were working out.  Not sure if she got it or not, but I thought it was funny.

Getting back on track...the garden is massive.  It is full of yummy goodness, and I feel frantic wondering what to do far as canning and whatnot.  
Anyone need some tomatoes?  I'm your girl!

I am still so amazed...

The fruit vines have completely taken over, and have grown quite a ways into the grass
See that cute little white dog in the corner photo bombing my garden?
He's mine!  <3

I finally have little baby cantaloupes!!  I almost fell over when I first discovered this.  Like I got all excited, and of course began over zealously talking to myself and lost my balance.  
It happens I guess...much too often to little ol' me...At least my neighbors were not spying on me this time and opening the door to yell something so not funny while laughing at me..

I seriously lost count of how many cantaloupes I have..
Have I mentioned before that out of everything I planted I am THE most excited about this?!
It makes my mouth water!

Check this out...
This loupe was hiding under a bunch of vines...
It must be advanced for its age...the leader of the pack...

Ahhh is so pretty.  I love corn fields, I don't know why, I just do.  Something so peaceful about it. This week I found a new greenway to run on and I ran past several fields of corn. 
 It was perfect.

How much did the pirate pay for the corn?

A buccaneer


You're laughing right?

With me, or at me?? :-D

Why didn't anyone laugh at the gardeners jokes?

Because they were too corny

This is probably a true story.

and I'm okay with that..

Something ate all of my broccoli.  
It's completely dunzo.

I love some bell peppers, don't you?

Sweet banana peppers

Found this guy...or gal with their brood on one of my pepper plants.  

I was surprised to see that I still have cucumbers blooming..
I may get to make some dill pickles after all.

They grow so fast that sometimes they grow too fast, and don't get picked in time, so I have to toss them.  These three were too big, so we threw them in the woods.

I have so many red tomatoes.

There were three tomatoes...

Father tomato
Mother tomato
Son tomato...

All of them were about to be squished, so they ran for their lives.  
The Father and the Mother were running fast, but the son was lagging behind...

So, the Father tomato told his son to ketchup...

Why did the people dance to the vegetable band?

Because it had a good beet.

Ok, ok, I'll stop with the jokes...for now..No promises though.

I have a few green beans, but maybe five, and it's not looking like I will have many more after I pick these.

Can you believe how big the watermelon is compared to a week ago!!??

I have a ton of them..
I even found one all the way on the other end of the garden near the tomatoes.

This is my harvest from this week...
I am seriously loving this, and ready to read up on some good canning recipes!!

Gardening is cheaper than therapy and you get tomatoes...
you can bury a lot of troubles digging in the dirt!

Thanks for hanging out in the garden with me!



  1. Your vegetables are beautiful!!!!!

    1. Thanks Mom! I'm bringing you some tomorrow!! :-)

  2. Well I have never seen anything more beautiful than ur first garden--and the bounty of veggies! I'll always take tomatoes---love them off the vine!!!!!! Can't wait to hear about the canning experiences! It really makes you feel as though you've accomplished something when you can your veggies! Lots of work, but worth it! Do try to make some tomatoe juice with your maters---soooooooo good you'll never want another V8!!!!!! See ya soon! Luv, Sonnie