Friday, July 12, 2013

High Five for Friday

Helleur, my Friday friends!  My life has been crazy busy lately, and I have unintentionally neglected my H54F posts, so I pulled together some highlights from the last few weeks to share..

A few weeks ago Trey and I took a little road trip up to Ohio for a few days.
We had a great time and as always it was wonderful to get away, and we always always have a blast with Marcie and her guys.

We spent a day exploring the city.

Marc and I did the glo run Saturday night.  
  The glo run is a 5k fun run that takes place at night..

We were decked out in our glo swag and some black light paint.  

The course ran alongside the river.  It was sooo hot in Dayton.  I think it was hotter there than in Tennessee at the time.  On that last mile I was stripping off my glow bracelets and dropping them as I ran..they were making me even hotter.  We totally rocked that course! 

There were a few tunnels filled with black lights along the was pretty cool..
I love doing fun runs, but it definitely does not give you the same satisfaction as doing a timed run.  
I get super competitive...mostly with myself..

The next day Marcie and I went shopping while the boys went swimming..

We had brunch on the patio of this amazing little Italian that omelet was good!!
I was sad that I had to leave the next day.

I've been enjoying my little kiddie pool in the backyard.  
It's the perfect spot to relax after a long hot day.

After dropping a friend off from working out early one morning I asked her if I could cut some of the hydrangeas from her bush...Love these beauties... and I got to enjoy them all week.

I got these from Trader Joe's
I love having fresh cut flowers in my house.

I did a little online shopping at the Elisabeth Ashlie Etsy shop. 
They still have a pair of these Lori earrings in their shop.
They are tiny and adorable!  The perfect little summer earrings.

I also picked up this silver bracelet with silver ring, which I absolutely love, and wear every day. 
 It is the Janna bracelet, and is also available at Elisabeth Ashlie.

Trey has been working all summer, and the night before the fourth of July they got a call saying that one of the cows had legs hanging out of one knew she was pregnant.  She was only 18 months old.  So, around the time Trey would normally be coming home from work he went to the farm to help birth the calf.  It was pretty amazing, and I was so glad that he got to experience this little miracle..He still talks about it everyday.  They named her Independence.

Trey was really late getting home that night, and we had a race the next morning..
I waited up with one eye open for him to get home..

We woke up to a down pour on race day..which was also July 4th, and by down pour I mean I could barely see the car in front of me on the interstate.

The race was in downtown Nashville and began at 7:30, so we were on the road a little before 6:00 a.m.  I was pumped up as usual.  Kyle did this race as well.  He and Trey had pouty faces the entire ride down there...1. because it was raining, and neither of them actually run unless they are being chased and 2. because it was so early in the morning. I'm used to getting up early to run, so I was all smiles and my usual happy clappy self.

Trey pretty much complained the entire morning...standing in the rain...waiting to begin the race.  It was so annoying and I contemplated running..away from him, but instead I tried to get him to be positive and convince him that this was going to be one awesome day.  I didn't mind the rain, actually it was a pleasant change from running in the hot sun..and I would've thought it was the coolest thing ever if my Mom woke me up at the crack of dawn to run a race with her.  So, we lined up...he was still complaining...Kyle was not as grumpy at this point.. Thank goodness.  I can only take so much complaining, and I only signed them up because I thought it would be a fun family thing... So, ok..the race starts...Kyle and Trey made a pact to stay together, so they take off super fast once we finally get through the chute.  I was doing my usual speed...starting off slow and steady...while in disbelief watching them get further away.  Thinking to myself how ticked off I would be if they beat me.  Barely into the first mile up ahead I see both of them stop running and begin walking...I would be lying if I say I was not relieved...I know that sounds terrible, but sometimes my competitive side takes over..and well, yeah..(don't be judgy) So, I smiled, gave them a wave and a thumbs up as I ran past them.

Once I crossed the finish line I circled back and around the outside of the course about a 1/4 of a mile to see if I could find Kyle and Trey. After standing there for a while I saw Kyle coming around the bend and I cheered him on...Then I waited for Trey.  I could spot him from a distance..he was walking and was seriously not happy at all.  lol  I knew as soon as I saw his face.  As he got closer to me I ran to be by his side and as he told me "not to ever wake him up to run again" I said "you don't mean will understand and thank me later I come on we are going to run the rest of the way together and I will cross the finish line with you."  So, we did..I ran with him giving him a little pep talk along the way..Telling him how awesome he was and encouraging him as well as all of the people cheering for him on his way to the finish line..I was so proud of him for finishing and the look on his face once he crossed the line was definitely a proud Mom moment and it brought tears to my eyes. 

He may have been dead tired, but he did it...and he finished, which was an accomplishment that I wanted him to be proud of.  Later that day (after his nap) he gave me a huge hug, thanked me for making him do it, and said I was the coolest Mom ever.  Mission accomplished!  Thumbs up for my sweet boy and for being the coolest Mom ever.

Later that night we went to a 4th of July cookout with the fam...

We watched an awesome fireworks show in the middle of a field.

Brittney and I had a date yesterday afternoon.
This was one of those instances where I said "let's make a funny face"
...and I am the only one that did it.  haha!!  Err was funny!

We had lunch at Panera then headed over to check out our new Ulta.  Hallelujah..we have an Ulta... Do you have one?  Have you ever been to one?  I could spend hours in there playing makeup.  It's nice to have a beauty store in town that actually carries the makeup products that I use.  
I helped Brittney pick out some new hair products, then we went to a few places and tried on clothes.  Perfect girl day!!

I'll end this here little blog with some pics of my favorite little furry friends...

This is sweet cousin Lucy who loves to sit in my lap...

Brodie and Trey love to snuggle on Saturday mornings..

Brodie likes to lay on top of me for a nap...

The Westies were so hot with their long hair out in the heat...I took it upon myself to groom them.  Maybe not the best idea I've ever had.  I did a decent job, but omg what a mess...I was covered in hair...

I think this little one is pleased with his new summer do!!
Is that not the cutest face ever!

Thanks for stopping by to read about my week...errr my last 3 weeks.  

Have an amazing weekend!!


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  1. Love you! I am so proud of you and the boys.