Thursday, July 25, 2013

Inch by Inch, Row by Row - Week 12

With my head hung down in shame I will admit that I only spent one day working in the garden this week, and a few seconds today picking off something for dinner.  I was exhausted from my busy weekend that I was just not motivated to do much in it once I got home from work.  Luckily, the evening I did spend in it just so happened to be the coolest day we have had in a while..It was beautiful!  I spent most of my time that day pulling weeds.  A ton of very tall weeds!! 

After pulling up the weeds and pulling out some dead plants everything looked so much neater, and it was easier to figure out what and where everything was.  Not having any lettuce or broccoli leaves a fairly open space to one side, and has given the vines more room to spread.  

The cucumber vines have completely taken over the bean trellis, which is fine with me.

It's funny that I only planted two cucumber plants and I have harvested over 20 all together, and there are still so many more beginning to grow.

My potatoes have started to break the ground..

This potato, which is unlike any that I have ever seen, was barely covered by any dirt and laying on the surface.  I pulled it up wanting to slice it open to see how they were was a little green on the inside, but it was for sure a healthy looking potato.  I took a picture of it after slicing it, but I must have deleted it.  They are looking great, and growing as they should...maybe not in the shape I expected them too, but nonetheless they are growing..and will be edible.

Beside the potatoes I checked out my onions.  It's amazing what you will find in your garden after pulling weeds...  The white onions are growing..some of them will probably be able to be harvested in a week or two.

The yellow onions are also doing amazingly well.

I am still overwhelmed by all of the tomatoes.  

It's so hard to believe this is the result of only four tomato plants.

I thought I was pulling a giant weed out from in between the corn stalks, and it was actually a tomato branch.

My cherry tomatoes are so pretty.

I have not read a whole lot about when to harvest beets.  They are fairly big above the surface, so I decided to pull one up to see how it was doing.

A little small yet...I think??

but still so pretty.  My wheels immediately started turning about numerous art projects I could do with them.  They are so colorful, and such a beautiful color.

I found even more cantaloupes this week..

This is the biggest of all..

I am anxious to find out just how these turn out.
Hopefully juicy and sweet..

The watermelons are all over the place from one end of the garden to the other.

I only have one oblong shaped melon. 

Most of the corn is ready...
Trey and I went out today and pulled off three ears of corn for dinner.

It was juicy, and delicious.

I have one little red jalapeno...

and so many green ones...

Lots of green bells...I wish you could smell them!!

Here are a few things that were harvested this week... 
I have a giant bowl of cucumbers in my kitchen, and one perfect little bell pepper..
and the corn is in my belly.  :-)

If you've never experienced the joy of accomplishing 
more than you can imagine, plant a garden. - Robert Brault

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