Friday, July 26, 2013

High Five for Friday

It's finally Friday and I am just now feeling fully recovered from last weekend.  Sheesh.  I think this weekend I will take it easy, get a few good runs in, maybe go see The Conjuring and let someone else cook and serve my dinner for a change.

Here are some highlights from my week..

I am always on the search for a new place to run.  I convinced Trey to go with me to the Greenway in Springfield.  The green is 6 miles round trip, flat, and absolutely gorgeous.  

My window boxes are looking pretty awesome!!

I love my little yard...

I spent last weekend at the lake house with the Millers.

I loved spending time with some far away friends...

I am digging my little striped bathing suit cover up from Kohls.

These boys wore me out Sunday.  Marcie and Dave asked if I would watch them for a little while while they went for a ride on the lake...I forgot how tiring it can be to have little ones...they don't get tired.  I have huge bruises on my legs from the numerous ninja kicks and cannon balls I did off the dock.  After a while the littlest one started calling me Mom.  I laughed, and was like "...I'm not your Mom, silly."  He said "You are my Mom...You are my Mom..Mom. Mom. Mom"  It was so funny.  It either meant that his Mom was gone for way too long, or that he thought I was really cool.  Either way his real Mom is the coolest, so I guess I'm the cool "Aunt" and should be totally flattered. 

We had a seafood was fabulous!!

Shrimp, potatoes, corn, crabs, crawfish....

We took the boat out for a spin.  Enjoying the end of the day on the water.  The kids wanted to go tubing, so we got it in the water and pulled them for a while.  They had had enough, so we stopped...and got them pulled in and situated. My Mother in Law was next to go tubing, so she was on the tube with Trey. I got the thumbs up to go.. The boat wouldn't start.  Awesome.  For those of you that know Lake Barkley well...we were on the far side of goat island...Stranded.  Since I was the captain that day everyone looked to me like "ok, what now?"  First off I made sure no one panicked.  I was calm.  It was beautiful, we had a few coolers of beer, water, snacks for the kids and a few more hours of daylight.  Kinda the perfect place to be stranded, really.  We diagnosed the problem fairly quickly.  Long story short a battery cable was not grounded properly so it had not been charging itself.  We had a dead battery.  No big deal.  We discussed our options.  We went with option one first...Call someone to get the jet ski and find us, and jump us.  Giving directions to someone that has never been on this lake was odd...but I did it and in less than an hour we were found...we got jumped...we were good to go.  Thumbs up for a boat full of people enjoying being stranded and not panicking.  

This is me not panicking.
Seriously..I was as cool as a fan..

This is the amazing sky while we were waiting to be rescued...God is so good!

This week I am wearing Essie's Swept off my feet...on my feet.

Did I mention I was exhausted this week?  I got a massage.  I called to schedule an appointment, and she happened to have one at the end of the day.  I said "count me in!!"

It was ahhmazing, and so needed! 
Today my back feels like someone beat me with a stick, but it hurts so good!

After my hour massage I got in the car and turned on my phone.  Kyle had texted me telling me he felt sickly, and Trey had called at least 6 times and left many voicemails...I was like seriously... So, I ignored both of them and went to sit down and the frozen yogurt shop.  Normally, after a massage I would have gone straight home not wanting to be seen in public with massage oil all over my body and in my hair, but that day I couldn't care less.  I wasn't ready to surrender to being a Mom and a wife.  I wanted to indulge in some more me time.  I wanted to be just Carrie for a little bit longer.  So I did.  I sat in the yogurt shop, and I enjoyed my fresh fruit yogurt, checked emails, did some work stuff, and just enjoyed the last of the silence I would get for the day.

My little kitty cat has a new favorite spot.  
It's actually Brodie's spot..he sorta took it over.

This is Brodie wanting his spot...and patiently waiting for him to move.  Later I discovered that the cat was actually laying on Brodie's ball...So, Brodie was like "hey're in my spot..and laying on my ball..move it..please."

I love his little nose..
it's so kissable..

This is what all three of them do when Trey leaves...
They are the sweetest!!

That's it for my week.  How was yours?


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