Friday, November 16, 2012

High Five for Friday

Hellur, Friday....took you long enough to get here....I had a couple of days off this week, and the week slow poked it's way to today.  I guess because I am tired....I did catch up on my sleep from my travels, but I'm still exhausted from all of the things I have to do, and I will admit I am (still) partially living out of my suitcase....I am a terrible happens.  Just thinking about doing the things on my to-do-list make me want to take a nap...I guess I have become somewhat lazy with the freezing cold weather we have been having...either that, or this is the result of a self-induced sugar comma due to too many hot chocolates...I love Starbucks hot chocolate, by the way...

With Thanksgiving being next week (seriously, can you believe it?) everything seems to be happening all at once.  This is the first year that I am not having Thanksgiving dinner with my family.  I already told them to expect me to stop by for a visit on my way home from my Mother-in-Law's.  I am only making one dish for dinner this year...It makes me sad, but I would not have time to make as much as I normally would anyway because I am running a race with my cousin-in-law's in downtown Nashville early Thanksgiving morning, so making one dish will be all I can suffice. I am super excited to spend Thanksgiving with my Mother-in-Law's family though, we have never done turkey day together, and I love spending time with all of them...

So, I decided I am going to make 1-2 dishes a night of my favorite Thanksgiving dishes... from now until Thanksgiving.  My husband and my son will appreciate it, I'm sure.  I have yet to cook a bird for turkey day, but I'm pretty darn good at making some delicious sides and desserts.  Yesterday I made three loaves of pumpkin bread, and for dinner we had glazed carrots and baked apples to go alongside some smoked pork chops.  I am hoping to post the recipes on the blog over the next few days...I must make time to do so...I must stay awake long enough to do so...

Tonight, I am having a few of my girlfriends over for a 31 party.  I hope ya'll like pumpkin bread.  :)  I am usually the hostess with the mostest, but I have not even planned my menu yet, other than the permpkern bread, and I outsourced for someone else to make my drinks so I wouldn't have to..  I can promise you that the drinks will be amazing, and by the time you arrive I will have it all together...and you won't even know that I pulled it together only hours before...well, yeah you will because I just told you, but still. 

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I pulled my favorite scarf out to wear...a little bit of leopard print with a little bit of it!

I love it when I am Krogering, and they are giving away my favorite cookies.  No way would I pass up a Kroger sugar cookie..yumm yummm...and it beats buying a whole is just enough to get me by.

I saw someone post this not too long ago, and it reminded me of myself.. A strange gal with a chicken...that'd be me...and the world is amazing when you try not to be like the rest...I love being me...weirdness and awesomeness all wrapped into one...

As I was looking through my pictures I came across this breakfast taco....I had it for breakfast one day last week in SA...My mouth is  I want one!

Ermahgersh....she makes me lerf..

I broke down my Christmas list for Kyle...I included pictures, and websites so that there would not be any confusion.  I'm on top of know how I am when it comes to list making.  

I wonder if the girl in the picture ever realized that her headlamp was upside down.?  Hmmm...Isn't that a cute headlamp?  I can't wait to get it, and I bet Trey can't wait for me to stop asking to borrow his...

That's all....Hope you all have a fun weekend...who is going to see Breaking Dawn?  I am sad to see it because that means it is over, and I don't want it to end.  We have always gone to see the midnight showings, so maybe I can talk Kyle and Trey into a movie date sometime this weekend, and a cherry coke afterwards from Steak and's kind of a favorite marketplace is having a holiday extravaganza tomorrow...there are not enough hours in the day.  I feel like I have so many things to do, but I cannot remember them all.  I need a nap. 

Thanks for stopping by to read H54F  :)


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