Friday, February 28, 2014

High Five for Friday

Hola Friday friends!  If you are here then you are already seeing the changes that have been made to the ol' blog.  There are a few more changes coming, but the most noticeable change is the header, which I am super pleased with.  It is exactly how I imagined, and I wasn't even sure how I wanted it to look when I began the design process with Amy.  She has been a dream to work with.  Sooo, yay!!  I can't wait for it to be finished.

My kitchen floor re-do was last week..  When your contractor calls you mid-day and says "Do you want the good news or the bad news first?" and then the good news is that he found 50 cents under your know the bad news is bad.. So, I came home Monday and I was missing half of my kitchen floor. Jimmy was standing with his lower body in my crawlspace and his upper half in my kitchen.  I was like "oh, hey guys" then I quickly walked away.  The damage they were repairing was worse than any of us thought so I was trying not to see what all was going on.

My refrigerator was in my living room and my other appliances were in my dining room...There were random kitchen my foyer and in my garage.  I sorta felt like I was living in an apartment..which was fun, for some weird reason I feel like I missed out on something in my college day youth by never living in an apartment. I realize that sounds totally crazy, but's me telling this story. It kinda goes without saying. ;-)

The floor looks fantastic!!  Unfortunately, I've already broken my first glass...Glass doesn't quite land on vinyl the same way it does ceramic tile.  Of course I already knew this, but had yet to experience it..until now.  So, day two of the new floor I was sweepin' up glass. 

I felt extremely vulnerable with all of my junk drawers exposed.  You really don't realize how much crap you have until it's all out in the open for everyone to see.  I only have six drawers in my kitchen..two are neat and organized, two are junk drawers and the other two are just "organized" chaos..not quite on the junk drawer level, but so close. I spent a few hours last weekend organizing my drawers and cabinets. It may or may not have been an intervention type thing..I hate to get rid of stuff.  I can almost find sentimental value in any random object in my house.  So, Catharina came over one day while I was cleaning them out..I was like "look at all this stuff.." then I went on to explain why I didn't want to get rid of it..Then..I could see the look in her eyes.  I was being ridiculous.  So, with my head hung low I said.."Just throw it away when I'm not looking."  I now feel much better about what my drawers contain.

 While cleaning the drawers out I found a Ziploc bag with a bunch of folded up paper inside.  I nosed through it to see if it was trash or not.  My heart melted... Inside the bag were notes that I had written to Trey, and put in his lunch box for school.  He kept them.  <3

 I sure love that boy of mine..he's so good to me.

I got these new slippers from Old Navy.  They are on clearance right now..and the colors/sizes are super limited, so if you see them..and you want them..get them!!  I love mine..they have a good sole on them, so they don't feel cheap..The inside is warm and fuzzy, and they are Brodie approved!

While dusting my entire house for the tenth time after the floor was done (dust was everywhere!!) I decided to mess with my cookoo hasn't worked in years.. Not entirely sure why I never noticed before, but my cookoo bird looks like a chicken!!!  ahaha!!  It's perfect.

I love my new compression-mesh pants from ON. Like love, love!!  My other compression pants I feel are too long, and these are perfect..I think that's why I like them so much.  Everyone should live in compressions..they are new clean sheets.  I never want to leave them once I'm in them.

Trey has been working up the ground in the garden.  It's almost that time again!!  I can't wait!

I rocked my Westie scarf this week.  I always get compliments when I wear it.. Except for that one time when a lady at church told me she loved my horse scarf.  I mean, I guess that is a compliment, but you know...doesn't look like any horse I've ever seen.

I got it from Purple Possum UK on Etsy.

Last Friday night I skipped town and went to hang out with my niece and her bestie.  They're so cute and fun to hang around with.  Pretty much all they do is giggle..and they both exude sarcasm... it's almost as if I birthed them myself. I'm such a proud aunt! We had fun together!  I lerve them both!

I finally got to meet my new nephew, Bentley.  He is way too spoiled and only wants to be held by my sister.  Such a whiny baby!

This geranium scented soy candle from Mrs. Meyers smells fabulous and Spring like!!  It's the perfect candle for a sunny day when you have the windows in the house open.

Brodie and I took a sequence of pictures together..He never moved in any of them, so my hair was sitting on top of his head in every one of them.  I don't know why this was so funny to me, but I couldn't stop laughing.  Clearly, we don't get out often enough.

 Love my sweet boys!!

Thanks for stopping by to read about my week.
Hope you have an awesome weekend!


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