Friday, March 7, 2014


My people are here, my people are here!  I am so excited to have almost an entire weekend dedicated to girl time.  Today we are taking off and heading to spend the day/evening in Nashville.  Who knows what we will get into, but it's sure to be fun!  

Last night I went over to Mellie's to kick off girl weekend and she made this amazing dinner..  Soo good!  I'll have to get the recipe and share with you. 

Last weekend I finally got to try out my new trail shoes.
Love em!

Catharina and I were able to get in ten good miles.

The weather was perfect!

I picked up Nivea Care and Color at Walgreen's..the color is Sheer Berry.

It is basically a tinted chapstick.  It goes on smoothly, and has just the right amount of color to enhance the natural color of my lips.  It's perfect to wear in place of a lipstick.

I got to hang with this little guy...
I can always get the babies to smile for me. :-)
He is just the sweetest, and he got tons of well deserved Auntie kisses!!

Sunday evening we had an ice storm..a few inches of ice, and a few inches of snow on top of it.

Winston and Trey had fun playing in it.

Tuesday night I had girls night dinner plans with Kayla..we made the plans a week ahead, so the ice was def not in the plan...I was really worried I wouldn't make it up my hill since it was a  solid sheet of ice.  We changed our plans to an early dinner so we wouldn't be out too late.  I seriously needed to get out of the house before cabin fever completely took over.  It was so fun and definitely much needed!

Finally on Wednesday they plowed my road.  The kids didn't go to school one day this week.

Winston clearly thinks he is the boss around here (he kinda is).. I felt bad for Scuba, so I went out and bought Winston his own bed.

He pretty much hates it.  He either chews it, humps it, or tries to pee on it..He absolutely will not get in it.

So..then this happened...

Winston wins again.  Winston always wins.

I'm still laughing. Bless his sweet little heart.

Thanks for stopping by to read about my week.  It was pretty great being iced in for a few days.   The weather is supposed to warm back up, so we should have some bright sunshiny days for our girl weekend!

Hope yours is also bright and awesome! 



  1. Oh my word, your Scuba is SO cute!! lol, I died with him in that small bed - too sweet!!

    Happy Friday, girlie!! xo

  2. nice new trail shoes and your little man is precious! glad to have found your blog on the linkup and glad to be a new follower!