Friday, January 31, 2014

High Five for Friday

Hey there, Friday friends..  

This week went by super fast and I can't believe that it is already the end of January. Seriously, can we just hit pause for a moment?!

Trey has been gone every weekend in the last month except for one, and that was only because he was sick.  He left again this weekend to go on a guy trip.  Apparently when you are a teenager the last place you want to be is home.  I remember those days.. I miss him!

Monday night we went out for fajita fave!!

I have a new little nephew named Bentley.  I haven't met him in person yet, but when I do finally meet him I have already decided that he is just small enough to fit in my purse, so I'll dog nap him and bring him home with me.  Clearly, I have it all planned out.

I treated myself to to a little retail therapy this week and hit up Pier 1's clearance sale.  I went to see if they still had the amber musk candles on sale, and they did, so I bought the last two left on the shelf.  Unfortunately, they are being discontinued along with a few other scents.  That is the luck I have, as soon as I find something I like.. it goes away.  While I was there I picked up this adorable candle holder that was also on clearance..I found a place for it on my bathroom counter..I have yet to light the candle, and it still fills my bedroom and bathroom with its scent.

Last year I did 13 races and this year I want to change it up a bit and challenge myself more.  Decrease the amount of races, but increase the distance..In 2013 my hardest race was my best race..and my worst race was just..I have no must have been a really off day for me, and that's ok.  It was so bad I didn't tell anyone about it.  I don't expect every race to make me feel amazing..the important thing for me is to start, finish and recognize how I can improve and then actually make the changes that need to be made.  

So far in 2014 I am stepping out of my comfort zone a little at a time..pushing myself harder, longer runs, more hills, more trails..I finally found a happy medium between my yoga practices and my running schedule - and that helps a whole lot because I was all over the place with both and was pretty unhappy about it..I felt very unorganized and unaccomplished.  Now I have my set yoga days and my set running days.  I hooked up with some girls from the Clarksville Running Club and we set a few early mornings a week to get together and do some group runs. I am currently training for my first half that I will do in the Fall, and maybe..(maaaybe) a mini tri.  Trey really wants to do it and keeps trying to talk me into it.  I think I would love it..I am really excited about it..but I'm just as terrified about it as I am excited about it..I just need to convince myself that it's not the worst idea I've had and then get over that fear of really stepping way out of my comfort zone.  

This was my last race of 2013 in New Orleans with my cousins on the Miller side of the fam. 
 (I still really want to steal Tim's snowflake leggings..)

I can never ever get enough of my sunset runs.  My last sunset run I was a little scared because it was one of my long runs, so it was completely dark and I was still about a mile out and I know there was a man behind me somewhere.. I turned my flashlight on..on my phone ..not real sure why?  Maybe so the scary axe murderer could have an easier time finding me? I kept thinking to myself..."please.. legs faster.." and "omg, I've seen this movie before and it doesn't end well.." 

I took my ear phones out so I would be able to hear if anyone was coming after me..In case you didn't know..if it's dark..and you cannot see anything..a squirrel in the forest sounds pretty much the same as a human running through the leaves to try and attack you..not that I really know what that sounds like, but I can imagine...add the entire squirrel family and it is for real loud and scary..Apparently dusk is the gathering hour for squirrel families, either that or they like to scare girls that shouldn't be running in the woods alone at night.  It seriously gets pretty creepy out there, but I am always good at shooting someone a text before I run telling them where I am and if they don't hear from me by a certain time to call the good guys to come find me because I've been abducted.

Love these "c" initial stamped earrings made by Amy Cornwell.  She is so talented and makes some really fun and unique jewelry.  She is offering 10% off with code valentine10 until February 4.

I ordered my next book from Amazon this week - don't you just love that they have the fastest shipping, ever!!?..I finished reading Losing Hope the other night..I cried my eyes out.  It was the perfect ending and I will miss the characters.  I'm giving myself time to get over that book before I begin my new one..It's been a few months since I have read a dystopian so I'm pretty pumped!

Have you read Unwind?

My kitty cat is getting so old..He turns 18 this year - which is 88 in cat years.  He's pretty pitiful and I have been saying for a few years now that I feel it will be his last year.  He continues to prove me wrong.. Every time I mention it to my Mom, she's like "how long have you been saying that now?" Yeah, he has definitely used his fair share of nine lives..maybe he borrowed some from the neighbor cat..  One of my girlfriends teases me saying I run a convalescent home for senior animals - sorta true if you think about it..  Anyway, lately Sebastian has not been bathing himself like a cat normally would, so I gave him his first ever  - and hopefully my last ever - cat bath.  It actually did not go as horrible as I thought it was much simpler than a dog bath.  He didn't even move.  

Perhaps he was in shock.

A little while after the bath I saw him in the living room sitting in the spot where the sun ray meets the floor..He was shaking like a leaf.  Bless his heart.  I immediately picked him up and wrapped him in a towel, holding him for a few.  I went into my bedroom and turned on my heater.  He wanted nothing to do with it and took off to hide.  A while later I walked back in my room and found him nuzzled up by the heater. Sweet baby.  His Mommy made him take a bath and then left him to shiver.  He feels much better now.

Other than that it's been pretty low key around here this week.  I took a few quizzes out of sheer boredom and according to the results I should be an astronaut, and if I were a dog I would be a mutt.  Awesome. 

I really should get out more.

Hope your weekend is super cool..thanks for stopping by!



  1. 1. That puppy is beyond adorable
    2. Pier One has a clearance sale?? Say Whaaa?
    3. Unwind is on my list, please let me know how it is!
    4. Found you from the linkup and happy to be a new follower here!

    Have a great weekend!