Friday, January 10, 2014

High Five for Friday

Two things occurred to me this week...

1.  I have become one of those women that you see in the grocery store wearing her workout clothes..

I vividly recall having a conversation several years ago with Brittney about all the women that shop in full on workout gear.  Mind you, this was a conversation before either of us set goals to be physically active on a regular basis.  So we were curious.. "do they really workout, or do they just shop in their "active" wear?

Now that I am one of those people I can answer that question, and my answer is - both.  

I recently read an article about women and how they feel in the clothes they was specifically geared toward crossfitters, but I totally got it.  The author discussed how she no longer felt comfortable or confident in her normal clothes, but went on to say that she felt like a <expletive> champion in a tank top and compression shorts.  I can relate..My body is by no means perfect. I accepted that years ago when I became a Mother. I def know I don't have the body of a crossfitter, but I have watched my body morph into this new body over the last year and a half - and I'm proud of it. I actually dig it. Losing 5 pounds, much less 60 pounds is a drastic change..and no easy feat. I love the way I look in my running pants...I like my slimmer legs...and I really like my new  "running" butt...especially mostly from the side..As I'm walking from my bathroom to the closet, my head is slightly turned towards the mirror watching the chick with the new body walk by, annd then again on the way back through. Don't even pretend you don't do the same thing.  Seeing myself now, and remembering me then, is a constant reminder to never stop..that I am awesome..this is my one and only body..and this is my NEW body.

No, I don't always feel like a "beast" in my regular clothes (with the exception of a good pair of jeans..) I prefer to rock my running gear..and chances are if I'm not at work and have no where important to be I am more than likely going to sneak some extra form of exercise into my, now when I see a woman at the grocery I don't look at her and wonder what she did that day in her running tights and sneakers..I look at her and think "you go girl!!"

2.  I have taken my germ-a-phobe-ness to the extreme this week.  Every day on the news you hear that someone else has been taken too soon from the dreaded flu.  I am terrified of the flu.  I don't even know what it feels like and I pray so hard that I never find out..

I have not always been a germ-a-phobe.  I go into other peoples homes for a living and sometimes people don't clean up when they're expecting company..if you know what I mean.  I have seen some stuff, and I could tell you stories for days.  I will never forget the first time I freaked out and after leaving this particular (vacant) home I drove myself straight to the nearest store..washed my hands, bought hand sanitizer, sanitizer wipes..cleaned my door handle..and my steering wheel.  Ever since that day I have been a borderline chronic hand washer/sanitizer.  I know some germs are good, but I often run into bad germs.  

I just know it.  I can feel it...and it's disgusting.

I now keep a ridiculous amount of anti-bacterial hand soap in my linen closet. 

Hello, my name is Carrie, and I am a soap hoarder.

While in the Walgreen's drive thru this week I sat in line for about 5 minutes before I realized I was in the far lane and I would have to touch the little cylinder that everyone else has touched.  I have no idea how often they clean it, but I can only imagine - in my mind - that it is not nearly enough.  

I was not about to touch the flu capsule.  

No sir!

I backed my car up and went to the lane that did not require me to touch any random objects that may or may not have been contaminated in order to drop off a prescription.

School started back today and I cringed at the thought of all the germs from all the sick kids that didn't stay home.  Trey and I each had an Airborne tablet before bed.
You know..just to be safe.

I mentioned in a previous blog that I had a new found love for Mrs. Meyers cleaning products.  
I purchased this gift set in the lavender scent.

You get all of this for $26.99 and it is made with all natural ingredients.  No fumes burning your eyes and nose.  Just a heavenly scent that smells so good you won't want to stop cleaning.  I know how ridiculous that sounds, but trust me...I have been one mean cleaning machine.

Santa brought us a Keurig for Christmas.  While I am not a huge coffee drinker I did accidentally give myself the coffee jitters a few times just to try out some of the samples that came with it.  Two cups of coffee at bed time ...I don't suggest it.  Thank goodness AMC has been playing some good movies late at night to make my unfortunate coffee experimentation a little less boring..

Good thing I can watch Braveheart and Titanic and never get tired of either..oh, and recorded episodes of Family Feud..


My favorite k cups so far are the just about every tea I've been able to get my hands on  as well as the apple cider.  

I love this bamboo storage drawer, and if you don't have any type of storage for your cups I totally recommend it.  I bought mine from a shop on eBay for $29.95 with free shipping.  They still have a few left, so if you're looking for one click the link and get it before they're gone.

My 2014 monthly planner is from Letter C Design on Etsy.  I absolutely love it!  I have marked important dates with different colored washi tape.  I actually got the idea from a picture I saw in the Letter C Design shop.  For instance my turquoise tape is for appointments, the lime green is for birthdays/anniversaries and the pink is for vacations.. 

It will definitely help keep me on track for the new year ahead.

That's all for this week.  

Please stay healthy - wash your hands - get your flu shot, and if you don't feel well stay home unless you're going to the doctor and please for the love of Betsy if you feel bad for more than a day go to the doctor.  

Better safe than sorry.

I'll step down from my soapbox now..

Thanks for stopping by..



  1. I am constantly going grocery shopping in my workout clothes! And also totally guilty of checking myself out in every mirror I pass. Found you through the Five on Friday linkup!

    1. I knew I wasn't the only one! Thanks for reading!

  2. We bought almost the same organizer for our k-cups and my hubby loves the teas and hot chocolates (I'm more of the coffee consumer) ps I shop in my workout gear too haaha Happy Weekend!

  3. Stopping by from H54F....I love the washi tape on your planner! Next time I see some in the dollar bin at Target, I'll grab some and give my planner some fun color!

    Have a lovely weekend =)

  4. Great blog, hope everything is great with you.