Friday, August 9, 2013

High Five for Friday

Hey Friday people! How was your week?  
Mine was weird..went by entirely too fast, and yesterday felt like a Friday..

Are you into shark week?  I'm mildly obsessed.  I spent any tv time at home this week watching Discovery, and I've kept my DVR busy recording shows that I didn't want to miss.  I would totally swim with sharks, would you?  How cool would that rush be?!  I have swam with dolphins and sting rays, why not add sharks to the list!? 

While on a fishing trip in West Palm a few years of the guys had a fish on the line, and all of a sudden this shark comes out of the water and rolls over with the fish in its mouth... We all yelled.. "omg did you see that"?  It was awesome!!  This is what was left of the fish once we got it in the boat. I'm pretty sure this is the same fish that I ripped apart with my bare hands to make chum with... I've probably already told you guys about this story..I can't help it..That was a fun trip, and one we still talk about often!

This kid gets his craftiness from his Mom..  He wanted to decorate his binders for school, so he bought camouflage tape..

Then he decorated everything else he had for school.  
All spiral notebooks and folders..
I remember making book covers in school, but nothing like this..
He diligently worked on them for hours, and was so proud of himself..

He said "what do you think, Mom"?  
I said "about what"?  
He said "my notebooks"
I said "what notebooks"?
He said "Mommmm...they're right here.." 
I bent over to look, scratched my head, 
and squinted my eyes trying to see what he was showing me..
I said "ohhh, yeah I see it was so hard to see them with all that camo.."!!
He looked at me..with his mouth half open not knowing whether to laugh or commit me.. then he laughed ..rolled his eyes and walked away.
Teenagers are fun.. (but not all the time..)

Took in this beautiful view on one of my runs this week

Once again I am out of town for the weekend. This time to Indiana for work.  I felt so bad that I would not be home for Trey's first full day of school.  I had some serious Mom guilt.  Now, I remember having this conversation not too long ago with Brittney...she was having Mom guilt, and I was saying that I don't think I ever get Mom guilt..well, I do now.  


So, I made Trey a batch of his favorite cookies...

They were great!!

We spent quality time together while I taught him how to make spaghetti.

<please ignore my messy corner stuffed with cardboard and paper to recycle>
It's way past overdue to be taken to the recycle bin.

The spaghetti was delicious..he did a great job!

I wrote him a sweet little note that I left on his pillow...
and made sure to tell him where I hid the last cookie so he could eat it.

When I got settled into my hotel room we FaceTimed before bed..

and laughed at each other.  I have one funny little boy..(he gets that from me too).

We made funny faces..

and then we said goodnight..
My Mom guilt isn't as heavy as it was..seeing this smile helped a lot!

Yesterday was Winston's 9th Birthday.  
More Mom guilt!

So I FaceTimed with him too!!

I ate this whole bag of Traders dried blueberries on my way to Indiana.
Yummy in my tummy!!

This little guy was begging for a slice of my apple.
He loves apples!

That's my was pretty much filled with lots of guilt.  Lots!!  I am excited to attend this workshop this weekend.  I was telling my Dad on the way up here that it is such a relief knowing that I won't have to take a test at the end of it.  I love hanging with my Dad.  I basically hang with him every day, but it's nice to get away with him too. He is constantly teaching me something new, and he is always encouraging when I bounce my new goals, and crazy ideas off of him.  He's pretty much the best and undoubtedly the coolest!

Hope you guys have a great weekend!


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  1. Sounds like an awesome week! I would have totally done the same thing if my kids covered everything in camo tape too.