Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Seamstress, I am not...

Once upon a time I tried to be domesticated and learn how to sew..I wanted to make stuff.  I took some classes with other girls my age and we..well, we made stuff.  I learned how to make coin purses, key chains, table runners, aprons, tote bags, I've made quilt squares, pajama pants, annd that's about it. All of these were made in a class with direct supervision, except I can actually make the key chains on my own..mostly because they are sooo easy to make.  I should probably mention that the tote bag, quilt square, and pajama pants are still unfinished projects.  Yeah, so?  

I have a rockin' sewing machine.  It is a Singer with a digital touch screen and also has monogramming capability.  Not that I ever leaned how to monogram or anything, but if I ever did my machine can do it...uh, for me.  So, wrapping up this story..I was so excited the year I learned to sew.  I had this grand idea that I was going to make Christmas gifts.  I even made soft fuzzy blankets for a previous foster dog of mine, and her sister.  I made things for my Mother-in-Law, my Mother and my sister.  Before Christmas arrived, I was over the sewing dream.  I have only used it one time since.  No intentions whatsoever.  None.  I ruined it for myself that Christmas...I out-sewed myself.  Now, if there was an emergency and you needed a button..I can sew a button, but machine wise I can't promise you that anything I make will look that swell, but I can sew a straight line, and that's something!!

During my classes I learned of this handy little helper called Steam a Seam.  
It is pretty much awesome, and can be found at fabric stores.  Possibly craft stores, but I'm not positive.  Anyway, it's the stuff!!

I love my grey cropped pants, and as I was going to hang them up to wear the next day I remembered that my hem had come undone. Such a pain!  And after all those sewing classes I still don't know how to hem anything..

but no fear...because I have steam a seam...and I know how to use it!
It is double sided fusible webbing..and I am about to teach you how to use it!

In the above picture I separated it to show you what it looks like.  It is actually not attached to each other, and can be tricky at first, but you want them lined up one on top of the other..

Cut a strip close enough to the length that you will need...if you cut too much, that is perfectly fine... because you can cut it.  Lay it along the seam, and hold your iron over each section for a few seconds.  

The heat from your iron will bond the webbing.
Cut any excess off the ends.

At one end pull up the paper and pull it completely off.

Fold the fabric into the position that you want it...

I used the crease, where my hem used to be, as a guide..

and then iron over the hem..holding it there for a few seconds.

and just like that you have yourself a perfect hem.

You can still wash your clothes and the steam a seam will remain intact. This took me less than five minutes.  You don't even need to have mad sewing skills to do this!
If I can do this, I know you can!!


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