Friday, August 2, 2013

High Five for Friday

I had a great week.  Did you?  Right now I am sitting on my couch; freshly showered, in my jams, with a towel on my head, writing my blog, listening to the news, while three dogs sit and stare at me.  They want something, I asked what, but they continued to stare without answering me...not sure what's going on with that.  Weirdos.

Wanna know something random?
I wish someone would show up at my front door and offer to dry my hair for me.  
I think I wish for this more than one person should.

Moving along...

Here are a few highlights from my week...

I have been planning a laundry room makeover project for a few months now.  I have purchased some art to hang in there, sketched out, and gathered some ideas for shelving and storage.  Pinned a million ideas on Pinterest.  My laundry room is tiny.  It also gets fairly heavy traffic due to it being the way into the house from the garage.  It is one of two rooms in my house that have yet to be painted.  I have been wanting a project to throw myself into and the laundry room was the lucky winner..

 I knew I wanted the room to be a fresh/clean color.  After weeks of staring at swatches on the wall I settled on Bird Song Blue.  Picked it up last weekend, and hope to get started tomorrow!!  I'm pretty excited about it!

Saw The Conjuring last weekend.  It was great!  Finally a scary movie that is not super cheesy!  If you dig scary movies you have to check this one out..don't wait for the DVD!!

I started reading Find You in the Dark last week..
finished it...

and then picked up the sequel, Light in the Shadows.  Both great story lines.  A ton of typos that drove me crazy, but overall I thoroughly enjoyed them.  They are YA, about mental illness and the life of a few teenagers living less than normal lives due to relationships with each other as well as with their families.

Then I started reading Hopeless.  I have basically been spending most of my free time lately with a book in my hand.  Ok, so this book seriously can't put it down!!  Again it is YA, young love, or maybe lust, or maybe both.  Yes, definitely both.  Stereotypical High School...Friends, rumors, boys, relationships.  It really makes you glad you are no longer in HS, but then again it kinda makes you miss certain aspects and experiences along the way of being young again.

There is a sequel to this called Losing Hope. It is the guys point of view - whereas Hopeless is the girls perspective.  The paper back of Losing Hope will be released in October, but is available on the Kindle now.  I already pre-ordered it anyway, rather than getting it to read on my Kindle app.  I much prefer holding a real book, with real pages in my hands.

I cut these chives from my herb garden.  They smell fantastic!  I chopped them, dried them, and then put them in a cute little container for storage.  Can't wait to use them!

My throwback Thursday picture is from October 2007..I was a month into being 30, and little Miss Catie was 4 months old.  She got tickled playing patty cake and I'm so glad someone snapped a picture of it because this is definitely one of my faves!

My little buddy and a friend of his went with me to the Greenway in Springfield.  
I have really been enjoying running there.  

The boys rode their bikes while I ran.  
The weather was absolutely perfect today.

I promised them that they could play in the park at the end of the trail before we headed back.  It's not everyday that you run into a random zip line, so I had to test it out.  The kids got a good me, and I have to admit I even got a good laugh at myself..

My sweet Winston loves naps on my pillow...

I love snuggling up with these two special boys.

Thanks for stopping by.
Have an amazing weekend!!


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