Friday, June 14, 2013

High Five for Friday

Oh, hey there Friday.

I've been consumed by gardening.  I talk about it to everyone I know.  I think about it when I'm not home. If you stop by my house, I will insist you see it.  Sometimes I pull weeds in it.  I take pictures of it.  I don't talk to it yet..ok, so what if I do!? Sometimes I stand beside it, and stare at it.. frightened by its massive growth.  Sometimes I even peek out the window to make sure it's still there.

Since I'm a few weeks behind on H54F I have to mention that my little boy had his first (ever) date with his little girlfriend.  Yep, really.  I said date.  We picked her up, went to Steak and Shake for dinner, then went to the rodeo.  They held hands and he even walked her to her door when we dropped her off.  I'm glad he let me share his special day with him.  Pass me a handkerchief please, thanks.

Since we were going to the rodeo I had to wear my cowgirl boots.  Trey informed me that girls don't wear cowgirl boots with skinny jeans.  I missed that memo.  Then I was worried half the night that I looked ridic...then I was like hello, I'm not taking fashion pointers from a 13 year old that thinks hair hanging in his eyes looks cool, so after texting a few girlfriends for confirmation that skinny jeans were acceptable with cowgirl boots..I decided to hold my head up high and rock those boots.  If you carry yourself like you own one will know any different!

I am in l.o.v.e with these strappy black and brown color block sandals from Old Navy.  They are very versatile.  I've worn them with skinnies, shorts and a chambray, and a maxi dress.  Even got a few compliments on how cute they are.  In my ON store they were on clearance for $10.94, but on the website they are $24.94.  I can't explain that one, but either way if I were you I'd def get me a pair.  
They also come in other colors.

Kiddie pools for everyone...for myself and the dogs I mean.  I spent part of my weekend sitting in my beach chair inside my kiddie pool with a book.  It's one of the most genius ideas I have come up with lately.  Brodie preferred to sit in my lap, rather than in the pool, but whatever.  I let him.

I had a movie and dinner date night last weekend.  We saw The Purge...which was super twisted, and then we went to check out Cheddar's, which was actually really good.

I had my routine appointment with my Rheumatologist.  My Lupus is still in remission, and the word excellent was used twice while he (my doctor) was speaking to me...annnnd I've lost a total of 52 pounds since last June.

Thumbs up for being awesomely excellent!!

I celebrated by grabbing a few cupcakes on the way home...It would be a lot easier to avoid if it were not directly across the street from the doctors office.

Besides, I totally earned it, and I shared.  

While I was out and about this week I stopped by my old house.  The tenants moved out, and we needed to make a list of anything that needed to be done.  While I was there I remembered that I let Trey make his handprint in the driveway the day the concrete was poured for the garage.  I pulled some of the grass back, and took this picture.  He was two years (and four months) old on 02/14/2002.  You can barely see his little handprint under his name, but I still remember the day we made it.  I also visited my old dog Charlie that's buried under a tree in the yard.  I sure do miss that dog, and my boy being so little.  Lots of good memories at our old house!

This week I have OPI's Sweet Heart (left) on my fingers, and Strawberry Margarita on my toes.

I, for one, am so ready for this weekend to begin!
Thanks for stopping by to read H54F!!

Have a great weekend!


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  1. If you liked Cheddar's enough to go back.....get the Spasagna (yes, spaghetti lasagna)! It is FAB!!!
    You and your garden look great! ;)