Thursday, June 6, 2013

Here's the Dirt - Week 5

It is hard to believe that it has only been five weeks since the garden was planted.  Waking up to look at it every morning is still just as exciting to me as it was the very first morning I got to wake up to it.  I know it sounds strange, maybe you have to have one to understand what I mean.  I find myself in it first thing in the morning, and while the last little bit of sunlight is on the horizon..ending my day with the mosquito's, a couple of cutie pie dogs and the garden..

When I first planted my cantaloupe it did not look too swell for the first 3 weeks.  Last week it perked up, and this week it has several blooms.  I am thrilled that it is thriving..I have to admit that the cantaloupe is probably what I am most excited about.  I could make a meal out of a sweet, juicy loupe.

I have four bean plants.  All of them are doing amazingly well producing a ton of beans.  I found myself watching video after video this week about how and when to harvest vegetables.  I watched several about beans.  I should be able to harvest beans every week until the first frost.

I harvested these beans mid-week..
Needless to say, I was super pumped!!

Since there were only nine beans ready, I decided to cook them french style so that there would be enough to share with Trey.  If you don't know how to do that with fresh's simple..all you do is clip the ends like you normally would, and then slice along the center of the bean.

They will end up looking like this, and then cook them however you would like.

I can't wait for my cucumbers so I can make some homemade pickles and lots of cucumber salad.

The vines are the coolest thing to watch.  
Everyday a new one has attached itself to the cage.

So far this is the biggest strawberry...
I have three strawberry plants, each producing about 6 or 7 flowers on each.

I have three rows of Peaches and Cream - sweet corn.  The cob will have two different colored kernels...a white-ish kernel and a yellow kernel.  These began as seeds just five weeks ago.  Pretty amazing, right!

Two of these red potatoes and two are white potatoes.  
I can't say which because I have no clue.  Guess it'll be a surprise!

I planted three varieties of tomatoes.  These are my Roma tomatoes.  Also called a plum tomato.  They will be an oblong/egg shape..they are good for making homemade tomato sauce and for other canning. They are the fastest growing out of the three species.  The other tomato plants are Bradley - which are the larger regular sized tomatoes we buy at the store, and I am also growing sweet cherry tomatoes.

The broccoli is pretty cool to watch grow. It should also produce throughout the season as long as we pick it as soon as it is ready.

Oh, hello jalapeno

Sweet banana peppers.  Don't you know I am all over Pinterest looking for canning recipes!

The next few pictures are just different views of the garden...
You can see the cucumbers in the cages, onions, the broccoli is getting ginormous, and on the other side of the cage beside the broccoli are the beans.  Behind the beans I have my watermelon and cantaloupe.

Here you can see the broccoli again, beside that is my green leaf lettuce.  I am going to be able to have one fresh salad here soon!!  Beside the lettuce are beets.  You can tell which plants are the onions, and next to the onions are the potatoes.

A different view of the potatoes, tomatoes and corn.

The tomatoes are out of control!!!

One of the most delightful things about a garden is the anticipation it provides - W.E Johns


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