Friday, March 29, 2013

High Five for Friday

Happy Good Friday!!

Here are the highlights from my week...

Friday Trey and I packed up and went to the lake.  He fished most of the time we were there..even in the rain.  I sat in this chair most of the time during the day..reading Divergent, watching Trey fish, sea gulls fly..(sea gulls migrate here from Michigan during the winter) ...we even watched a bald eagle scoop a fish out of the lake and perch itself on a tree limb outside the window and eat was pretty awesome...all of this took place while I enjoyed multiple glasses of wine out of a pink solo cup (keepin it classy) and then at night we watched a ton of movies.  Seven movies to be exact.

It was a wonderful, relaxing mini vacation, and exactly what I needed

A few miles down the road from the house a Civil War reenactment was being held.  We heard cannon's being shot at random times of the day.  Each time it would rattle the house, and I thought someone was there.  Trey talked me into taking him to see the last cannon shooting of the night...So, in the rain, in the dark, without a coat (because I didn't pack one..I only packed comfy clothes because I didn't plan to go anywhere or see anyone) in the muddy field...we stood under an umbrella, under a tent, in the cold to have a heart attack every time a cannon went off.  

The things we do for our kids.

I finished the first book of the Divergent trilogy while I was there.  Love a lot of love, loving it!  It's pretty fantastic.  Basic's future dystopic Chicago, corrupt government..the state is divided into five factions.  When you turn 16 you take an aptitude test to find which faction you are best suited for, and then you get to choose which faction you want to join..If you leave your current faction you leave everyone you know behind, and cannot see them ever again. Each faction has it's own rules and way of doing things...some are seriously loopy, some are scary.  It's very Hunger Gamish, but I like it a lot better...yeah, I just said that.  It's pretty intense, and leaves you turning the pages while you pry your eyelids open with toothpicks to finish.  I got the second book - Insurgent - in the mail yesterday and had to pull my face out of it just to write this post.  The third book comes out in October, and they are making a movie that will hit theaters March 2014.  It's some good stuff folks, check it out.

Since Marcie and I have been reading together we decided one evening this week that we will begin the Matched tril next.  Last night she sent me this...

Pretty funny, huh!

I have a new (to me) game I've been playing whenever I have absolutely nothing else to do..It's called What's the Word.  It's a free app.  Basically you have four pictures and you have to come up with one word that all four pictures have in common.  Sometimes I have to put it down and walk away for a few days because I can't figure out the word.  It won't let you go to the next picture until you get it right.

Since I didn't go out in public too much this week I decided to try out the sample of curly hair serum I got in a recent Birchbox.  I rarely wear my hair curly if I go out..If it's curly you should go ahead and assume that (a). I was physically incapable of fixing my hair that day, or (b.) That I only had 5 minutes readily available that day to fix my hair.  1. It is completely out of control, and I don't know how to fix it when it's curly  2.  It gets really annoying when people I know ask me if I got a perm, and then in the same breath say you should wear it like that all the time.  My sister is the worst.  She must think I get a perm every few years..I'm always like "How long exactly have you known me?"

  I guess it is really pretty, but it never stays like that.  I'd love to hear suggestions for preventing a major fro from you curly hair people.  I either use too much product, or not's never just right.  My hair was really soft, and smelled phenomenal.  The packaging says that it is the first fabric softener type styling lotion for your hair leaving your curls clothesline fresh and fluffy soft. All of which is true.  It smells like fabric softener...I'm not making it up.  It was as if I washed my hair with Snuggle.  I would get random whiffs of the scent throughout the day...and it smelled really good.  I think next time I'll try to use a little more of the product, but for the most part it did a nice job.

Every spring break my neighbor bestie leaves me and goes to the beach.  It is not very nice of her to leave me, and then also to not invite me...I'm kidding, but I do miss her...and the beach, so while having a text-convo with her I requested a picture...

So, here's a picture from Brittney to share with all of you (maybe just me) that wish you were at a beach somewhere...


Saturday I will finally get to see Brittney's face again and we, along with three other people, are going down to Nashville to do The Color Run.  I'm the only one out of the five of us that has done a color run before, so I'm super pumped that we are all doing it together.  We are going to have so much fun!

 For the first time in a very long time I have plans almost the entire weekend, and I can't wait.  I was reminded earlier in the week that one of my best buds is coming into town next weekend and we are doing some serious do a lot of hanging out at the martini bar downtown..and whatever else we want to do. Hopefully next week will fly by because I kinda miss her face too!!

Thanks for stopping by to read about my week...I hope your weekend is amazing!



  1. LOVE your looks great! I would use a little more product. I used a lot and it didn't make my hair crunchy or frizzy!

    1. Thernks! I will def try more next time! xo

  2. Can't wait for the color run!! Guess I will be doing some babysitting next weekend!! That's fine by me!

  3. look how long your hair is getting! i lerve it!

  4. Your hair is too gorgeous to not wear it curly more often!! Can't wait to see u next week!!

  5. Hi Carrie - found your blog on h54f. I love the Divergent series too! I didn't realize they are making a movie... very exciting! Have a great weekend :)

    1. Hope you also have a great weekend! Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Can't wait for the Color Run! I hope I can make it to the end!!!! Girl, you have got one beautiful head of hair curly or straight! See ya in the morning!