Sunday, March 3, 2013

Under the Weather

Have you ever had a flu test?  Trey had one several months back.  As I sat in the hard, metal chair in the corner of the little 10 x 10 examination room I had to pick my mouth up off the floor, and fight back the tears watching in horror at how they test for the flu...on my little boy.  All I could get out of my mouth after they were finished was "are you okay?!"

This past week I was feeling a little under the weather.  Once I would get home from work I would go straight to bed.  I felt terrible.  Dizzy, headache, nausea, chest congestion, hot, cold, night sweats.  All the fun stuff that comes with being sick.  So, Saturday after waking up from a long nap I called the walk in clinic down the road to inquire about their hours.  It was only 5:00, and they were open until 8:00.  I crawled out of bed.  Told Kyle I was going to go ahead and go. Washed my face, brushed my teeth, threw my hair back, put on some clothes, and I was out the door.

On the way to the clinic I had a flashback of the flu test that Trey had.  I was mentally planning my escape route in the event that they said I needed a flu test. I would jump off the examination table, and run out the door as fast as I could.  Throwing elbows at anyone that got in my way.  That was the plan.

Luckily, upon my arrival I was the only one there, so I did not have to wait long.  Once in the room, the two nurses were chatting amongst themselves about how cold it was in the building.  I didn't notice.  The girl taking my temp said she could feel the heat radiating off me, and thought it would be a good idea to hover around me for warmth.  Seriously?  I'm not a campfire, lady!  My temp was super high.

After waiting about 5 minutes or so the doctor came in.  She ran through my symptoms, and after writing everything down that I had just told the nurses she said I think we are going to do a flu test.  I'm not exactly sure what my expression looked like after she said that, but she had a strange look on her face, and she paused for a moment, while staring at me.  With my bottom lip poking out, I said I didn't want a flu test.  I was too tired, too weak to run.  Now I wanted to cry, and I did.

The two nurses came back in the room.  They looked at me with sad faces.  Probably because they know the flu test is no day in the park, and they had already commented on how I looked like I felt terrible.  She said "are you ready?" With my bottom lip sticking out, I could barely speak...I shook my head no, and I started to cry again.  This time the tear flow was uncontrollable.  I didn't want this.  I was deathly afraid of the flu test.  I have given birth via c-section, I have been poked and prodded with countless needles, I have had broken bones, but I absolutely no way.. no how want to stick anything up my nose.  The nurse began to cry with me..which oddly enough was very comforting. She said she knows it's horrible, but it will be over in seconds.  As I held both their hands she did it.  She stuck the extremely long q-tip up my nose and tickled my brain.

It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but it was still one of the most unpleasant things I have experienced.

Now that I was in the room alone, I was still uncontrollably sobbing.  I felt terrible, I was using up a whole box of tissues blowing my nose and wiping my tears.  I think I cried harder because I was crying.  I was being a big baby, and I knew it.  I couldn't stand it, but I couldn't help it.  My nausea was unbearable. I was scanning the room to figure out the best place to run in the event that I needed to vomit.  All I wanted to do was lay down and close my eyes.

I heard the timer go off outside my room.  I wondered if that was the timer for my flu test.  It must have been because the doctor came in shortly after.  She said, "you tested negative for the flu." I said "well, I'm glad we did all that for nothing."  I followed it up with the sweetest smile I could muster since it sounded pretty mean.

Either way...flu or no flu, I was happy to finally be able to leave, and to have some medicine to make me feel better.  I was grateful for the sweet nurses and the doctor for taking care of me, and being so kind.  Hopefully I am on the mend now, and hopefully I never have to have a flu test again.  Ever.


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