Friday, December 14, 2012

High Five for Friday

I seriously cannot believe that it is already Friday...Can you?  The time is going by entirely too fast folks.  I'm not ready for Christmas.  I have family birthdays coming up back to back, friends going through life changing events, Trey's school stuff, holiday stuff...I could go on, and on..  Oh how the most wonderful time of the year can quickly become the busiest time of year.  Although I feel as if I am scattered all over the place, and a few extra hours in the day would be nice...I have to admit I do kind of like it...if I sit still for too long I tend to get bored..

Here are a few highlights from my week...

This weather is insane..last week it was mid 70's.  This week it has been mid 40's. wonder people are getting sick all over the place.  Over the weekend while we were experiencing Spring-like weather I wanted to wear a scarf, so I put on a super thin knit infinity scarf.  It for reals made the whole outfit, and it was weather appropriate..

One of my favorite Christmas songs...
It really makes me want to rock around my Christmas tree...

I realized the other day that a year ago this week I was in NYC.  If you have never been to NYC during Christmas sure to put it on your bucket list.  There is nothing like it!  My heart is aching to go back!

Actually, a year ago this very morning I was on the set of Good Morning America...I got to meet my news anchor crush, Josh Elliott...I could not stop smiling!
(and WOW..Holy weight loss!! What a difference a year, and a whole lot of determination can make...high five to me!!)

I never thought I would love the city as much as I did, but it definitely stole my heart.  I think out of all the places in the US that I have visited...NYC is my fave, and I absolutely cannot wait to go back!

Poor baby had his last three baby teeth pulled he looking pitiful or what?  I think he's milking it for all it's worth..

I got my hair did on Wednesday...
Helleur, blondie!!

For some reason I felt the need to rearrange my kitchen counters, and decided to move my coffee maker from one end of the kitchen to the other.  I rarely drink coffee, but I do love me some hot tea, and especially a mug of hot cider on the cold days.  So, I set up a little tea/cider station next to my coffee pot.  Using items already in my kitchen...I used a silver platter for the base, my cookie platter for my plant stand, a ramekin for my tea bags, and an old mason jar as cork storage.  Cute, certainly adds a little character to that corner of the kitchen.

I clean my makeup brushes with Sephora's daily cleaner.  I don't however clean them every day...nor do I clean them as often as I should.  This stuff is the bomb diggity!!  You spray it on your brushes, wipe them on a can totally see the makeup coming off...I usually do it a few times...then let them dry, and the next time you go to use your makeup brush it will be as soft as the day you bought it.  No kidding!  It's amazing.  I have a confession...when I first started blogging I made a vlog (video blog) of myself cleaning my brushes...I was a complete weirdo.  It was very informative, and whatnot, but I was can anyone stand the sound of my voice?  Weeeird!!  I showed it to a total of three people; my Mother, Kyle, and Nicole.  My Mother is the only one that did not laugh (at least not to my face.)  I looked on my camera, and I deleted it...sorrrry...(I'm really not sorry...

Thanks for stopping by to see what's new for me this guys are simply the best! 
 Have a super awesome weekend!



  1. You deleted the video...dangit!! Lol...I'm laughing just thinking abt it! You're cute and it wasn't bad!!

  2. OOH! I am loving the blonde! and those sunglasses!

    1. Thanks, Amanda! After reading a few of your blog posts...we could totally be friends! Ha! Oh, and I got the sunglasses at Old Navy. :)