Friday, July 27, 2012

High Five (or more) for Friday

Happy Friday! I have had an amazing much to be thankful for, and absolutely no complaints.  When I write these Friday blogs I always put my photos on first, and then write about each little weekly detail...this week I have 10 things to tell you about.  Too much?  Too much of a good thing can never be bad, right? 

My favorite little drive-in theater announced their 80's movie night line up.  Two of my faves...The Goonies and the same night?  Yes, please..I am so there!  The dates are August 17-19 at the Stardust Drive-in in Watertown. I already have it on my favorite date nights are at the drive-in!

If you want to check out their website click here.

I used my Birchbox 6 month anniversary discount, and the last of my points to get the Jouer tinted moisturizer.  Yesterday I literally used the very last drop of the sample that came in my very first box.  I don't like to use foundation, and I'm not a huge fan of the powder look.  This has the perfect coverage, it's oil free, and feels so light on my feels like a moisturizer..and to top it off it has 20 SPF.  The tube is huge, and considering how long the tiny sample lasted..I shouldn't run out until sometime next year.

Want some for yourself?  Click here.

The color I use is Pearl

I used the pencil as a scale to show you how big the tube is

So, ya'll know how much I love Elisabeth Ashlie earrings, right?  Well, their Mom also has an Etsy shop called The Dotted Poppy.  I ordered two pairs of earrings from her.

I have had my eye on these little birdie earrings for a while now...they are so different..which is so me...Love them!!

These silver earrings with a bluish/sapphire stone gave a little "pop" to some of the outfits I wore this week.  I liked them best with a little black summer dress, and my favorite jean jacket paired with my Fleur de Lis flops I talked about on this blog post (click here).

Tuesday we went out to dinner with some friends that we haven't seen in months.  We always plan something, then something comes up and plans change...We were excited to finally get together.

I picked LongHorn because I had been craving a steak with mashed potatoes so badly that I wanted to strangle somebody to get it...I ended up having lunch later than usual, so when dinner time finally rolled around I wasn't hungry enough for a steak, and opted for this delicious strawberry chicken salad with raspberry vinaigrette dressing instead.  I only ate half of was ginormous...Kyle still can't believe I talked about steak for 2 weeks, and ended up ordering a salad.  I kind of can't believe it myself...

Our friends that we met for dinner have the cutest little baby girl named Azzie...She will be a year old in just one month!!!  We love her like she's our own!!

She is the most cuddly, precious little thing ever!!

and she loves her Aunt CC!!  :)

I did my own nail color job this you can tell by my third toe on my left foot....haha!!  I didn't notice until I was editing the picture.  I fixed it, so it's all good and normal now.  

I used OPI's Strawberry Margarita.  It's probably my most favorite summer color I've used this year.
I couldn't find it at any of the nail salons I use in town, so I just ordered it new off Ebay.

Trey is seriously getting too big...lately he has been picking up Wheels and Deals, or Auto Trader..whatever truck sale papers are out there...He spends his spare time looking for his "dream truck."  *sigh*  He has circled at least 20 that he likes.  Lord help me!  I wish our kids didn't grow up so fast!  

He helped me measure some houses this week...he's a trooper!

Yesterday after work Trey and I went to scope out a secret fishing hole that we are going to go to this weekend.  On our way we stopped to "horse" around for a little while.

This is Peanut...he belongs to the Cook kids..

My little cousins have been raising these two sheep for a 4-H project.  Their names are Baa Baa Leroy Brown, and Lexi. 

This little one let me feed him?  her?  Honestly I didn't pay attention...the other one didn't want anything to do with us.  They were so much fun to watch!

This Old House is my absolute favorite magazine!!    It's a home improvement magazine, and also a television show.  I don't watch the show, but I get so excited when I get the mag in the mail every month.  It's the one magazine script that I didn't cancel this year.  So many great ideas if you are into DIY things at home.  On the very last page of each issue there is a column called "save this old house" it features an old fixer upper that costs little to nothing...just waiting for someone to save it.  This old house below was built in 1863, and is selling for $99,900.  It's nestled in a coastal Oregon town.  Oh, how I wish!!

I took a few more pics than usual of the pups this week, so I thought I'd share them with all of you!! 

Scuba is such a good sport, and let Trey turn him into a super hero for a day.  

Super Scuba?

I love coming home to these two sweet little love bugs every day!!  They love giving me hugs!! 

Well, Winston doesn't look like he's enjoying it too much (haha), but Brodie is always up for a squeeze from Mom!

Brodie  :)

My little snuggle buddy

Scuba is literally standing over the top of me


I may be a little bias, but my dogs are darn cute!

Nap time...and he's fast asleep!!

Thanks so much for stopping by to read today's H5(10)4F.  I hope each of you acknowledged some goodness in your week that you can be thankful for.  I'm linking up with Lauren over at From My Grey Desk Blog for a H5 link up party. Tons of other awesome over and check em out!!  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!



  1. Do you think any of your followers have husbands with K5 Blazers? I need parts!! Thank you!! Kyle

    1. I'm gonna say that between all fourteen of :) lol

  2. I love those Birchbox points and discounts. I think that's the only time I EVER actually buy anything. lol