Friday, July 20, 2012

High Five for Friday

Hey guys!  I can't believe Friday is already here. Last week when Trey was camping the week went by so slow, but this week it went by too fast.  Funny how that works. I had a hard time narrowing down five of my favorite things from this week, so I may have gone a little overboard on the H5...

When I went to NYC in December we shopped at Century is this huge department store very similar to a TJ Maxx..I guess everything in NYC is super sized, but this was my first shopping experience in the city...I remember when I finally found my way through the "maze" to the shoe section I thought I was in shoe heaven. The shoe section was like two floors was pretty awesome. Have you ever been to a store where they had so much goodness, and you were so overwhelmed you left with nothing?  That's kinda how my first visit to C21 went.  I am pretty sure that their stores are only found in NY, and NJ.  Recently they made a sort of online store, but you have to fill out all this stuff and become a member first...I did, but it was just too much to look at online...

This is the store we went in..

If you are a regular reader of my blog you already know how much I love eBay...I was looking for a certain style of ballet flats the other day, and I found out that Century 21 has an eBay store.  I have died and gone to shopping heaven.  You can browse their ebay store here. I not only found what I was looking for, I found something even better....

My new shoes came Wednesday...

I was looking for a neutral colored ballet flat with a black patent toe, and found these instead! The toe is a patent marbleish/leopardy design. I don't really know what you would call it, but they are adorable!  I'm pretty sure I wore Sam and Libby flats in like 5th grade, I didn't even know they still existed, but they do, and now I have a pair..again!  These were originally 49.00, and I got them for a steal at 23.97.

I started to feel sickly last weekend, and a sweet friend of mine brought me a care package. Homemade chicken soup, a sleeve of crackers, and a 7up.  I think she healed me!

I found this pic that I took of Kyle and I last week...  I was trying to be sneaky and take a picture of the guy behind me at dinner (because I thought I knew him, and wanted his picture to look up who he was in my HS yearbook...yes I'm a total stalker.)  It was so funny, and Kyle got in the way of the picture on purpose, and I couldn't stop laughing.  He makes every day fun, and I love that about him!!

Lately, I have had a little white dog wanting to be my helper whenever I've been on the computer.  His spot is right by my side, and I love it!!  He has a birthday coming up in a few weeks...He'll be 8..I can't believe he is already 8 :(  ...we've been browsing Etsy for birthday party hat ideas.. 

I got my Glamour Birchbox in the mail.  What did you guys think of yours?  I was totally digging my neon ear buds.  I don't have any because some little person in my house took mine, and then lost them...not naming any names...  :)  So, of course that was the first thing I went for, and I was plugged up and jamming into the wee hours of the night.  I also love the Oscar de la Renta perfume...I couldn't stop smelling my wrist after I tried it. 

I ordered a pair of Elisabeth Ashlie earrings.  I've been wanting them for a long for months.  So, I finally gave them!!!

Click here to check out the EA etsy shop

This lotion is seriously the best stuff ever!  I usually buy lotions on the more expensive side because they work the best, and I'm obsessed with having soft skin.  Kyle wanted some lotion with aloe when we got back from vaca, so I picked up a bottle of this Hawaiian Tropic after sun lotion.  I have just about used the entire bottle. Not only does it smell's scent is called lime coolada...but omg my skin is so super baby soft.  If you see a bottle of this grab it before it's gone!!

I started wearing my Jouer moisturizing lipgloss in Birchbox Pink when I found it while looking through some old bboxes...I forgot how much I like it.  It's the perfect shade of pink...and goes super great with any summer outfit.  Bbox just now got it back in stock (it's way popular) if you want to grab yourself a tube before it disappears's your here.

It wouldn't be a good Friday blog if I didn't include my favorite little furry boys...

This is what nap time looked like at my house this week...

Winston falling asleep 

and...he's out!!

Helping me get some work finished...

I just can't get enough of that sweet face...

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  1. can't wait to go to c21 eay site--thanks for the tip. makes my day to read your blog!

  2. I love that you celebrate pet birthdays at your house!