Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Very Berry Good Day

It's Strawberry pickin' time in Tennessee

Last season we didn't make it to the farm until closing week, and it was slim pickens.  This year we visited during opening week, and the harvest was plentiful.

These red berries will literally melt in your mouth...

 At H & S Farms you can either pick your own berries for $10.00 a basket, or buy a basket...already picked for $12.00.

We like to pick our own...

You can visit H & S Farms at 400 Seven Mile Ferry Road in Clarksville
Located off Highway 13 and Marthas Chapel Road

If you don't live near the Clarksville area you can find a pick-your-own farm by clicking here.  On the website you also find canning and preserving recipes and tips for your picks.

 As we were leaving they were preparing to protect the crops from the frost.  We are expecting to reach near freezing temperatures in our area tonight and tomorrow night.

If you have blooms at home don't forget to cover them so you can continue to enjoy them.  Usually I drape an old sheet loosely over my blooms.  Sometimes I rig a few sticks under the sheet to support the weight.  You can find more useful tips on how to help your plants survive the frost by clicking here.

Happy harvest!

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  1. I'd love to have a mouthful of those delicious looking berries! Hope the crop withstood the freeze last night.