Saturday, October 4, 2014

A Boy and his Sheep..

Since Lynn and I decided at the last minute yesterday to take the day off from the market, I was so excited to sleep late today. I was exhausted. In my mind I was going to sleep sooo late..I couldn't wait to sleep until about 9:00 this morning.  On market days my first alarm goes off at's just a - be're going to have to wake up 5:00 another alarm goes off - it's the get out of bed with one eye open, and turn on your curling iron..then crawl back into bed.  Finally, the 5:15 alarm means you have to get up..and open both eyes.  

So, today when I didn't set an alarm, my husbands alarm went off.  With both eyes closed..I said through my teeth - "why is your alarm going off?"  I can only assume his eyes were closed too. I couldn't see through mine.  He said "I don't know"...then like 5 minutes later I felt him jump up, and in a hurry he said "because I have to work today.."  Ohhh, yeah...  I thought it was Sunday.. You know..the one and only day I don't set an alarm.  So, of course I couldn't go back to sleep, but technically I did get to sleep in, and I'm ok with that!  

I loved getting up to a quiet house..the dogs were sound asleep..I tiptoed through the house hoping not to wake the sleeping teenager.  I turned the air off and opened the windows..I put some beans in a pot to rinse for supper, did laundry to hang on the line, had breakfast, and decided it would be a fantastic morning to write.  I miss doing a weekly blog...I have still been writing, but sadly don't have very many finished writings..just a folder full of drafts.. In just two weeks, when market comes to an end, it's highly possible that I may get a little carried away and binge blog.  Today's post is something that happened, ehh..last season...aka Summer..which technically was just last week, but this little gem has been sitting in drafts since the beginning of August...

Remember that one blog where I mentioned that we bought a sheep?

I sure love that girl!!
Elizabeth Taylor was my Trey's very first sheep, and we will be soul sisters forever.  We bonded.

Then came the time when we had to get her prepared for the sheep show at the 4H arena..
Trey learned how to shear a sheep.  Elizabeth Taylor was so well behaved.  She stood still while he worked his magic on her..and gave her a b-ewe-tiful makeover.

I stood nearby, with my buddy watch..

So, early one morning it was finally sheep show day. 
We three Moms, and a baby.. were ready to oversee that it went off without a hitch!

The only thing I did to help Trey that day was give Elizabeth Taylor a bath..He did give her one, and then I gave her another one.  If you have teenage boys, then you know that they tend to miss spots...a lot of them!  Couldn't have my Trey's girl go into the show ring with dirty splotches on her..

Just an FYI..sheep wool reallly soaks up soap (duh), so a little goes a long way, and a lot is just makes for a long rinse cycle...She didn't care..for all she knew she was at the spa getting a, she was shiny as new with not one single dirty spot!

Trey was a little emotional that day.  He knew he was going to have to say goodbye to his little sheep sister.  It really made me wish we lived on a farm, because if we had our own barn we definitely would have loved to keep her.  Before the show he spent a lot of time in the pen with her.  Talking to her while he combed her hair..and giving her lots of love...

Then it was show time!    

He and Elizabeth Taylor both looked great in the ring!  

For his very first sheep show Trey did a wonderful job!  Most importantly he had fun doing it, and it was great practice for future shows!

Essentially, this project was Trey's responsibility, and he made the decision to sell Elizabeth Taylor.  She was sold to a farm where she will be used for breeding to make some b-ewe-tiful babies, which he was very happy about.

I was so proud of Trey and Elizabeth Taylor...Together they made a great team!




  1. Aww...I love it...and Elizabeth Taylor...and Trey!!!

    1. Thank you....They love you too!! xo