Friday, May 2, 2014

H54F - Ready. Set. Grow...

Last weekend I spent the entire day Saturday playing in the dirt.  We had some rainy days, so I was afraid that it wouldn't be dry enough to plant.  Watching dirt dry is way worse than watching water case you ever wondered...

I planted four rows of corn.  Last year I planted Peaches and Cream, and only three rows.  This year I went with Ambrosia, which is another sweet corn.  I planted the four rows, going in opposite directions as last year.  I did that to allow more room..I had no idea what I was doing last season, I just kinda planted it, and waited to see what happened..It was exciting, as well as overwhelming.  This time around my plot was mainly planned around putting my seeds and plants in the spot that I thought it would thrive the most, which I suppose is what most people do, but now that I know how everything will grow, it made planning a lot easier.

I planted a row of bean plants on one side of my bean trellis, and bean seeds on the other side.  I did this primarily to allow for different harvesting times, so that I don't pick all my beans at once. Another way to do this is to plant a row of seeds one week, and then plant another row the next week..and so on.  Just another tip I learned last year...I would go weeks in between each bean harvest.

One day this will be a salad in my belly...  Romaine lettuce seeds..

I planted three rows, and three varieties of onions.  Yellow, red, and white.  I was browsing through seeds at the Co-op this week and picked up a seed packet for green onions..I'll plant those tomorrow.  Love my favorite thing on a salad is red onions!

I found this little scoundrel in the garden...It's a grub, which is what the pesky moles eat..You can buy something to spread on your yard to kill the grubs, which may in fact solve your mole problem.  I don't necessarily mind the moles - what I do mind is my dogs digging up half of my yard to catch the moles, and they have caught plenty.  If the moles ever decide to tunnel through my garden..I will then have a serious problem with them..

I thought it was dead..until it moved..then it scared me, and I screamed like a girl..I tried to shake it off my hand and it stuck to me with its creepy legs..

Planting Marigolds around your garden is a win-win...First of all they are beautiful, and add so much character to your garden.  Secondly, they keep bugs and certain worms away that like to eat your squash, tomatoes, potatoes and strawberries..and many others.  The root of a Marigold produces a chemical that kills nematodes as they enter the soil. 

(you do want earthworms in your garden) 

Anytime a slight breeze came through I would get a whiff of my sheets hanging on the line.  Unless you know exactly what it smells like, I can't even begin to describe's wonderful.

The boss man came through every now and then to make sure I was doing a good job..

Because of said boss, and his posse.. I have to put a little wire fence around the garden.  I use a very inexpensive fencing that I bought from Lowe's.  Each set is about $5.00 and I used four sets for my 16x8 bed.

Winston woke me up super early one morning...He was crying like he really needed to go out, and of course since he's an old dog I always try to appease him...So, I woke up..not happy..I'm sure I mumbled a few expletives as I threw the covers off of me to get out of bed with one eye open..I open the back door and they all shoot out at the same time just about knocking me over.  Trying to regain my balance, I quickly realized that he fooled me..he didn't have to go to the bathroom..they heard something in the yard..  So, all three of them ran to the very back of the yard, and were screaming like something was eating them...This was around 4:00 a.m by the way.. I have one neighbor that complains when the dogs bark..I was thinking "great..she'll be over here in her robe in no time.." So, I got the two barkers in, and the other one wouldn't budge..It wasn't until the sun came up that I realized they tree'd a cat...

I don't know who the cat belonged to..I also had no clue how it was going to get down.  It ran up the tallest tree with the least amount of low lying branches.  I got the last dog inside, and left to take Trey to school...Once I returned home the cat was gone from the tree...Thank goodness..I was a little worried about the fella.  Poor kitty...I bet he won't come into my yard again..

We have a new animal to add to the clan..Last weekend I bought Trey a sheep.  
Yep, you heard me..I said sheep...

He wanted to do the 4-H Sheep Project.. raise it..feed it, train it (you have to get it halter broke) , exercise it..etc..and then months later you show it in the show ring...

Since he picked a girl, he let me name her...I was like YESSS!!  I made him pinkie swear that he wouldn't complain about her name...  Soo..

drum roll, pleaaase...

Her name is Elizabeth Taylor.. I named her this because she has black hair on her head, long eyelashes..and the obvious reason is that she is be-ewe-tiful!!  I love her..and I think she loves me too...especially when I scratch underneath her chin.  <3

Thanks for stopping by to read about my week...have a be-ewe-tiful weekend!  ;-)


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