Friday, September 19, 2014

High Five for Friday..

I have a sick little puppy dog on my hands.  After a few sleepless nights, I finally realized that it wasn't just an upset tummy, so I took Brodie to the vet.  They said he has hemorrhagic colitis..which I decided is a fancy term for hand over all of your money.  Because after tests, smears, two oral medications, a shot, and a weeks worth of "prescription" gastrointestinal dog food..that's pretty much what it felt like...I handed over all my money.  I sure could use your puppy power thoughts and prayers for my little guy to feel better soon..after 24 hours of medication in his system he seems to be feeling a little better.

Nothing says "Fall" in Tennessee quite like tobacco being fired in a barn..

The way the smoke billows over the hills at dusk is beautiful, and must be witnessed with the windows rolled down so you can inhale the scent that tells all of your senses that Fall is right around the corner.  

We are so excited to share our Fall goodies with all of you at the market..We have a few varieties of vegetables left, pumpkins coming in, homemade caramels, pumpkin bread, banana bread... and a few jars left of blackberry jelly.  We will even personalize your pumpkins - whether you buy our pumpkins, or bring us your own..tell us what you want and we can do it!

The caramels were a hit!

My pepper plants are massive and still producing like crazy...

Between my jalapenos....

my bells and sweet banana peppers, I fill up my basket once a week.

and anything that does not sell at market I bring home to can.

I thought my beans were finished..they were dried up and crunchy, for the most part.  This week I watched as new flowers appeared, and just this morning I noticed beans sprouting..

I'm super excited about new bean growth because I've had so much fun canning them...not to mention they taste wonderful!

The last few years I have enjoyed doing something for others in celebration of my day of birth.  Since tomorrow is my birthday, and I'll be at the market most of the day..I mentioned to Lynn that we should think of something to give away at our know.. as a birthday present from me.  So, I am going to make a few batches of homemade pumpkin, peanut butter doggy treats, and if you bring your dog to see me on my birthday, your dog will get a treat.  :-)   After I came up with this master plan I found out that tomorrow is "dog day" at the market..I know this means that there will be dogs galore prancing up and down the market aisles, and I can't wait!  On a normal market day I LoVe seeing the dogs, so this will be straight up like a doggy-palooza.!  The Humane Society will have a booth..they'll have homemade treats, and other pet related items to can meet some HS fosters that are available for adoption...  There will be volunteers doing paw you bring your dog to the painting booth, and your dog can "paw" paint a masterpiece for you to take home!  There will be several dog related will be FUN, and the weather will be perfect!  So, please, please...bring your babies to see me for some lovin' and a special birthday treat!!  

I'm hoping for lots of puppy dog wags and kisses'll make it the best birthday ever!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend..  


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