Saturday, September 6, 2014

Puppy Dog Smiles...

Birthdays are sort of a big deal around here.  I especially love to celebrate when one of my furry little fellas turn a year older. Winston recently celebrated the big 1-0.. Double digits. I can hardly believe it!  It seems like just yesterday we picked up this tiny little puppy that looked like a baby polar bear, and now he is 70 in people years.  He takes longer to get up and moving in the mornings and he is the first one to go to bed at night.  He has been showing his age for probably the last 2 years..he's sorta grumpy at times, and he gets around a little slower than before.  

I love him just the same...maybe a little more.  He will always be my favorite first born Westie.

Having a booth at the market may just be one of the best places in town for people watching.  It's a toss up between I wonder where she got that outfit/purse/shoes because I want it, I wonder what nail color that is, how many pregnant people are there in Clarksville (?) (don't drink the water), what not to wear, and then finally, my favorite... who has the cutest dog.

There are a few regulars that bring their dogs to the market in a little dog stroller.  Which is seriously the cutest thing ever.  So, when trying to decide what to get Winston for his big 1-0, I thought about how much he would love being able to go on walks/runs with me without having to turn around and go home before we even get to the end of our street.

So, that's what he got...and if I must say, he's pretty darn cute in it!!!

One afternoon, Trey and I loaded up both Westies and Winston's stroller..we were excited to test it out at the Greenway in Springfield.

Winston pretty much loves it.  It's big enough that he can stand up in it, or lay down if he wants..

He can even turn around to look out the back.  The mesh cover has panoramic views, so no matter which way he is sitting or laying in it, he can still see out.

Brodie will be 9 years old in November, but he is still very active like a puppy..  He loves to walk, and can go for long periods of time.  Until he sees his brother from another Mother being pushed in a stroller..Umm..jealous much!?  That's when he suddenly pretends like life as he knows it is over..he can't walk another step...and he Must.Be.Pushed in the stroller because..well, he's just not going to make it...

What can I say?  I'm totally a sucker for puppy dog eyes.. 

I'm gonna say that the stroller is not made for two dogs this size, but they didn't seem to mind the close quarters for a few miles.

We stopped several times for water/potty breaks..and to just sit and enjoy the beautiful day together.

To my surprise, sometimes Winston seems to enjoy walking alongside it more than he enjoys riding in it.. Maybe he's like the rest of us, and the older he gets the more he enjoys getting out to enjoy his life no matter what ails him, or maybe he's trying to tell me he's not completely ready for a geriatric contraption...which is a relief, and I'm totally ok with that!

Either way, whether walking or riding, his gratefulness always shows in his little puppy dog smile..always reminding me that one of my favorite things to be is his Mommy..and we're living the good life..together!  <3


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