Saturday, August 2, 2014

Bumble Bees and Puppy Dogs

So, totally not going to's 3:00 p.m. on a Saturday..I'm already in my jammies, and I'm sitting in my bed, under two blankets, with two puppy dogs...Still have my makeup on..bra was the first to go..and I still have my pearl earrings in.  Priorities.

This is totally a planned "do nothing" Saturday moment.  In case I fall asleep my Alarm is set for my forced run later...Forced because Nicole and I have a 30 day running challenge going for August, and I'm already 2 miles behind.  I would be lying if I said I was excited about running today..I'm not.  Surely, I will be..after I'm done.  Just keepin' it real, folks.  That's how I roll. 

Last week our market booth was chosen as vendor of the week.

We were super excited and it was a pretty big deal for little ol' us to be recognized as such.  We love what we do and all of our customers make it even more enjoyable each week!

It just so happened to be the very last week of our wild blackberries, so being vendor of the week couldn't have come at a better time.

I know Trey was relieved to not have to pick anymore berries this season.  Not that he was ever a huge help..I think he was just there to have an excuse to wear his snake chaps..When I would ask him to walk deeper into a thicket with his "chappies" he pretty much gave me the typical teenager an over exaggerated huff - with a puff, then tell me that they're not called chappies..It drove him crazy.  Then he would walk off and disappear for a while.  He makes is so fun to give him a hard time.  He loves me.

My little garden is doing well.  I've been consistent with keeping it watered hoping to get at least a decent harvest each week.  I had Kyle drive some fence posts into the ground a few weeks ago to tie my tomato and pepper plants to because they were so heavy they were completely bent over just about breaking the stems.

Two things I discovered this week..

1.  I would be dirt poor if I ever tried to make a living being a potato farmer..


2.  I can throw a shovel..reallly far.

First of all I am not a good shoveler..digger..what ever you want to call it..I am neither.  I nearly dug to Nashville, and then felt like a complete failure as far as potato growing goes.  I had so much sweat rolling down my face I could barely see, so I had to wrap a bandanna around my head to catch the sweat.  I was styling, and by styling I mean I looked ridiculous.  I was trying to dig potatoes up without slicing them in half with my shovel (this happened several times..too many).  After a few shovel to dirt contact jabs with my foot, I grabbed my very unstable bean trellis for support to prevent myself from falling flat on my face because I lost my balance after I tripped over the garden fence/dog keeper outer...then as I am going down with the bean trellis, out of the corner of my eye I notice a dog standing on top of Mt. No Potatoes, inside the garden fence/dog keeper outer.. How did he get in there?!  Then once I regained my balance, an unexpected angry sound escaped my throat as I threw the shovel as fast and as hard as I could across the yard.

I had to have a time out.

Gardening isn't always cute little bumble bees and puppy dogs - or is it?

I did get several potatoes, so my potato farming skills aren't a total flop.  Maybe just a minor flip, rather than a flop..They were really good too!

I think this was my best harvest as far as variety goes.

My little garden buddy came outside as I was harvesting and said "what's that?"

"a watermelon!"  I said..

he said "you mean our very own watermelon!!?"

me - "yep, our very own!!"

We were both pretty excited to finally have our very own watermelon.  
We've only been waiting since last year.

The cantaloupe was so juicy and sweet..

It was perfect!  

We had our very own cantaloupe and our very own watermelon for dessert.

Thanks for reading today!

Hope your weekend is filled with sunshine and awesomeness!!


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