Wednesday, July 23, 2014

That one weekend our lives revolved around her...

So, you guys know by now that I basically have enough room in my heart for just about every dog in the universe.  I love them...I'm the girl that wants to give all the homeless dogs a home.  One time, even though I knew better, I hid a dog in my walk-in closet until my parents found out and made me take it back to where I got it.  Rude. I remember crying as I drove down the long dusty, gravel driveway at the farm where I returned the dog.  I'll never forget the farmer telling me before I left that when I could have a dog of my own to come back and he would give me two.  I couldn't stop crying, and I was so embarrassed.. I thought my parents were so hindsight I was an idiot.  I bet I wrote Santa every year and asked for a dog, specifically for some reason I wanted a Cocker Spaniel. I never did get one.. but growing up we almost always had dogs.  I  remember a Westie named Shannon, a Poodle named Pierre..and then we had Brutus..who was part Chihuahua, part Miniature Dachshund.  He was special and we had him the longest.  I think I was 9 when we got Brutus, and he lived until I was in my early twenties...He used to have sleep overs with me after I moved out.  When Brutus passed, my parents never had another pet.  He was that special...

As a kid my favorite movie was the Disney movie "The Ugly Dachshund". It's also where Brutus got his name.  The movie is about a Great Dane that believes he is a's cute.  Really!  As a grown up I upgraded my VHS tape of "The Ugly Dachshund" to a DVD I found on EBay.  So, if you spend any amount of time at my house, eventually I will force convince you to watch the movie with me.  It's still so fun to watch!!  Perhaps torturous to some, but still.  Who doesn't want to spend 93 minutes watching a movie that was made in 1966, about the cutest dogs ever!!?  Ok, well maybe just me, but all of my people that have been forced to watch it over the last thirty something years have been good sports about the whole thing, and I think you're awesome..or paw-some..err..k..

Moving along now...

My sister called one day..which she rarely does, so I answered wondering if something was wrong..  She was heading to the lake with some friends for the weekend, and asked if I wanted to watch her new puppy.  Ummm...helleur.  Do you know me?  Of course I do.  Can I have her now?

I had to wait until the next day.  I was so excited and counting down the hours.  So she brings this tiny little thing to my office..Trey and I had never met Allie before, and it was pretty much love at first sight.  It was like a brand new baby that you bring home for the first day when all you want to do is baby talk to it, hold it, kiss it, smell it, and stare at it like a complete weirdo.  Having a newborn baby around makes people behave very strangely, and having a puppy around is no different.

She loved Trey the most.

Which I was totally jealous of for the first day, but afterwards I was like.."ok, you two love each other so much, then you can wake up to take her potty in the middle of the night when she's crying because she's about to pee her pants."  I forgot that puppies are very much like babies in that they eat, sleep, pee, poop and don't want you to sleep.  Ever.

and apparently teenagers conveniently sleep right through everything!!

That weekend I may have thought to myself at least a dozen (or more) times that I am sooo glad my baby days are over. 

Lucky for Allie, about 20 minutes after waking me up to have a dance party.. on my 4 a.m. she finally played out and I forgave her.  Because, can you stay mad at this?

I mean, come on....enough with all the cuteness.  We know you're cute.  Ok!

and we know you want us to hold you all the time...

She even had the grumpy Alpha Male vying for her attention.. If she wasn't paying attention to him, Winston would scoot his body closer to her, and when he was just close enough where he could touch her..he would nudge her with his nose.  Then Allie would get so excited she would jump all around him, bite his feet, crawl all over his back, and my grumpy old dog let her..

and although he will never admit it.. he loved it...

So, that was the weekend our lives revolved around a very tiny little girl that stole our hearts.


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