Friday, June 20, 2014

High Five for Friday...Garden Week 7

Sooo, I totally deleted last weeks post not too long after I posted if you read it, and you see a repeat of some stuff today, that's why.  If you didn't read it, don't didn't miss much.  It definitely reflected my mood, which was no me. I read it after posting and was like no one wants to read this!  Friday 13th and a full the best of me.  Most of my blah day was stuff that isn't even interesting so I'll spare you the boring details...then my market bread didn't turn out right, and I ended up throwing 18 loaves away.  I was so frustrated! I didn't do anything differently, have no idea what went wrong?  I spent half the day Saturday worrying that my bread baking days were over.

Winston keeps hoping that I'll let him go to the market with me one day.  He's very persistent..and cute.

It was a beautiful weekend with early morning temps in the 50's.

The weather definitely brought crowds of people downtown..

My corn has finally tasseled...if we continue to have days in the 90's like we did this week, then it won't be long at all before it is ready to be harvested.  I so can't wait for fresh sweet corn!!

I found a teeny tiny little baby watermelon..Did you know that watermelon vines were that hairy? It's so cute!  I should name it.

This is the same mater that I showed you weeks ago.  We need more really hot days to ripen them..I have a bazillion green tomatoes.

Lynn and Catie came over and filled up their basket with my harvest for the week. My sweet banana peppers and cucumbers are yielding the most.  

This was the first week I harvested cayenne peppers, as well as a few grape tomatoes.

On Sunday I enjoyed sitting with my Mother looking through old photos of her when she was in high school and college.  Then we flipped through a book that my Great Uncle wrote of our family history.  He dated when our ancestors came on a boat from Wales, he spoke of the day President Kennedy was assassinated. So much history.. I would love to sit down one afternoon to read it all.. I had no idea that in her early twenties, my Mom taught school in Europe.  How did I not know this?  I need more weekends at her kitchen table!

I have an ant problem.  I hate ants.  Don't you hate ants?  I called Kyle yesterday to ask if he filled the bug spray bottle with sugar water as a mean joke.  I'm taking any and all tips you guys have for getting rid of them.  Let's hear em!  It's not a major problem...I mean they're not taking over, I just want them outta here!

Catharina and I had pedicures this week.  It was so, so wonderful! I wish someone would rub my legs and feet every day. 

Later that night we rocked our 5.50 miles and then did squats, wall sits, lunges, step ups, jumping jacks...planks, planks and more planks..push ups, tricep dips..I don't even remember what else..and of all places this happened in my back about 11:00 at night.  Can you imagine looking out your window in the middle of the night, and seeing your neighbor doing lunges across their back yard?  It was fun, and by fun I mean I only cursed a few times..When we were finished we barely made it up the four little steps on my deck..We both pretty much half walked/wanted to crawl up them, and then collapsed on the deck. 
 I'm still crawling. Jk... but still.. It hurts and I love it!

Kayla and I had a fun date night.  We went purse shopping..never found one..I have the worst luck finding a purse I like..Then we spent a few hours chatting and laughing over dinner.

I finally got to try the filet and mac at Cloud 9.  It was so have to try it!

Thanks for stopping by to read about my week.. Hope you have a beautiful weekend!


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