Friday, June 6, 2014

H54F - Garden Week 5

So, I think I'm finally getting this market thing down pat.  The day of market is a's managing everything before and after that I've had to work on.  Instead of staying up all Friday night baking I start baking on Thursday. and finish up Friday after work.  I switched some of my chore days around so I can sit down and breathe after market without having to worry about all of the things on my to do list.

We served samples of bread at the market last Saturday...and sold out of bread by 10:30.  Almost every person that tried a sample bought at least one loaf..some bought bought five..  It was fun seeing how the people reacted to it..Each person surprised, many said the word "moist", and several walked down a tent or two to bring back the person they were shopping with to try the bread out for themselves.  As the bread baker it was a day filled with wonderful compliments.

Tomorrow we will have more well as samples..and individually wrapped slices.  We will have 4 or 5 dozen farm fresh eggs, mint, parsley, sugar beans, and maybe a few other things.  Watch our facebook page for market updates.  It won't be much longer until we will have baskets overflowing with produce.

After the market I'm pretty much wiped out.  I'm too excited to get a full nights sleep the night before, then Lynn and I meet at the square at 6:15 in the morning to set up our booth.  So, by the time I get home..this is how I feel.

Last weekend the weather was perfect for reading while hanging out in my little pool.  

I'm almost hoping I get rained in tomorrow afternoon since Orange is the New Black season 2 is on Netflix (as of today). If it rains I totally won't mind being stuck in the house binge watching the entire season.

This fella got a bath and a haircut..The dog, not the boy..It's hard enough to get the boy to take a bath and/or get a least with the dog I'm in total control as far as hygiene goes..

I'm terrible at giving dog haircuts, and he hates it..He gets so upset when he's getting his hair cut that his brothers try to to gang up on me because they think I'm hurting him. I'm so glad he doesn't care a whole lot about his appearance because he probably wouldn't forgive me for giving the worst haircuts in the history of haircuts.

I kicked some major tail on my runs this week.  There were a few days that I absolutely didn't want to go, but I forced myself into it, and had some motivation from my bestie even though she's 900 miles away....of course after just a few minutes of running I was loving it, and so glad I got up to go. 

 The humidity this week was 97-98%.  Once I'm in the middle of the hill on my road I sometimes question my sanity, but my legs keep going even when my head is trying to convince me to stop..My legs always win!  I may be completely crazy but I enjoy running on these hot/humid days. I love the feeling of accomplishment I get when my feet finally land in the driveway, and I'm dripping with sweat.

We had a few good nights of rain, which is exactly what my little garden needed.

Between the rainy nights and the sunny afternoons we had another major growth spurt..

I have several jalapenos..

and sweet banana peppers..

My cucumber plants are full of beautiful blooms..

I have tons of baby cucumbers..

I almost fell over when I saw these two big ones.  I got a little excited.

I didn't exactly do my homework when I planted the squash.  I was thinking it would be viney like the cucumbers, but it wasn't..So I have a tomato cage around it, and it's way too late to remove it..

I have some very interesting shaped gourds..

This morning the bees were buzzing around the squash..
See it in the squash flower to the right?

The larger flowers are the male blooms, and the ones in the background are the female..

The bee knew I was there because he flew out for just a second to check me out..

I guess he realized I was harmless, and then he went back in to do his very important job of pollinating my vegetables.

I may be the biggest nerd ever, but this was so cool to watch!!

I have a plant full of grape tomatoes..

and lots of little baby beef steaks...

My neighbor gave me several bunches of beautiful parsley for the market.

I decided to throw some mint in a vase on my bathroom vanity just for decoration.  
It smells great and looks pretty too..

I gathered some mint and lemon verbena in a mason jar as a little summer decor piece on my mantle.  It smells wonderful!!

I pretty much have the cutest garden helpers ever!!


Thanks for stopping by to read about my week.


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  1. Now I'm dying to try your bread! Your puppies are so cute :)