Saturday, May 24, 2014

H54F...Market Week

Hey, hey!  This week was a rough Mom baby is officially a Freshman in high school.  I can't even say that without my eyes filling up with tears.  Let's just say I took a ride on the emotional roller coaster a few times this week..  Uncontrollable sobs.  How and when did this happen?  I thought I was emotional sending him to Kindergarten.  I wasn't exactly a fan of the elementary school he went to, which is ironic considering I bought my house specifically to be in this school zone.  Back in the day I went to all the Kindergarten round-ups in my county to decide which school I liked best..chose this shopped here for months..and then ended up seriously disliking the school..I couldn't get out of there fast enough..Middle school was completely different..Half of my tears were because I was sad to leave the school...They were so good to us..a few of them felt like family..and they loved was definitely hard to say goodbye.  I loved being able to walk in the office and they knew who I was, and who I belonged was home...They were my people.. I'm so going to miss that school and everything about it..  The rest of my tears were simply Mom baby certainly isn't a baby anymore.

We've been spending our evenings out at the farm..

The baby chicks moved into their new coop this week...

Trey was using his gamo to scare off the deer that are eating the corn!!

Lost Trey...saw a laser on me..and found him in his tree stand...  See him?  Sneaky.

I was lucky to be home before 9:00 p.m. this week...Blessed to have seen the sunset over the wheat fields though...

We are super pumped for market opening day today!! Our produce is not ready..we are hoping for mid June. We'll still be there though, so come see us...we'll have fresh baked banana bread, freshly cut spearmint, and homemade citrus sugar scrub.  Tonight I used a little left over scrub after my last batch and it's hands are so soft!!

Trey was a super awesome helper tonight labeling all of the bread...We had fun together jamming out to Pandora..dancing and singing getting ready for market day.

Hope you guys had a great week!!

Come see Catie's Creek Farms' booth at the market...8:00-1:00 Public Square.. 
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