Friday, September 6, 2013

High Five for Friday

Happy Friday!
Here are a few highlights as of lately...

I picked these gorgeous peppers from my garden.

I shared some, and canned the rest.

The next day I made dill pickles with some cucumbers from my garden.

I was surprised at how well they turned out.  
Same taste as store bought dills, with a little less crunch.
The crunch is my favorite part...will have to work on improving that!

I flew to San Antonio for a long weekend..

This little guy turned one!!
I giggle to myself every time I look at this picture.

I got to hang with my far away bestie for three.whole.days.  Luckily, the trip did not go by too quickly...for me anyway.  My last day there I sat in her dining room talking to her while I put my makeup on as she played in the floor with Henry.  I stopped for a moment and thought to myself how it seemed so natural and even though we are 800+ miles apart it never feels like we're really that far away. It felt just like any other ordinary day. We never skip a beat, and I love that.  Those are the best kinds of friends!

It didn't take me too long to get home and begin to crave a breakfast burrito...or breakfast taco as the Texans call it.  I tried to get Kyle to go to the store for some tortillas, but he ignored me..So, I decided to make homemade tortillas for my Tennessee breakfast "burritos..."

They turned out great, a little too thick, but not bad for my first stack of homemade tortillas...and ok, once I put my eggs, cheese, bacon and hot sauce in looked like a taco...I get it.  
Trey loved them and begged for more!  They were pretty awesome!!

I think this weekend I will chop up some bell peppers from the garden and put em in my breakfast burr-taco.

(I spy a little Westie..)

While cooking dinner one night I was jammin dancing in the kitchen to some Britney Spears.  I prefer head phones when I'm not home alone, otherwise everyone complains a. of my music choices, and b. that it's too loud.  Loud - is the only way to listen to music - according to me. 

Anyway, I put this mid-dance photo of myself on instagram, and hashtagged Britney Spears.  Like 5 seconds later I got this "like"..on the picture, and was like whaaat!!  So, naturally I took this pic and texted Nicole to tell her what happened..Of course I figured it would be a fan page and not really Bernie, (but still) then after texting about it for like 5 minutes I said "omg can you believe that? We were laughing hysterically. I looked a little closer and it wasn't even spelled correctly. still made my day..made me laugh, and I continued my dance party in my own little world for the rest of the night.  It's the little things, folks!

I was so proud of myself this week for going further and faster on one of my runs!!  Such an amazing feeling to see and feel the improvements I am making!  Woohoo!!  I have three registered races coming up, and they can't get here fast enough! I am so excited and so ready!

It has been a month now since I started taking hot yoga classes.  I'm pretty much addicted to it, and I love it so much. I love the way it makes my mind and my body feel. It is so feels like home to me. I see things so clearly, and feel like I can do anything I set my mind to.  It is amazingly refreshing.. I find myself managing my stress better.  I let things go easier than before.  I love waking up and looking forward to ending my day in the yoga studio.  I sleep better, I eat better, I am focused, my body feels amazing, my mind is clear.  I am able to sort out the negative things in my life and not feel like I have done something wrong.  It is a great feeling when I can be there 7 days a week...Best thing I have done for myself in a long time!!

Something one of my yoga instructors says all the time plays over and over in my head.  Whether I already knew it or not...I feel it now...down to my core...I absolutely believe it...

"To be yourself is the greatest gift that you could ever give yourself, but first you must learn to breathe, and then you must learn to let go. This is the life that awaits you.  If you give yourself the chance to let go of the stress and the tension you will reawaken your life to something beautiful, something so free, and you will walk around this planet feeling so light and alive without the weight on your shoulders..."  
- Billy. instructor/ Raja Hot Yoga

It is scary to let go, but sometimes you have to.  It will make you feel better..I deserve deserve this..we all deserve to be happy and free of the stress that binds us and keeps us from being who we truly are!

Believe it people!!  You are so worth it!

So, during yoga in certain poses my bangs fall into my face and I am so dripping wet with sweat that it just kinda plants itself on my face and is super annoying.  I hate wearing headbands...they're even more I decided to try and make a center braid in my hair ending it to just about the the middle of my ears, and then put in a cute pony tail.  It worked perfectly and kept my bangs from falling in my face. I also started wearing it like this on my runs.  It's not only effective, but it's cute..I'm digging it! 

I just about flipped out when E.L James (author of 50 Shades of Grey) announced that Universal casted Charlie Hunnam to play Christian Grey.  O.M.G.  My tv boyfriend/heartthrob as Mr. 50 Shades??? and Dakota Johnson as Ana...I don't know who she is besides Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith's daughter...but can we get back to Charlie now..Totally cannot wait to see this movie!!

Oh, and speaking of all you SOA fans out there...the season premiere is Tuesday night..
Don't forget to set your DVR's (so you can watch it over and over) ;-)

Bath and Body works recently had a huge sale on their candles.  I stopped in there on Monday for a quick little minute and was so disappointed that everything was pumpkin this and pumpkin that.  I mean, I love Fall more than most, but it's too soon.  After smelling so many candles that they began to all smell the same I finally found one that was not too Fallish.  Heirloom Pear.  Just the perfect amount of good smelling non-Fall-ish.

So, you guys know I always rave about Elisabeth Ashlie jewelry on Etsy, and how they can do custom orders..Here is a perfect example of a "custom order".  Ok, both of these earrings were in their shop.  I actually own the turquoise pair, and later the silver ones popped up on the website.  So, I emailed Lauren and said.. "can you take the silver beads and put them on the same smaller silver hooks as the turquoise earrings?"

She emailed me back the same day.  
Said "of course" and in less than a week I had these cute little earrings!  

Don't-cha think?!
Today, I fully intend to live by that saying, and have a glass (or two) of wine tonight!
Hope you do the same!!
Thanks so much for stopping by..


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