Friday, May 4, 2012

High Five for Friday

It's finally Friday...I'm free again....this week flashed by.  School is almost out for Trey, I will be back in a classroom myself in just a few weeks - for the first time in about five years.. meetings, appointments, reading, planning...I'm ready for summer, and excited for what the future holds...bring it on!! 

I don't know how new this song is, but I have had it on repeat all week.  I love it!!

We are Young by Fun

love, love, love...I hope I don't play it so much that I get tired of it..that's usually how it goes.

I am a loyal GMA watcher...I've even been to the set in NYC and met the cast
This is me with Josh of the anchors..I promise it's not a cardboard cut out..

So, on GMA at the end of every week they have a segment called Deals and Steals.  Either on Thursdays or Fridays, but it only happens once a week. They offer exclusive deals that are only valid that day, and you have to use the code provided...only while supplies last.  Last week in honor of Earth Day they offered Eco friendly items, and I scored these Eco-friendly water bottles for 50% off.  They were originally $10-$16. I got them in the mail this week.  You can put them in the freezer, and they are dishwasher safe.  I am so excited to use them.  I got colors for each of us to enjoy.  You can check out the GMA deals page by clicking here.

I finished reading the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy. I finished all three books in about 8 days. I am absolutely in love with the story, the characters, and the fantasy.  It was such a fast, and fun read.

I have no idea how on earth they are going to make a movie about it, but they are.  According to ABC news, Universal bought the movie rights a few weeks ago for $5,000,000.  I know it cannot possibly be anywhere near as good as the book, but I am still so excited to see it.

I finally decided I liked Ian Somerhalder as Christian Grey...after listening to my friends, and looking at pictures of tons of actors...I settled on Ian.  I watched an interview Ian had with Ryan Seacrest, and he said he is absolutely interested in the role as Christian.  He is dreamy, and most def could play the part to a T!
Please, please, please I hope they choose him to play Christian in the movie!!

Beginning on Monday Trey, Kyle and I started walking in the evenings after supper.  I really enjoy the time together, and being able to talk about our day without distractions.  I still walk 4 days a week in the mornings with my neighbor, so when I do mornings and evenings in the same day that puts me at 4 miles.  Go me!!  It feels great...I know I am on the right path, but it is so frustrating to not see results as fast as I want.  I am ready to look good, feel good and feel better about my body!!!

Several months ago BirchBox asked several of their favorite bloggers to make a mood board of fun spring/summer colors to design a nail polish.  Next, BirchBox asked facebook fans, and blog viewers to vote for their top three favorites.  These are the three that won....

Of course, I voted for Kate!  I follow her blog daily, and she is the one that inspired me to get out there and begin my own of course, I would support her...besides..she has the best you can tell by her mood board!

So, a few months after the contest they offered the Zoya blogger collection as a set on BirchBox's is $22.00 for all three.
You can order your Zoya blogger collection by clicking here.  If you have enough BirchBox points you might be able to get it free, or half off.  I love using my points!!

Since I had enough points built up I also got another polish that I had my eye on, but never got because it was so expensive...$16.00 just for one bottle.  So, using my points I scored it for much less.  Oh, and GMA had this same exact polish, and color on the deals and steals last week...

The color is Naked.

I love it..I'm wearing it now, and it is for reals my new favorite polish!!

If you are unfamiliar with how BirchBox points work....for every 100 points you get $10.00 to spend.  You earn points by referrals, giving reviews of items, and by spending money.

Well, that will do it for H54F..thanks again for stopping by!!  I hope each and every one of you have a fabulous weekend!  As always, I enjoy reading your comments! 



  1. Oh I HOPE they choose perfect for Christian!

    Loved your blog this week as usual!

  2. That's great that you three are walking together in the evenings! What a great way to get some good quality family time in! Plus, yay for you for walking in the am and pm! Go Carrie Go!! :) I love those water bottles...I want one now! What a treat to see Ian's face 1st thing this morning while readin your blog! He is so dreamy and will make the best Grey!! Can't wait for the movie!!!!! Have a wonderful weekend!! :)

  3. Sitting here with a cup of coffee and loving your blog as usual! Love the nail polish by the way! Glad you guys are walking together--some nice family time for sure!